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Do Not Serve These Ponies Reading · 7:14am Aug 20th, 2018

DeftFunk is doing a reading of Do Not Serve These Ponies, and Part 3 just went up!

Note that all the voices involved are canon.

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Critique: Discord's First Very Faithful Student · 12:17pm Feb 11th, 2015

Goodness. Where does the time go?

Anyway, today I'm looking at Discord's First Very Faithful Student by Pokonic. This is a bit of a tough one because it's a lighter tone than the two previous things I've looked at, but I'll see if I can get to what it's saying. (Irrelevant: Pokonic, this story is lousy with typos, man, fix your shit)

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Critique: Frequency · 8:01am Jan 26th, 2015

Review isn't the right word for what I'm aiming for here. I'm not out to tell if a story is good or bad or worth your time. I'm here to look a little deeper into what people are trying to get at with these horse words. To try and figure out if I'm feeling the same as they're feeling.

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Critique: A Dark Knightmare · 2:04am Jan 24th, 2015

So! My objective with these critiques is to go through the entire story without saying the words 'good' or 'bad'. I am not going to talk about the story's quality at all! Instead I'm going to try to get inside the author's head and see if I can get at what I think they were thinking about. I'm going to treat these stories respectfully, as though they were classics and I was paying money to be in a class where I could talk about it.

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Free Critiques! · 8:02am Jan 19th, 2015

While my writing and planning is proceeding at a steady clip in the ideas thread (got diverted by something non pony, sadly), I'd like to do some thinking about editing and analysis. So if anyone has a story of theirs they'd like me to look at and write some big words about please, post some links in the comments! I'm interested in stuff at any level of skill.

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On Comedy · 11:48am Jan 11th, 2015

I like writing comedy. It's how I got an appreciation of the written word (through Terry Pratchett) and it's almost my default setting for writing. But I've never actually thought about it properly or developed a theory for it, so let's take this opportunity to put my perspective into words.

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Having Something To Say · 9:14am Jan 2nd, 2015

I think one of the most important parts of writing is having something to say.

All my best stories were things I needed to say. They would expand to fill my idle thoughts and dominate my decision making processes. I'd create tabletop characters specifically to reflect certain thoughts or sentiments that were occurring in my writing, I'd meditate on the emotional states for hours, and the story became so real and vivid that I had to discharge it from my system.

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Thanqol Writes Weekly · 10:51pm Dec 31st, 2014

Hi, I'm Thanqol, and sometimes I'm a jerk.

So the past year hasn't been good to my story writing. Not to say I've been idle! I've been a flurry of activity. I've become reams better at roleplaying, I'm working for The Government, I've basically self-taught myself a history degree, I've continued learning how to draw, and I've gone on a complete tour of classic cinema. I'm absolutely saturated in culture and creative output.

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Yours Truly Audiobook · 11:57am Jul 13th, 2013

Why did nopony tell me this was a thing? Because it's a thing.

The VAs nailed it and it's great, give it a listen.

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Commission Information · 10:55am May 16th, 2013

I wasn't planning on doing a post like this, but it came up and I may as well deal with it properly. For information and examples of my drawskills, roll by my Deviantart account.

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