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Makes ponies cry


There are stories which define us. Stories that inspire us. And there are stories that damn us.

These are the Old Stories, tales from before the dawn of Equestria.

Spanish translation

The original EqD link is here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/08/story-old-stories.html

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Excellent... Good to see it here as well. A most certainly interesting read, believable, and I did not see the end coming.

I applaud you good sir. Perhaps long overdue, but nevertheless, you earned it.

I'm gonna say this before I read this, the pic you used is pretty awesome.

Oh my gosh. This is here now. Ready, watch, it's going to hit the featured bar and hold it for like a week like "Through the eyes of another pony" did when it was re-uploaded.



Well, there goes the next ten minutes of my life.

That was positively awesome:pinkiehappy: The last little commentary by celestia sealed it for me, as I it always seems like Luna is getting slighted, it's nice to see her get her due. Here's to being featured

Yep... after reading it I am happy to have spent the time doing so. I can't imagine how much talent it must take to write a story like this. I am guessing that you got most of these stories from ancient Greek mythology. Would I be correct in assuming this?

Still.. great story and should be read by anyone that has the time. This is definitely a MLP Fan Classic.
10 out of 5 stars. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

One of my all time favs! Thanks for putting it on here! :heart:

Pies, Germs, and Steel is the best book title parody i have ever seen.

Okay, honesty time. I don't care for it. The writing is excellent and you have a flair for storytelling, but I didn't like the story itself. I AM NOT HATING, I am just stating my opinion. I dunno, something about the story and I didn't jive...I'm usually not a fan of Celestia fics. My stories have their fair share of detractors, but I'd like to provide different commentary than what some of the cruder people on this site say.

Don't change a thing about the story. I probably don't like it because I'm a self-appreciative douchebag who doesn't like it when people write stories better than his own. Or it's just because there's a disconnect between me and fics like this. You are clearly a talented writer, and I advise you to keep writing. I'd just like to say that, despite its well-writtenness, I did not care for it.


Completely incorrect. They're not Greek myths, they're a series of in-jokes.

A very interesting read, very well written. :twilightsmile:

Amazing! I have so much to say...
The subtle shift in voice between each story
The myth/fairytale style
LUNA. I loved Celestia's corrections and Luna's role.
By the way, REICHENBACH. I see what you did there.
One thing that really stood out was Celestia rescuing the Baron in the Loyalty story. That's the exact type of story I would write all the time when i was younger: heroic, selfless, dramatic rescues during a contest that ultimately reveal who the better person (and true winner) is.

Did anyone else clap at the end?

that was freaking awesome!!! here, have five bigmacs:eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

I absolutely love invented mythologies, and mythology in general, and I loved this (I grew up reading Dunsany and Lovecraft). Your talent actually made me forget how much I dislike Celestia for a bit there. This is certainly one of the best stories I've read by an amateur author, and better than a good 70% of the similar works I've read by supposed 'professionals'. Well, well done.

>> He takes the form of an old brown pony, but without a cutie mark - the one thing he can't fake - and starts whistling.

>> I still invite him to the Grand Galloping Gala every year, and he always finds somepony to prank.


With those last couple of lines, I cannot help but think of one thing
"To be forgotten is worse than death." Up until the last line itself, I feel really bad for Luna, she suffered a sad fate. But the ending made it all right and left me with happy emotions. It was a good fic, especially once I figured out what was going on with the formatting and way of telling the story withing a story.

Hmmm, that was actually quite good. I felt the last sentence was a little anticlimactic. Setting the record straight is much more... just More than some applause. Given that the audience isn't even clear, I felt the applause was stilted and an awkward tack on.

Pretending it ended with setting the record straight, however, it's perfect. It's interesting to see a really cool mythology behind Celestia, Luna, Equestria, and the elements. It reminded me of a lot of Greek myths, in a good way. The stories had the scope and grandeur that we expect from creation mythologies while keeping with the general tone of MLP.

Well done.

Excellent story. It was both well-written and entertaining. Though I am wondering, why didn't you separate the chapters?

897464 'cause I wrote it all on gDocs and imported it here/was lazy.

i could totally see this happening with myths being what they are.

but i think the end doesn't read well. You get me all invested in these stories, then spend some paragraphs at the end changing them.
and i get the message, and yes that's all tragic, but... idk. ponymotes, halp meh

706706 It took me a second to figure that out. well spotted. I second that motion. :flutterrage::flutterrage:

It was well written and I definitely did not see that ending coming there. It was really sweet and if there was a Princess Luna emoticon I would definitely use it about now. But unfortunately since there is not; have Princess Celestia instead. :trollestia:

I give you four out of five Twilight`s :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Sparkle Writer

Agreed. Even Pinkie doesn't prank Fluttershy. cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-ppissed.png

Great job on presenting believable characterization through each storyteller's individual literary style.
You've got some great flexibility in your writing style. Keep up the good work.


This is The Silmarillion of ponies. :pinkiegasp:
Truly epic.

Alright, I'm incredibly jealous of this fic right you right now, because you've done something I've always wanted to do, but can't, i.e. writing those twinkling happy fairytale stories of mytholgies. The kind that mothers tell their children before bedtime. And you wrote it so well! My personal favorite is Pinkie's story with The Fox (which I initially thought to be Discord) since it contains that element of stories. I'd like you to know that I'll be printing this fic in hardbound and give it a space in my shelf.

1895109 That's actually quite an honour, thank you.

This story was written just before season 2, so the correlation between the Fox and Discord is purely coincidental.

I was wondering when Luna would come in.
I thought the last story would be of Celestia telling of how her sister made the moon.

FIMfiction needs more stories like this.

Stories like this exemplify all that is right and all that is good in the fandom. It is energetic and fun. It is a thrill to read and leaves the audience with something to think about after they've read the final word. It is creative, reflects what the fans love in the series, and shows the author's skill. It is crafted with deep thoughts and consideration to what the series has presented the fans with, as well as something extra. The writing is spot-on and well executed. All these things are what makes a good fanfic.

And they're all here. This right here, is this what happens when the best of fanfiction is created.

That was beautiful. And the voices were perfect. You captured every character spot on. The stories were so perfectly mythical and Celestia's Coda so true. The allusions to pre-Celestia Equestria painted a picture in my Head-canon I'm not sure I'll ever be able to change.

You give me Writer's Pain. That is the highest honor I can bestow.

I'm not sure how I neglected to favorite this until now. Corrected.

Very good story, and I like how everything ties together in the end. You did a good job capturing the narrative style of each of the mane six very well.

Bloody Vault! I can never remember what I've Favorited and not Favorited on that thing.
But anyways, I absolutely love how you not only made all of the stories fall completely within the constraints within the show, but also how the entire thing just ends up being an apology to Luna.
This is my Second Favorite story on this site. The first being Do Not Serve These Ponies.

Yeah! Six cheers for the Princess of the Night! Go Luna!

And she still doesn't have a smilie. For shame, FiMFic!

Also, shame on me for not reading this story until now. Rainbow Dash's story was my personal favorite. I totally laughed at the mustache part :rainbowlaugh: They were all good, though.

A good choice to write them in the same order as the stories in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, btw. Small thing, but it didn't go unnoticed.

I must say, though, Celestia's part felt a bit forced, a bit ham-fisted, not quite as natural as it should. It may be a matter of pace and the way it's done, as a correction at the end. It sort of feels a bit like a list of bullet points.

Yeah :moustache:!

Luna is best pony.

Still lovely stories.

EDIT: To whom it may concern, I fall back on this post... most of it. My next post up should explain precisely why. I won't delete this, because I'm not the kind of cunt who does that kind of thing, but understand that everything written here was a misunderstanding of my own fault (and volition), and I apologize for it as well as take it back. That sad, have a good day.

The story was wonderful. By far one of my favourites in this community. But I felt the ending was pretentious as Hell. Part of what appealed to me throughout my reading was that it was an honest story that portrayed, for once, Celestia as someone that was truly badass, with a badass back story to boot. But then it was all utterly spoiled by that heel-turn at the ending--'Nah actually, Luna was the true badass. Not me.'

Pfff! What? You've gotta be kidding me. All right, I would've taken this with much more sport if it hadn't gone so far out of its way to outright state Luna did pretty much 85% of everything Celestia was praised for. What the heck kind of message is that? What's wrong with the idea that Luna and Celestia both did an equal amount of problem solving? That message kinda sours the ultimate moral of the story, from my perspective. But... I suppose it's a small complaint... A plausible element, as well... But, as someone who's getting sick of the Luna infatuation, that really rubbed me wrong.

> Luna did pretty much 85% of everything Celestia was praised for.

First story: Luna gave Celestia the mask. All the rest was Celestia. Celestia comes out of that with 90% of what was originally credited to her.
Second story: Luna saves Celestia's life. Maybe 80% Luna there. (Celestia comes out with 20% of the credit)
Third story: Luna contributed to the problem, not the solution. Negative points for Luna there. (Celestia comes out with 100% of the credit)
Fourth story: Celestia did everything she was credited with originally, the only change is that Luna did something that was credited to Starry Notions. (Celestia comes out with 100% of what was originally credited to her)
Fifth story: Mostly Luna. Call it 95%. (Celestia comes out with 5% of the credit)
Sixth story: Luna provided moral support. 10-20% Luna, 90-80% Celestia here.

With those figures, Celestia still did about two-thirds of everything she was praised for. And I went with low estimates for Celestia (high for Luna) on the second and fifth stories. I really can't see how you'd stretch it to "Celestia did less than a fifth of what she was praised for" (which your 85% Luna figure implies).

3335674 Let me apologize in advance for the long post. I got too into this one :twilightblush:

I'll go out on a limb and say that I may have misinterpreted my own thoughts with this snafu of a post. Ahem... I believe what I originally meant to say was that I was disappointed Celestia, in the end, wasn't as badass as the entirety of the story had made her out to be. That, yesyesyes, is just me being butthurt over the fact that I felt misled by the initial first six acts of the story, and the seventh came across too fast as a kick right in the teeth. I, as stated, don't sympathize well with Luna, and the amount of art forms making her out to be the better Princess are discouraging for someone like that. This fic, for once I felt, made Celestia out to be the superior and the determinator. Just as much so as I'd ever seen Luna done. And that made me all happy an' shit (to fairly portray myself). Then that whole Luna thing happened, and I'm embarrassed (but not that much) to admit that I may have let my better judgement fuck-off on this one. Being guilty of having my fandumb moments (blush, blush).

Ahe-he-hem. That said, I was mostly wrong, but not completely. Let me first fall back on my sentiment that I wouldn't have minded if they were precisely equal throughout the story. I'm gonna try not to kid myself here; that woulda pissed me off just as much. Buuut, I got a reason for that (a butthurt reason, but a reason). A lot of the first half of this fic, you've gotta admit, was a nice little ballad to Celestia. This made me happy in that I'd never ever read a piece of fiction that'd done that--made her out to be the true protagonist and thing-that-is-awesome. We're talking six/seven acts here. That's a lot of shit to read, spent on making Tia a martyr. And each passage I read more and more built up the giddiness that is my Celestiafagatism (as so eloquently described by my peers).

Before I can finish my point, here's an analogy that should help with your understanding. Imagine you're a boy who believes quite fondly in magic. Loves it to pieces, in fact. But everybody is out to prove to you that magic doesn't, doesn't exist. It's all hokum and folklore. You still love it, nonetheless. Then, one day and to your astonished joy, a magician comes to town. A magician well worth his cards, who displays acts so amazing that they're outright undeniable. The crowd is amazed and overjoyed after his acts upon acts. But then, when all is said and done, he puts away his props, sits down on a bench, and spends the next twenty minutes explaining to everybody how he did all these tricks, taking great pains to express that actual magic is fake, and you were mistaken to think that any of it was true.

Kinda dampers the whole situation in hindsight, eh?

I'm wrong in that this would only reasonably affect Luna-haters (or simply "doesn't-care-much-for-ers", in my case), but I'm right in that you can see how that would piss someone off under those circumstances... right (I hope so)? But, I'm double-wrong in that I tried to make objectivity out of it. It was not objectively a problem in the story, and it'd be bad of me to take points from it, just because of something that didn't appeal to my personal ethos. Still though, it annoyed the living fuck out of me.


I'm sorry you found the story disappointing. However, it sounds to me you would enjoy reading Equestria From Dust: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/33610/equestria-from-dust

3336210 I'll give that a looksie.

But I need to correct you; I didn't find your story particularly disappointing. I just had a minor annoyance (which, at the time, felt very big. Minor things have quite the habit of that).

This was fascinating. I love coming across pieces like this that are really out of the usual run of pony fics. It was particularly pleasing how each pony told her story in her own way -- but not taken to extremes so that it would derail the story. Personally I found a few of the human-world references mildly off-putting (eg Reichenbach Falls, though I can see that one was was probably irresistible). But the whole "making of the Sun" mythology was interesting in its own right.

I'll confess that I actually felt the piece would have been slightly stronger without the Luna story, and left as a sort of "Just So Stories" collection. (I'm not particularly anti-Luna, but I am strongly pro-Celestia, and I liked how she came across in the first six stories, standing alone.) But I'm still kicking myself for not reading this a long, long time ago.


4063205 Basically this. By no means did the story suffer from the addition of Luna, but a stand-alone Celestia fic woulda been nice. But that's just my butthurt showing. This story is still a fantastic staple of Fimfiction.

This is so nice! I love the story, it made me learn alot of things. You made it so perfect.❤☆

I enjoyed the first time I read this several years ago and it's still wonderful. :heart:

It probably didn't help that Celestia was teenaged at this point, and Starry Notions disapproved of her hairstyle or her loud music. In one transcript I read, Celestia shouted at Starry Notions "You're not my dad!"


First off, I was a pegasus, but then somepony said that we should be more racially diverse, and then they rewrote me as an earth pony

Also :rainbowlaugh:


Holy heck, this is fantastic! And so immensely creative.
We seriously need more fanfics like this.
I am a bit disappointed with the ending tho, it really feels like Celestia did most of the "work", and it is almost understandable that Luna was forgotten. I hoped half of those stories would end up being about Luna actually - it definitely would be more impactful. As it sends right now, the final revelation is rather underwhelming.

Remember why you're doing what you're doing. Remember who you're doing it for.”

Are we the reader searching for something?

and just between us girls, those are the easiest ponies to prank.

wait are we doing a report? I bet we're the CMC

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