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I see. It is- a wild story running about?!

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New Chapters for the Inferno · 10:29pm Mar 1st, 2018

Greetings! I hope you all fare well. I had honestly meant to include this in the Author's Note, but it felt rather cluttered between putting in the asterisk notes, other notes, and my personal message.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my story ^^

Well just be sure to like it if you haven't and check out the sequel!

Very very good story. I would place it in the favorites, but I don't want to clutter it, and what's better than a story to reread rather than preserve as a hallmark of being incredible?

Thanks so kindly for deciding to reread my TwiLuna fic! There's a sequel, if you haven't noticed.

I hope you can leave some thoughts if you still have not!

2433672 Thank you! I enjoyed that story a lot as I find culture super important and iteresting.

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