Daring Do returns to the Riverlands, the home she left behind years ago. On the road to the farm where she was born, she wonders if you can ever truly escape the past. Sometimes, the river comes up, the levee breaks, and you have no place to stay. No amount of crying can stop its inevitable progress.

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Incredible song. This story looks interesting... I'll give it a read when I have the time:twilightsmile:

That's a fantastic cover image, Cynewulf. And you referenced the song in the description! SO MUCH WIN! :rainbowkiss:
It is sad, though the ending is just great. Another classic by Cynewulf.

this story made me cry inside. that was moving

We need more Daring Do stories.

This is a really great story.

I love Daring Do.

I also added this to the Daring Do group for you to get you some more views.

Life came from the River, and had it’s borders

Nah, your Pa has

Some extra space.

They never came to the Riverlands; no one did.

I think that the semicolon should have been a comma.

who would take such a letter back to the Riverlands

Missed a period.

hadn’t been touched since she’d last seen her father. Since you left him behind.

This may just be personal preference, but I think "Since you left him behind." should have been italicized.

The spirit had no will, it’s mate awaited.

Now I'm sad...
This was sad.
I liked the end, it was sad, but hopeful.

1791120 I came back home, opened up my computer to do just that... and it had been done! Thank you! That was kind of you. :3

1790786 Finals were really, really stressful. I wrote them all in like 3 days right before Finals began in earnest and they have been sitting in GDocs for like a week. :3

1790979 yes. Yes we do. ShortsSkirts has a good sad one... and I liked Whip and Wing!

1790915 And I am glad you were moved, my friend!

Bro, do you only ever write?

1791242 I wrote these three about two weeks ago, right as Finals began. I was letting out stress and had ideas and it just


They're just now getting out

I may be trying to become SSE in a fit of emulative jealousy I MEAN I LIKE TO WRITE PRETTY STORIES


Wait, so you're powerful enough to write a first draft in an afternoon and call it good? Good lord!

1791241 i demand a sequel!

1791278 No, I work intensely and I'm mildly foolish. A good writer isn't nearly as easily satisfied as I am.

I do everything that way. I just do things very intensely. I have long cheerful erudite conversations and am absorbed in reading things so much that I don't hear people call me. When I write I write with distractions and conversations, but even then... I just... do things intensely. They happen. And stuff.

1791294 haha Nah, I think this one is done! I think Daring is done with adventure for a long time. Maybe forever.

But I think she has something just as good.


Ah, well you must be an extremely likable person in your case haha

1791313 I'm an introvert, but when people talk to me I am very cheerful and welcoming and I will talk their ears off. I get excited easily. :3 But my conversations are either amazingly silly or surprisingly deep. I can't do in between very well ;_;


Maybe there are no in-betweens haha

My friend ... you.
After this, I found it difficult to fight back the 'feels'; not that I mind. You have a writing ability that I could only dream of.

1791565 Thank you!

Do not fight feelings. Let them flow through you. And when they pass, you will I have to stop trying to work Dune into everything.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, friend.

1791136 oh yes and did the appointed clean up

Well, that's one way to get my attention. To which I respond:

The River - Joe Bonamassa

This was well done, sad but not forced. One of the best Daring Do tales I have read.

That was amazing......thank you for this.

1800367 Glad you enjoyed it, friend. :)

This is a criminally under-read story. Maybe I'm projecting a bit, but the sensation of homecoming to a lesser place, of a sunburned land painted sepia by the dust and sun and grain, of a child realizing too late that there are duties and obligations attendant to being part of a family – these were all magnificent.

2109677 Thank you. I'm really, really glad you liked it!

I was worried about that, actually. It started out as like, Pony- Mississippi Delta and I was kind of worried it would come across as overboard. So hurrah!

Dare I call this a little masterpiece of a fic? Of course I do, it is!

Brilliantly portrayed emotions, great characterization, good world building. Fantastic job.

Great story, poignant, nearly perfect in its depiction and internal voice.

2151265 Hooray! I'm glad you liked my world building. :3 I like the Riverlands. To be honest, some of it isn't me--heck, a lot of it isn't me! I took a place that already existed and sort of fantasized it, made magic and not just history behind it's poverty. It's basically the Delta... but with some touches that are mine. Rosedale and Alligator are real towns! :3

2151803 Thankya! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've actually stumbled upon this fic about a month ago. The title shared by one of my favorite songs of all time captured my attention instantly, but the amount of quotes in the description made me cringe, so I decided against reading it.

I regret that.

Personally, I haven't seen a similar setting employed in a fic before - I suppose scorched deserts don't fit that well into canon, but the thing is, it worked quite well: the land is dying under the glow of a bright star, slowly burning away; much like Daring's memories are scorched by her new life full of adventure. You gave us a full view of Daring's thoughts, and what a clear view it is... Somehow, the way she did not want to go, yet pushed on, allowing memories of what she used to call home turn to ash felt really, well, daring.
The only actual critique I might have is the pacing - overall, the fic, instead of going, dragged its weight. But even that can be dismissed as a stylistic choice - my lack of will to read on somewhat mirrored Daring's own reluctance.

Even if the levee didn't break for me, I am left with a feeling of solemn understanding.

Oh, and while I'm still here, a few mistakes I've spotted:

Yeah, she flew. Flew fast... You’re mom was so beautiful, Darin’.

Should be your

“Hey... hey pa. I came home.”

“I’m so sorry, pa. I’m here. I came home.”

Missed the capitals

Saw the title and thought of this:

Cyne! Cyne! You did it! WOO! You know what this calls for?

2152590 I'm really glad you read, and I'm glad you liked it! It's not quite a desert yet, though perhaps you can be forgiven--out under the hot sun it FEELS like one. You're quite right, it is slow. Perhaps a bit too much so, though with a story like this it concerns me less than it would my others. But if I had it to do other I might've picked up the pace a bit.

2154502 Rad song, love it. When Zeppelin redoes a song, they do it RIGHT.

2154563 And this is again why we are friends. :3

Oh noes! I has succumbed to ze dreaded disease! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I LOVED this take on Daring's history. Now that I think about it, I've never read a fic where her origins, her hometown, or her family are explored. From now until forever this fic shall remain my personal headcanon for Daring's history, or at the very least until the show expands on her character like I'm hoping it will.

2154696 The only other I know of is Ponky's, which I was enjoying but got distracted from by BACKGROUND PONY.

Thank you very much!!! I'm really, really glad you liked it.

Hopefully the comments section on this fic is a little bit more peaceful than the last one :ajsmug:

Always loved this one; reread it, and I actually like it more than I did back then.


Come to think of it... I just noticed I didn't fave it the first time 'round for some reason :applejackconfused: Well, time to rectify that.

2154782 It's stronger and better now, for sure. I miss the scene where she teases him. It was fun and a great scene, but I think the way it is now is better. :3

And thankya big big :3

The way it is now is much more concise. The flashback was chuckle-inducing, but I don't miss it :applejackunsure:


I just discovered something amazing.

I was reading this and at the same time I was listening to a song on YouTube. When you listen to it and read the story at the same time, it feels as though they were made for one another.

Take a listen:


I've always loved reading and listening to music. I do everything with music, for good or ill.

And there we go! Hopefully not so under-read after this.

Grats on the posting, man.

2154989 Thanks again!

Ha, looks like it's gained a ton of speed actually. There she goes!

Good lord, another EQD feature? Next time I come back in town, you're getting a hard time for this.

I really don't know if I should be saying this—you would be author number five—but if you need any editing done, don't hesitate to ask. Oh god, if you say yes... I will be a plethora of mixed feelings; I wont know what to do.

Anyways, if anything, if you need a beta-reader—or a pre-reader for those who use it—then I am just as available. Give me a message if you are interested!

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