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Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, Courage the greater, as our might lessens.


Twilight Sparkle is used to being lonely. Sure, she's got friends now, but sometimes they're busy and you're left to your own devices. When these times come, she takes refuge in a particular place and partakes in a very particular activity: writing. Specifically, silly throwaway writings. Why? Well, they're safe.

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Well dam...
That was really good man...
I'm impressed, but that doesn't matter.
You keep up the good work, this is is just wonderful...

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Feb 10th, 2013

A one shot over 1.5k words! BAH!

2099922 I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :3

Hah! I read it! Silly Cyne, thinking he can stop me with a mere title. I am far above such petty deterrents.

2099951 3.5K is a pretty good chapter length, though. It's really just a chapter.

Who hates you? Seriously, there is always at least 1 downvote for your fics within the first minutes of posting. Who is this mystery asshole?

2099969 That was a joke :trollestia:

2099977 Oh, sorries. :P I wondered if it was a second. Derp! Go in peace then

That is a very good question.
Anyway, let's bury it in upvotes!

2099987 my only regret is that I have but one to give...

Damn you reverse psychology title. I did that once with my title. It was fun.

Anyways, I have not read a slice-of-life story in a while, and that was something.

2099970 I've wondered that myself. I kind of hope I didn't make someone mad! That would be unfortunate. But I think that FiMFic is more just in an uncharitable mood sometimes... whenever I post. :P

A favorite is an underwhelming expression of just how really awesome this is. I completely relate to Twilight. Especially the part about writing stupid shit when she was younger. Oh, those were the days :rainbowlaugh:

Reads title. "Challenge accepted." Reads story. "That was nice, a change of pace from my normal reading and was overall quite enjoyable, going into the mind of a character rather than relying on descriptions to tell us what is going on was an interesting choice that was astounding in payoff. I liked how it uses minimal dialogue, since it actually feels like how one would view the world; focusing on their thoughts alone and not anybody elses conversation or some odd detail she is not really paying attention to that does not require being mentioned. This is amazing."

Fave, rate up, and commendations.

This story was really entertaining!! I love it, and definitely will upvote and follow you!! Don't really have much else to say but Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

2100004 I had fun with this one. It was quick... and based off of real life! I was doing some of this in My Chair at My Table in the coffee shop on campus, writing ponyfics and bein' all melencholy like she is and I started writing Twilight doing what I was doing. It was totes meta and a lot of fun!

2100017 Glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it :3

2100027I should do that sometime!!! Sounds like bundles of fun. Definitely hate downvotes, though. My first story has a 7:9 ratio and my second has 5:0... No dislikes at all? Weird, but awesome! Anyway, having fun writing the story is the best way to write a story! IMO.

This is an incredibly interesting premise. It really made me think; does Twilight write merely to acquaint herself with what she's sure is the future--a sort of coping mechanism for what may or may not occur? Or does she do it because she wants all these things to happen, so desperately so that she takes to creating entire written universes to satisfy them?

The last line stuck out to me.

And meet them all again.

I'm still not quite sure what to think about this last line, but I am really looking forward to dusting the cobwebs off the ol' critical thought cortex and putting it through its paces.

Thank you for writing this. You did a very good job.

Commence read.

That was a nice story. Sad introspective thinking from Twilight.

2100050 For me, writing the REAL version of the story she's talking about... when I come back to working on it, I remember them all like my friends. Or when I finally write Rarity again, it's the feeling of reunion. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and that's kind of an interesting thought. For her, I think it's mostly her thinking of the day when she finally isn't a student anymore... without the sun. When she has to do stuff without the "sun" helping her along the way. More coping mechanism to some extent. The writing as goes the silly M/M shipping of the barrista she does is more distraction and coping with a sense of failure.

2100051 yay! Thankya

I think all of us, as writers, has been in this situation. That one story that hides in the corners of your mind, always just on the edge of thought. Sometimes, it rears up, shouting at you to look at it again. Sometimes, it sleeps, not disturbing you, but there all the same.
But you just can't shake it. You keep wondering when you will find the skill to finally finish it.
Maybe you will come to that day. Maybe you won't.
You never truly know, when an idea pops into your head, where it will take you.

2100027 So wait... You can write about TTwilight writing about you as Twilight, but I can't submit a story about PewDiePie and Cry getting sucked into a magic box to go to Equestria for an adventure (IT MAKES SENSE IN CONTEXT) for reasons of META?!? I am calling Wlaw or whatever his name is on his baloney! What meta is in Pewdie and Cry (famous youtubers and friends in real life)?

2100123 Totes agree with that.

The story she's writing is actually a real story--it's one I've worked on a long time off and on again. The scene is based off of me sitting in the coffee shop at school in a mood like hers. I was writing F/F shipping, but each to their own. Silyl Twi.

2100160 glad you liked it!

Hauntingly accurate take on the amateur writer's life, especially those with The Next Great Novel permanently tucked into the proverbial shoebox under the bed.

Also, kudos for having Twi pen a novel using thinly-veiled code names for her friends' stand-ins. Where have I seen "Prism(atic)" used as a pseudonym for Rainbow Dash before? Hmmm...

Is it bad that I read the story only because of the title? That I saw the title, whispered "screw you," and then read it out of spite? Either way, I'm glad I read it. Great work Cynewulf. I wish I had more to say about it, but I don't... :fluttershyouch: I guess it was like some kind of purgatory for writers or something. I don't know.

like that stallion who accidentally sent Princess Luna a love letter.

But how exactly does one accidentally mail a letter? I understand it's entirely irrelevant to the story, but I wanted to know more about that passing thought.

Oh, and Sub sole nihil novi est.

2100203 he mailed the wrong draft! :D I'm writing that later. And I am glad that you read it!

2100188 :3 Yups!

Well. Several paragraphs in, I thought that this was going to be a quiet, simple little story - nothing much, but calm and nice and generally agreeable. I was prepared to finish it, then quietly fave it and walk away.

But about halfway - or maybe only a third of the way - through, it got... I'm not sure how to put it. It didn't really change mood or anything, just got... deeper. Still quiet, but quietly profound. Quite fascinating. I'd say that there was a definite resonation within me regarding this piece, although I feel no inclination to elaborate.

I shall definitely have to remember to investigate your past works - and your future ones - with interest.

2100335 Memento and Foxes are good if the size of the gallery is daunting. So is "Levee"

I think that Slice of Life can be a powerful tool, not just like as a genre/tag, but in any stories. Simple settings always hide deeper things.

But I digress. I'm really glad you like it! heheheheh. Even in Slice of Life I write sad or dark things. :P

2100242 Neato, I'll be looking forward to reading that. :heart:

2100335 DO IT. Read ALL the stories! :rainbowwild:

2102932 I totes think it's plausible. :P

I have to admit, I clicked on the title because I thought it was a clever bluff into attracting attention.
And then I read the description, and then more of the story, and now... I have a bone or two to pick with you. Right from the start I think your premise is fiercely contradicted by canon- "Twilight Sparkle is accustomed to being lonely"? Alone, sure, but lonely? I would argue that Twilight Sparkle doesn't know what loneliness is. She didn't have friends before moving to Ponyville, aside from Spike and Shining Armor, but she never expressed a problem with that- quite the opposite, in fact. "I had my books to read; didn't think that I would ever need other ponies to make my life complete." And you do stick with that premise in particular as we proceed into the story- the mention of her feeling lonely without company in the library, the implication that she's using the temporary attention of the barista as a substitute for the real companionship because she needs it so badly...
The other problem is that the pony-watching habit is good! It's not participating in these ponies' lives but neither is it ignoring them; it's observing from a deliberately outside perspective and projecting possible motives onto existing actions. That's very good; it's not social or antisocial, it's asocial, and literary to boot, and in that respect it's very much in character for Twilight. And you end that segment with her actually working up the nerve to say something to the stallion being watched in tonight's session, which definitely evokes the social growth she's accomplished since moving to Ponyville.
But you could do the pony-watching bit and the writing bit entirely without setting it up via this need for attention that the canon character very much doesn't have, and so the loneliness thing stands out all the more, being not only unfounded but unnecessary to the story.

2109711 Valid, but I would also argue that now that she DOES have friends, she would look back on that time as being lonely. I was exactly like she was when I was small, and I didn't experience loneliness as that at all. When I looked back now though, I realize I was used to being alone. Lonely is a bit of a loaded term, I'll agree with that.

I TOTALLY agree with you that it's not bad. Whether she thinks it's bad or good, I think it's fine. I was thinking of Miyaozaki, and how once he kind of just sat there for a whole day watching women. Why? He was studying how dresses and skirts move, I kid you not. When he worked on Kiki's Delivery Service, you can tell that his asocial behavior was really not so strange and asocial after all--it was all about people, particularly the young girls like Kiki.

You have done well. Let the Neighsayers say neigh but you have done well.
Goodnight good friend


This one was really fun

That is an excellent picture

I wish I could make a poem for this but I just dont even know how to start it. I mean CRAP I JUST DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO


But seriously, this is good stuff. It hit surprisingly close to home.

2178765 It is meta as all get out

And thankya!

Beautiful. Nothing else to say, really.

2212508 I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

This was nice. Very nice look inside Twilight's head, the way the thoughts circulate and move. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

2242085 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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