A lot has happened to Rarity in the last few years. Engagement, new business, adventure, losing a limb. But with the last, she is done with adventure and with danger, or at least, done seeking it out. For Rarity, nothing seems safe anymore, and so when Rainbow has to help with a huge freak storm, Rarity is left alone in the dark.

The dark which she has learned to fear for wholly justified reasons.

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Happy early birfmas wulfy. :pinkiehappy:

4830453 well thankya :)

4830502 Good! I'm glad

In the dark & the rain , Spike raised his claw in a raging fist. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !"

A lot has happened to Rarity in the last few years. Engagement, new business, adventure, losing a limb.

What? Have the valponies come back to get her?

She had, in fact, helped cause it by kicking her friend in the face.

This line is glorious.

Waking Rainbow up usually involved either cold water, physically pushing her out of bed, or… well. Other things.

Oh my. I would say, "Do tell," but you kind of already have.

Nice to see you back in good form, C, even if it means you're taking a break from TNiP.

Is this by any chance your attempt to prod RazedRainbow into updating Reconstruction Site?

I got your birthday wrong.

My life is over! :raritydespair:

Ooh! Dark-tagged Cynewulf story! Will read soon! :rainbowkiss:

4831531 Alas, it is not!

However, I'm not taking a TNIP break, which I am very happy to say! The new chapter should be up today!

Excellent work, Wulfie! I really enjoyed reading this.

And of course, Happy Orbit Day to ya. :twilightsmile:

Wow, this is great. Very atmospheric, very moody, and makes good use of your other story's continuity.

Always nice to see a new fic from you, hopefully we will get even more.

EDIT to add: Does this mean we may see more of Great Hearts at some point?

Please link to the previous story. I want to read it.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

4857079 I know how. Thank you tho! :)

I actually have been on EQD several times!

This story is related to others, mostly in the little continuity I call Songverse for convience. Where the Sun is Silent and Catch For Us the Little Foxes, it's sequel are the genesis of the continuity. Followed by A Mighty Flame and the long unfinished Great Heart Will Not Be Denied. That last one is where Rarity went to Jannah. I would link but I'm on a phone :( sorry!!

I have to say this is nice. I'm on a bus right now, full of people, in broad daylight, and I STILL was unnerved. Imagine how I would have been at night. Then again I am a bit of a fluttershy when it comes to spooky stories. Still, kudos.

Also, not often you see a lovecraftian story with a happy ending.

Finally got around to this, and it's definitely got the feel and themes of a Dark Cynewulf story. Glad you haven't lost your touch. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Interesting. I felt things really picked up once we get to the Twilight flashback; the first half or so was a little slow and wasn't helped any by the editing errors. But this definitely gives a good look at what you were going for, I think. And Raridash never gets any traction, so it's nice to see it represented in a serious story.

5406160 the first half is also really old and from a story I started and din't finish. I tried again... and it ended up not being the same.

aw, I always grin when I see your comment on my notifications, and your santa hat makes it even better :P

Author Interviewer

haha dammit I was hoping no one would notice ._.

5407957 buck up lad, it a fine hat

Author Interviewer

no, it's dumb and Descendant guilted me into doing it D:

Ooh, very nice. Very atmospheric. I love your Jannah stories, and this one is no different.

6460822 everytime I see your name I am reminded that my roomie in undergrad was from the city of Meridian. His dad was the sheriff

Fun fact: I didn't make the name up! It's Arabic. Jannah is Paradise.

I actually knew that!
...I have spent far too much time looking up classical and religious mythology and symbolism. Honestly, the only reason I'm not doing Classics for my undergrad is I enjoy it too much to write an exam on it.

Also I didn't know there was a city called Meridian. That's awesome.

6460849 you did? Squeee that makes me pretty happy honestly. I was hoping someone would notice that

Meridian was the halfway point on the rail! If I remember correctly, Atlanta was the end. It's why it was originally called Terminus. Get it cause it's the end

Holy bucking hell that was oppressive

6622638 I'm afraid of the dark. I tried using one of my panic attacks triggered by darkness as a guide.

6622784 I would say you succeeded

I like Raridash.
This story reinforces that.
I'm sure a famous author such as yourself doesn't need any praise or whatever, but I thought I'd say it anyways.

Although I liked the themes of this story, what I mainly liked was the WAY this was written. It reminded me of Cold in Gardez or Background Pony. This is the style of writing a serious and heavy work yearns for. Flowery and thick, but not to the point of being pretentious. As I was reading, I was thinking I would quote a couple of my favorite bits, but by the end there were just too many.

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