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The Big Band Leader · 2:26am Dec 16th, 2015

In 1939, In the Mood was the top song in the country. It was the product of big band leader Glenn Miller, his use of clarinet, tenor saxophone and saxophone produced a melodic symphony that tugged on the pulse of America. Time magazine wrote that of the 12 to 24 records in any jutebox in America, two to six are Glenn Miller's. His music is smooth and well rehearsed, his critics accused him of being over polished, that his music was 'too commercial'.

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Since several folks have asked where my avatar came from...

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Thank you for putting The Singing Bastard among your favorites. I'm glad you liked it:twilightsmile:

1983867 Poor Sweetie. Poor Scoots. Poor Rumble, even. A year alone is sad on earth and in space.

I should reread PonyAbsolution myself, actually. It's hard to remember what I added and what was original, now. Some things I know I added later. I kinda had to change how the mechanics of the Ghost/Nightmare worked, as I didn't have magic to fall back on. Alas.

I wanted her to be happy pretty desperately as well. At the end, I think she does. She chose to be Star Mother's only friend, she didn't give up--even when she wanted to. I think Rumble was the right choice. I was never completely sure what she felt for Sweetie, in either of her incarnations. Scoots/Samantha runs away from that like she runs away from all of her other problems (at first) and so I couldn't help but wonder if it could have worked.

Human version has a lot more on Sweetie/Karin and Sam/Scoots interaction, and goes into the first stages of that infatuation.


Would you be interested in reading the original fiction version of Absolution? It's a rough draft obviously.

Do you need to ask twice?

I wondered at the time if she wasn't a little afraid that the only reason she liked mares in at all wasn't because of her need to be Rainbow.

Not just a mare, but the little sister of her Idol's true love. I think (and this may change on rereading) that she was finally moving out of Rainbow's shadow, her own accomplishments are amazing! She is the captain of a deep space explorer for Celestia's sake! I think it was an integral part of her character growth to realize that she was doing Sweetie a disservice by stringing her along when she really wasn't into her.

On the other hand maybe she was into her, but the shadow of Raridash was hanging over her. It would always be a pall on their relationship, casting every part and step of it into question. Maybe it was true love, but doomed by Scootaloo's own insecurity. But I want the Scootaloo of Absolution to have a truly happy ending. She is with Rumble because he is the one who is good for her, the one who will help her move forward, who will help her heal. I want her to be happy, so I want her to have chosen correctly. She returns, absolved of the mistakes of her past, with the caul removed from her eyes and able to see what she truly wants. I want her to be right dammit!

Wow, over two years later and I still have feelings this strong about the story.

PS: I don't know if you remember, but you posted the image my avatar is taken from in a blog. It was where I found it, and it remains one of my favorite variant Scootaloo pics I have ever seen. Scootaloo remains best pony.

1983855 a lot of folks are holding off actually. Don't mind that at all--hell, I would do the same if I weren't God's most curious creature

You might be glad to hear that I'm going to reach the end soon. It's decently close now. Just a few more pretentious chapter titles left (god I have more fun naming those than I should)

I always wondered about the Raridash/Scootabelle thing. Did she try to abandon that possibility as a way of retaining some part of herself from Rainbow? I wondered at the time if she wasn't a little afraid that the only reason she liked mares in at all wasn't because of her need to be Rainbow.

Would you be interested in reading the original fiction version of Absolution? It's a rough draft obviously.

Absolution remains one of the best ponyfics on the site. The travails of Scootaloo and the Nightmare, her struggles with the ghosts of her past, heck, even Sweetie and her romantic complications (the parallel between Raridash and Sweetieloo) make it one of the most compelling stories I have read. Period. I haven't reread Absolution since it completed and I can still remember so much about it. Storytelling of the first order.

Two years and seven months, 31,000 words, I'm downloading this onto my tablet right now. It is time to revisit this.

(BTW, I haven't even started the night is passing, I am waiting for it to finish. I am excited for this fic, but I feel I loose so much when I read an epic over a long period of time.)

I am glad you are still writing, and I honestly look forward to the day when you write original fiction. You are simply too talented.

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