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Twilight was reading a book about ancient artifacts when Discord comes in and presents her with it, but in doing so changes her form from Harmony to Chaos.

Will Discord be able to turn her back to her original form, or will Twilight be driven mad by Discord and his incessant staring!?

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Great first chapter, reminds me of

TMagical Mystery Oops
Twilight manages to turn herself into a draconequus - now the only one who can help her learn to control her new chaos magic and change back is Discord. What could possibly go wrong?
BookeCypher · 116k words  ·  4,192  69 · 54k views

but there are quite a few differences.

What is this, Twicord? In this day and age? I'll be pretty disappointed if those doesn't continue.

Though one tip, try to slow down, this chapter went by pretty fast, could of easily lengthened it out a bit and got two or three average sized chapter.

I actually quite like that story! It is my favorite one!

I'm trying to write it like an MLP show, so it goes kind of fast but i'll try to slow down a bit! :pinkiehappy:

Muhahaha another has fallen to the curse of the dracquoness! yes I shall read and see how this goes!

Have to wonder if knowing the name would help. I doubt Swirl would have called “Absolutely don’t sleep near it chaos extravaganza” or similar.

Hmmm... if you give a pony an apple...

Sorry I haven't gotten to the story lately! I have been busy with schoolwork, but I will try to get to it as soon as I can!:pinkiesmile:

im going to keep an eye on this ... this seems to be promising ... i hope 1 chapter per month

Oh I like this. I'm hype for more

¿Esto va a continuar? Porque lo amo es divino / Is this going to continue? Because I love him it's just divine :twilightsmile::heart:

and now? I don't know if you do blogs but if you don't you probably should.

Sorry that it's short! I haven't written about this in a while! Hope you enjoyed though!:scootangel:

Glad to see this story get updated, will there be more coming?

“If I had changed somepony’s physical form, I would be able to sense my magic keeping the change. That is also how I can keep track of the chaos I cause, otherwise being the keeper of chaos would be a hard job.”

This is a surprisingly reasonable logic on how the Lord of Chaos works.

"But Effort is spelled with an E, so it would be Affort." She said to him with a smile.

Not even a day on her new job and she already mastered the Art of Chaotic Discussion.

It's fine, so long as its updated.

Have to wonder if Twi is subconsciously being odd given her transformation.

Maybe? It depends on if I get into the fandom again. If not I'll ask someone else to be the new author!

My sister actually said the A for Affort thing to me and still does it, so I found it appropriate to use here!

Good job, Twilight. You broke Discord.

Not the most widely explored topic lets see were it goes


And good going, Sparkle!

still waiting for his new chapters😍
I love 🥰 and this story, I hope to the story too complete ✨

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