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25 years old Female, lives in norway I love to write and draw and MLP FiM is one of the best things i enjoy in life

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Everyone deserves a follow, so here's a follow from me to you:pinkiehappy:

190413 I don't think I'd have time for a while but you can always try here. It's the Author Support Group. This is a link to their "List of People Willing to Help" (I'm on there :twilightsmile:) Anyways, just look through the list and find someone who looks good and message them. Usually, from what I know, they're all quite good at what they listed themselves as.

There's also people willing to make cover art, do commissions, do collabs, anything.

Oh, and I haven't read anything by you so I don't know how you write, but I've found that browsing their threads is worthwhile for writing tips and such.

73975 Sorry it has been so long, I am so used to FF.net and isn't used to having to acctually go to the page to see whats going on

I am watching you for Memento Luna

btw can you tell me where I can get a good Beta around here? I finished my MLP NaNo story and want someone who has written a MLP story before to take a look at it before I do anything else

hey, thanks for the watch :pinkiehappy: can I ask what you read to make you want to watch me? (I feel like I've seen it, but I forgot and I'm too lazy to check)

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