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Well, shit.

Incidentally, if you look at the 'related stories' bar on the right, they all have the Sad tag. So, congratulations, Cynewulf, you've made the king of sad stories. One sad story to rule them all.


6446785 victory

Broken Voice is one of my favorite albums and every time I listen to it I see Twilight at the end of the world trying to write down everything Celestia ever said to keep it alive

6446983 you'll be in magnificent company then

There are no word i can say that would do this story justis and i can say this and a story called silence are my top two saddest stories i have ever read.:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::fluttercry::raritycry::applecry:

:applecry: :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad: :raritydespair: Damn, that was a hard shot right to feels. Need to go read some crackfic and get my happy back...

Why!? Why would you write something like this!?

6448353 cause of a song. I was homesick.

It helps.

In many ways, the ending was actually a happy one; as I see it any way. Twilight is finally released from the twilight the world has found itself in, and is brought by her mentor into the night- into the next journey, whatever that may be, with her friends. She is freed from her loneliness. That is happy.
brilliant story by the way! I savored it and will do finitely have to read again soon ^-^

6448679 that was the point I had hoped to make, the feeling I hoped for.


who doesnt have days like this where you go through the motions of life with your head hung low, surrounded by ghosts, stumbling over some nameles path on a journey to nowhere for the thousandth time

but fear not and humble yourselves, therefore, under His mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

keep the faith brother

6449385 I'm trying to run the race and fight the good fight.

You've made it... very hard for me to see my screen. :fluttercry:

You know, as achingly sad as that was, I found myself smiling at the end. It was a melancholic smile, true, but a smile all the same. Twilight has found her rest, whatever that may be.
Have another mini-review. It's on the house.

I-I think I cried for most of it, but it was too good to stop reading.

6450304 I reread it and held my kitty and asked "Luna why would you write this it's super sad?" But she had no answers. It is a mystery.

Wow, I knew it would be sad, but not this sad. :fluttercry: The ending itself was bittersweet though, and it made me happy to see Twilight move on. Amazing job, you have earned yourself a follow! ^^

Best story ever. Don't know if I could take another, though. Like a donkey kick to the feels.

6453576 closest I'll ever get to SSE's "Last Tears in Tartarus"

Really impressed by how each moment with Twilight's friends seems to express a core part of their character(s). That's succinct, varied, and critically powerful writing, and it's used to fine end in this fic. A story that satisfies even as it distresses you. Well done.

Uuuummmmm. . .I think I need some back story on this fic. Beautifully written, but I had no idea what the heck it was about. Can someone help me clarify?

6558175 the world is ending, Twilight's been alive for tend of thousands of years, she is basically the only thing left but dust, and she makes one last trip before she dies

Physically that's what happens

6558369 Oh, OK, thanks for clearing that up

that made me tear up, so sad, it make me wonder though of how it got to that point.

Beautiful... which is good, because that's the only thing that'd make a "sad" tag story worth reading (imo).

Bleak, beautiful work. It's a slow burn, realising exactly what situation Twilight's in, but it impacts hard. And it makes the ending very uplifting, to see her freed from it all.

There's a word I don't often get to use to describe things: pulchritudinous. I think this story fits that.


I'm probably just a heartless bastard, but I didn't find this particularly sad.

Sad is staying around too long, hanging on to shreds of what used to be yourself long after... Well. The ending of this story is what makes it not sad.

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