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Solar Sail is lost, drifting on the seven seas in his life boat. He doesn't have much time left, but that's never stopped him before. While he sails slowly towards his inevitable end, Luna is working in her dreamscape. It's not as easy as she makes it look.

I wanted to write a story inspired by "Papagayo: The Mischief Maker". This hardly does the original justice, but it's neat to think about. Papagayo's stories are a fun little creation legend for kids, and it holds a permanent spot in my brain! Along with a ton of nonsense from Rudyard Kipling. Hmm... Maybe I can write more like this.

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You are Discord, and you are going to have tea with Fluttershy. Maybe it's time to take your relationship to the next level.

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Twilight Sparkle is a devoted and faithful student, willing to do anything that Celestia asks of her. But that relationship is perhaps not two ways. When given the opportunity to find a solution, she settles on a potion.

This is currently T-rated. It might turn into an M-rated epic, or it might stay a short one shot. It could also be a T-rated two shot. Let me know what you want out of it in the comments. It's a story that's been on my mind for years, about self mind control. It's been hugely towned down, and I may be convinced to provide the much darker original first draft if someone is curious. Also, this version was written entirely on my phone. Cool.

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Luna takes a morning stroll, and then realizes that she should really have known better.

Posted with actual art, because I only wrote the story because of said actual art. The guy is pretty cool, check out his deviant art.

Now with a reading at https://youtu.be/u7yPTBjJ4Uo
by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ScarlettBlade
Check it out!

Not at all a thing I'd usually write.

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