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6920142 glad to hear it!

6920142 also your username

Oh my god, this was really good.

Like, really really really good, heavens.

I LOVE your prose, I absolutely adore it. The way you write Twilight and Luna is also stupendous, and it was a bit like reading some wonderfully entrancing text that seems so complex yet you breeze through it.

I loved their conversation so much, my god.


Your Rarity.

Oh, my, god, that Rarity.

That dialogue, that sharp-wit, the descriptions surrounding her, ohhhhh my goshhhhhhhh....... I thought I had a good grasp on Rarity, but heavens, I need to take a page from your book and write her like you do because she only appeared near the end and she still stole the story.

And then her conversation with Twilight, and just, be still my shipping heart. That was wonderful.

Excuse me as I sigh wistfully out my car window.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It was an absolute delight to read.

Nice cover image, interesting style.

6920472 It was nice to write Rarity--or really anything--not in the miry depths of an apocalypse.

I happen to love the way you write Rarity, personally. One of the wonderful things about the character is that she has such a wide range--from incomprehensible squealing excitement to Game of Thrones poise and predatory grace and it's super fun to explore the great bounty between those poles.

(In writing I had actually lamented that Rarity would have so little screen time)

But it was nice to have a shot at Rarilight again after Lovesong.

As for Twilight and Luna, that conversation wrote itself. Writing Luna is always that way for me. Warrior Poets with a penchant for mischief is my jam.

:moustache: remember I get to dance too
:twilightsheepish::raritywink: sharing is caring . . .
:pinkiesmile: I get twenty five bits per hour for pongon sitting!:twilightoops::raritystarry:
:rainbowlaugh: nice story

change the only constant :fluttercry:

This was beautiful. From Twilight's interaction with Luna, to her thoughts about Rarity, all the way to the couple's interaction together as they danced, then stood together on the balcony. Glad I took a break from writing to read some of your work. ^^

6920709 And I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Dialogue was perfect

This was lovely. The text is just full of little moments of beauty, like rounding a corner in the forest to a quiet dappled glade, and the repartee sparkles in ways that ring true to the characters and, more importantly, just make me want to be friends with them all.

She giggled. “Of course! Fancypants is a true romantic of the old style. Agrarian to a fault, in all the ways that don’t actually involve working himself. Oh, that’s mean, probably. I envy them.”

“Do you think that too changes, young Sparkle?”

Twilight blinked. “I suppose I’ve committed myself to arguing it does, old one.”

Oh geez and then the hammer drops. That moment when the conversation just steps on a landmine and everyone freezes at the click and desperately tries to extricate themselves without an explosion.

This would have been a great story even if you'd stopped at the halfway gap, but the rest was powerful too. Thank you for it.

Cynewulf and RariLight - yay! :yay:

6920894 After 500K+ of Twilight and Luna and Rarity and the rest... I share that sentiment. I feel like they ARE friends. I'll legitimately mourn them all when I write my last ponyfic.

Glad you liked it.

Is it bad that i thought of The Art Of War when i saw the title?

6921108 It's an idea that Sun Tzu would have agreed with, I think.

Cynewulf's Twiluna was impeccable, but don't undersell your Rarity, Mono - she slays :duck:

Really deep, and thoughtful story, but I couldn't help but laugh imagining Twilight dancing.

6921326 I chuckled too, actually.

6920522 it's charming, isn't it? I need to remember to find the source for it during my lunch break tomorrow.

This is so well-written I'm at a loss for words. It reads in that way where everything that's present is... just exactly enough. If that makes any sense.

6921568 I thought of

Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise
As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind —

6920894 6920926 Friend horizon has said it well - this is a fantastic story, haunting, intelligent, atmospheric. I found the visual metaphors were powerful - especially that of love and the door.

You write excellent.

I'm not one to often attach links, but this one feels entirely appropriate in tone and subject. It might also be something of a counter-postulate :pinkiesad2:

( very minor ATs7 spoilers )

This was a nice change of pace from my usual reads. It actually got my brain going, and was a wonderful Rarilight one-shot. I especially liked the game of Postulates between Luna and Twilight.

6922138 It's similar to a game we played over pipes and vodka/Southern Comfort/Chimay in the dorms and continued on porches and couches. Someone puts an idea forward and the rest of us draw up on either side and re-enact the battle over Patroclus with it. I really, really, really miss those nights.

Thoughtful, romantic and beautiful. Loved your Twilight, her interaction with Luna, and how simply and effortlessly you showed her relationship with Rarity. :twilightsmile: :raritystarry:

except for war... because war never changes... that is all... also great fic

A good thinking story, and the type of memory Twilight will reminisce on long after Rarity is dust.

This was pretty good. Congratulations.

Everything is permitted.

this was beautifully written, and had a peaceful, yet dark mood that I loved. Great work!

6922651 Even war changes, though it may be only a change in how it is performed; even if the true core of it remains.

6923621 THAT IS THE POINT OF THE QUOTE! war may be fought diferenlty but the core is always the same!


finally some quality romance

Mmmm that's some good RariTwi. Intellectual musings for Twilight, deep emotional romance for Rarity, bring them together and you have a thoughtful story with a beautiful message. Well done.

6924186 eh :applejackunsure: It didn't really feel that romantic to me. Well and intellectually written I suppose, but I've felt stronger emotions in less polished stories.

Pretty sure a lotof things are constant. The title makes me cringe.

Such as your bad grammar, for example.

6925663 Pretty sure leaving the "I am" out is considered slang, as that is how one talks. Excuse me for missing a space in "lot of". My point still stands though.


"...sure a lotof things..."

I do get your point, but the term is applied to people instead of physical constants. Other than that, very few things are eternally static in comparison to things that aren't.

This really didn't feel like a romance. And, Rarity was just out of character. Her personality and humor was there, so I suppose you had her mind, right, but her speech was far off. I felt as though I were listening to someone completely different, as in, if not for the "Rarity said etc" and context, I would be lost. And the Luna disguise thing completely threw me for a loop. I couldn't tell who anyone was.

As for writing, very poetic and deep. Very expertly crafted. The plot had no real punchline or ending that summed it up, but such is life and this was a quiet pondering, a thoughtful moment in time, so such a lesson wasn't needed. Interesting premise, too. I wouldn't be surprised if you'd had many conversations of a similar kind, as the ideas were very real.

So, good story and I'm always find if Rarlight. I will leave a favorite for an overall interesting experience, but a dislike because this experience still fell flat for me.

I really enjoyed this. I think you captured something that a lot of people tend to over look about relationships but that nearly everyone thinks about. You start dating someone, and there are only really two outcomes. You stay together or you break up.

I really like Twilight in this. I mean, all your characters were wonderful, and even Fancy pants and Fleur had such life in them from such a small scene, but Twilight was so good. The worry and feeling like she just thinks about everything too much is something I could really relate to.

Luna was really nice, as well. I'm not quite certain where this lands on a timeline, but her word choice was astounding. She still has, what I'm going to call, and archaic lit to her words, but it is obvious she has much more experience with modern language and could grasp what anyone meant. I think my favorite line to show this was when she said "Cry your pardon" instead of the more common "beg".

Rarity, though, stole the show. I'm not even sure I can express what i want to say properly, but her character was spot on for her. She cares so much for Twilight, and during their conversation after the dance, you can see that she mostly understands Twilight and the fear of change she has, but Rarity doesn't seem to be afraid of that for them. She loves Twi, Twi loves her, and she seems to feel like that is enough.

I was also really glad Twi didn't do a corny joke when Rarity said she danced with the prettiest mare. I would have been so simple for Twi to say 'you can't dance with yourself' or something, and while I could see Twi saying something like that, it just would not have worked for this at all.

I don't know, really, what I'm saying. I just really enjoyed this.

The thing I'm wondering the most is what those things in the cover picture are supposed to be, because they certainly aren't ponies. Something halfway between desert jerboas and mountain goats is the closest I can come to.

6925719 Uuuh... no. "Lot of" can be applied to anything there's a lot of. Plenty. A bunch. Example for a constant: Pi. You can do whatever you want, Pi will always be the same.

6926330 ZOMG, you are a delight

6920472 I was half-especting to see you here :ajsmug:

Truly entrancing. Your writing style is old-fashioned, but poetic. I wish I could pull off something like that, but alas, I am doomed to remain myself. That, at least, will not change, despite the word's definition being ever different. Anyways, awesome, thought provoking, and overall, calming.

I was talking about the phrase 'Nothing is Constant'. Sorry, should've made that clearer.

6928363 And I'm talking about the title. It is "Nothing is constant", and not "Nobody is constant", and is thus an inaccurate statement.

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