Ghost Phase's life was perfectly normal, thank you very much. She worked at a cafe, went to class, and read in the comfort of her apartment. Nothing unusual ever happened, which was exactly how she liked it. But when her changeling friend Misty Step came over to visit, Ghost found herself dragged into an adventure bigger than anything she could have imagined.

A fluffy story I update whenever I feel like it, about two friends seeking adventure in the normalcy of life.

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A very honest portrayal of loneliness meeting loneliness that hits far too close to home. The frank, down-to-earth narrative only drives home the bleakness, in turn serving to make every moment of warmth and mirth a treasure. I read on in empathetic curiosity, holding onto hope that Ghost gets more hugs.

I loved this. And feel bad for them. Please, please, please update soon!

She stood up and pulled her pillow closer to Misty, then settled back down. A few stray tears made their way down her cheeks. At least she knew one pony who would remember her, if she ever was lost for good. Closing her eyes, Misty relaxed to the sound of her friend’s even breathing, and drifted back to sleep peacefully.

I'm confused about this bit, did you mean Ghost relaxed to the sound of her friend's even breathing?

Lovely story, enjoyable to read but it said Misty finished up the dishes and then it had Ghost doing dishes immediately after. Am I confused and that meant she finished up the last clean dishes?

Good catch!

Her table was piled with dishes. Misty washed the two dishes they used during the meal and nothing else.

The feels from this chapter... like an arrow to the heart. As someone that knows loneliness all to well, the end of the chapter is so very accurate to what I feel at times.
Getting all the feels is a good thing, and something many need to know. That some people are lonely, even in a group of people, and really just need that one someone to be close to them.

P.S. - Can I scoop Ghostie up and just snuggle her forever?~ :applecry:

"We hug you because you are adorable, and looked like you could use a hug~" Kat, whom is a sphinx replies, her tail picking the book up to hold it in front of Ghostie.

Oh my god I just want to pet her head

This is great

Ah, the life of a frustrated university student. This chapter must have come from a personal place. I can only imagine there must be a lot of you in Ghost. Well done. <3

So glad I caught up! This has ought to be one of the cutest stories I’ve ever had the pleasures of reading! Sure, there were definitely parts that could have been thought out more, but I don’t believe anything can be cuter than the friendship between Ghost and Misty! I’ll be impatiently waiting for the next chapter. <3 <3 <3

Ha! I knew it! Well, I never said it, but I knew it! Haha!

I really enjoy the sense of world building that's being used. Hive Tempest is very visual, (Though I can't imagine how they'd get any sleep,) and I love how strategically placed it is, along with the relations with the small bands of pegasi. Though it did feel like this chapter took a while to get to what was inevitable, I always love to see the world expand. Well done! <3

I thought all changelings had insect-themed names.

I enjoy this story. It seems rather personal in a way, to you, not to me. I don't go to college.

“Um, nothing. Hey, did you want to grab a bean juice on the way home? We could totally get some, it’s got caffeine and, uh, mocha, and latte milk…” She chattered, making Ghost shake her head. Sometimes, Misty really was odd, but that’s what Ghost loved about her.

Because gay, Ghostie!

There was a guard outside her apartment. And not just any guard, a *royal* guard. He looked important, and terrifying. Ghost wanted nothing more than to lock the door and pretend she wasn’t home. No, that would be cowardly, wouldn’t it? Besides, Misty was here, and she had Ghost’s back. Taking a deep breath, Ghost opened the door.

Italics, not asterisks!

It wasn’t as though there were many other places to work. In this corner of San Fransiscolt, her choices were limited to the cafe, the supermarket, or the fast food joint. Ghost hated the crowds in the supermarket, and she didn’t fancy going home every night smelling like hay fries, so this was the best possible place for her to work. Nice atmosphere, decent pay, and willing to work around her classes. Really, what more could she ask for?

San Fransiscolt *clap clap clap clap* more cities with horse puns as their name

Glad to see this back! The chapter was certainly very cute.

Do I spy a Beauty and the Beast reference?

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