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You are Discord, and you are going to have tea with Fluttershy. Maybe it's time to take your relationship to the next level.

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Twilight Sparkle is a devoted and faithful student, willing to do anything that Celestia asks of her. But that relationship is perhaps not two ways. When given the opportunity to find a solution, she settles on a potion.

This is currently T-rated. It might turn into an M-rated epic, or it might stay a short one shot. It could also be a T-rated two shot. Let me know what you want out of it in the comments. It's a story that's been on my mind for years, about self mind control. It's been hugely towned down, and I may be convinced to provide the much darker original first draft if someone is curious. Also, this version was written entirely on my phone. Cool.

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Luna takes a morning stroll, and then realizes that she should really have known better.

Posted with actual art, because I only wrote the story because of said actual art. The guy is pretty cool, check out his deviant art.

Now with a reading at https://youtu.be/u7yPTBjJ4Uo
by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ScarlettBlade
Check it out!

Not at all a thing I'd usually write.

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