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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude HATES MAGIC

Schadenfreude has always played by the Rules of the Game. Break a rule on the list? Get a punishment. Break four? Well.

Twilight Sparkle, on the other hand, was new to the Game, although familiar with the players. Which she really should have thought about when she tricked Schadenfreude into violating multiple rules on the list at once.

So for Schadenfreude, it was a month of community service. For Twilight Sparkle? A trial by fire of working side by side with her new employee.

And the School of Friendship's newest substitute teacher.

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Welp Twiggles, ya play silly games ya win silly prizes.

And such a prize he is too!

She should know better than to try and beat trollestia at her own game :trollestia:. Side note now I want troll Luna and cadence emogis

Oh boy Twilight really does not know Celestia if she was think she was going to get away with that

I was trying to come up with a new story idea, and audibly gasped when this popped into my head. Which can NOT be good.

I disagree. More Schadenfreude can only be good.

Even if the idea itself makes you audibly gasp.

Especially if the idea itself makes you audibly gasp.

Well, Starbutt, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Oh this is perfect. What a teacher he will be. And he got the perfect target for his favorite subject, a certain Principal.

There is so many ways this will be torture for Twilight.

I haven't even read this one yet, but it is already marked as a favorite and liked. These stories are ALWAYS good!

Oh boy, this will be exciting!

Oh boy...
Makes me think of a certain teacher I've experienced who finds joy in the misfortune of students...

MaY I comm a Schaden story from you?

I was trying to come up with a new story idea, and audibly gasped when this popped into my head. Which can NOT be good.

It's what Schaden would have wanted.

Princess Luna on one, Princess Cadence on the other. Apparently, they hadn’t wanted to miss this.

I don't blame them.

“-Rule #168: Schadenfreude is not allowed to address Princess Celestia as ‘Momlestia’, ‘Miss Sunset Shimmer’s Mom’, or ‘Sunmommy’.



“That one’s legit.”

I freaking love Schaden.

So while this particular series of infractions is legitimate, going forward it shall be considered a clear violation should you be baited, coerced, or otherwise put into a position where breaking any of the Rules is unavoidable.”

Fair enough. No sense in punishing him for the actions of another.

“It still feels like poor sportsmanship, dear,” Rarity said soothingly. “While I do agree that… particular stallion needs to be taken down a peg or two, there’s something to be said for professional courtesy.”

True, and what you pulled was rude.

Smolder said, looking for all the world like she’d been face-checked by a cutting board and hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

That is an amazing description.

Thus began the most confusing and possibly lethal month of my life.


“As you know,” Twilight continued, “Your teacher Pinkie Pie is going to be unavailable for the next few weeks, as she has temporarily taken over Sugarcube corner while the Pies and their children are out of Ponyville. You may also have heard that, given recent events at the school, finding a substitute teacher has been… difficult. Well, I had reached out to Princess Celestia not too long ago for help, and she was able to scuttle a… last minute substitute.”

shouldn't the cakes be going out of town?

That was a good first chapter. I wonder what kind of mischief Schadenfreude is getting ready to unleash.

This is a hilarious start, and i can already tell it's going to be amazing going forward!

Glad to see you writing again. Love to see more Schadenfreude. I hope you also continue, Delinquency.

I wonder if Discord made his outfit for him. I mean, getting all those Teehees on there seems like it would be quite laborious by normal means.

Twilight really set herself up for this. While she did set up Schaden to break a bunch of rules. It was in Canterlot where the panic of such would get back to Celestia and Luna at the very least making them targets of it as well

Well Toollight, if you weren't such an OCD idiot of a teachers pet, maybe Schnaden wouldn't find tweaking your nose so enjoyable. Especially when it takes you and your stuck up friends down a peg or five.

Glad to see Schaden back in the saddle. Now give them three weeks of HELL!!!

If you need me, I'll be over here, cackling like a maniac. This is gonna be GOOD!

Funny really, you look at it cross-eyed, Schaden really is entirely qualified to teach Pinkie's class.

“Gallus,” he finished for me. “I have to ask, what the cluck did you do?”

Would you like that list alphabetically or chronologically?

so if the changeling and the dragon in the back row could please wait till after I’m done addressing the class to have their own conversation that’d be fantastic thanksomuch.


There was a rousing chorus of ‘ooooohhhhh’s from the ponies present.

That's probably a "That explains it," Oh.

The rest of the students flinched appropriately. Yona continued, “So teacher is like babysitter for mean Prince?”


I’d made a promise to myself, and partially to Twilight, that I wouldn’t drag the students into, well, anything, if I could avoid it, and as such had to be both creative and thoughtful when exercising my usual mayhem.

I really like this. Schaden's a troll, but he's not an asshole. And he gets nothing from doing his shtick to innocents.

Her lesson plans were an impressively extensive series of jokes, puns, and games, but a more thorough inspection revealed a few choice lessons.

Pinkie is a lot smarter than she appears.

Followed immediately by eight pages devoted to delivering clever one-liners when the fate of the world was at stake.

She would.

Which gave me another, louder thought.

“That was a preemptive shut. I have a whole saddlebag full of SHUT with your name on it. Won it scoring a hole in one at the shut-shut golf course. SHUT.”


May I comm a oneshot with schaden?

To quote a dear friend of mine, “How dare you do exactly what I wanted you to do!”
In all seriousness though, very happy to see a return of Schadenfreude.

Somebody’s recently rewatched Austin Powers. Though I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t imagine Schadenteacher inviting mini Schaden to join the class as a Schadenstudent.

That seems totally true, but Small Schaden is doing a little trolling of his own right now


I really want EG Schaden to go back to Equestria, mainly to mess with Blueblood or Neighsay.
Like pretending that he's been cloned or that he's somehow turning other ponies into himself.
Blueblood sees two Schaden's.
2 Minutes Later.
Blueblood's in an insane asylum saying something like 'He's spreading!!!'

“-Rule #138: Not allowed near anything with an engine-”

Technically, I broke this one when I borrowed him for my 1940 fic. But I ran him over with a Cord roadster, so does that count?

Don't tell him about the Mirror Pool.

Rainbow made to be silent? Schaden really understand what's making someone go bat shit insane.

Hehe heh. And the mayhem begins. First victim, Rainbows ego.

Also, anyone notice that he made the promise not to drag the students into his shenanigans. He said nothing about not accepting the kids freely offered help. Five weeks. Five weeks for him to instill the start of the Way of the Troll into young and eager minds.

Toollight and Rainblow. Prepare for a taste of what Blueblood experiences every day. May your chosen diety have mercy on whatever remains of your souls...

(faves instantly, unread; reads first chapter and guffaws)

Brilliant SHUT-down of Dashie, Schaden. Probability approaches unity that she'll try to prank him.

Play Schaden games, win Schaden as a prize!
...wait, that's not--

The rest of the room, seemingly greatly entertained by the exchange, had stayed quite to watch. I am, above all else, extremely entertaining to bystanders.

That you are :trollestia:

Reading Schaden stories in a fully packed train doesn't seem to be a good idea. Especially if you break out into loud uncontrolled laughter. :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Huh, based Schaden reveals his talent. Also, Twiggles is coping. Hard.

Yeah, I can see how that would be his Talent. Sheds new light on Celestia's motives for inflicting him on Blueblood, doesn't it...

Man, seeing Twilight starting to see one interesting side of Schad it's a good way to rethink that she is taking her problems too seriously. And I think him teaching the kids about everything it's just fun if nobody gets hurt and to take themselves in a better mood.

I like this chapter. XD

A Dr Evil Shush reference?! I love it!

Ok I do not get the whole spider hooves thing but very enjoyable chapter.

It was a reference to how long and thin her limbs are, even compared to other ponies. To a yak she looks like she's walking on twigs.

Twilight smiled. “Sure. Although, I do want to talk about that spider-hooves thing.”

“Hey, you know the Rules. It can only be prohibited if I’ve already done it once,” I said sternly.

“Oh, I know. But I absolutely need to be there when you do.”

“I’m so proud of you.”


They grow up so fast, don't they :pinkiesad2:

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