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Short person who probably has an unhealthy obsession with technology


That Look When... · 4:52am Apr 11th, 2016

When your friend says something stupid.

I'm the cool looking one.

The Hagoromo Zephyr skin looks amazing, my compliments go out to Hitsu San for making it


Welcome, O welcome, one and all!
Here lies the everlasting work of yours truly, who has the possibility to write but ends ups looking at random things on the internet.

Seriously, it's kind of a problem.

Nevertheless, enjoy the stories I have to offer. Who knows, there might be an update/new story.

And, as always, stay classy.

Yours truly,

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Thank you for the watch. I returned the favor. XD

Gonna be hard to see you if you're invisible and quiet, but thanks for lurking around!


Thanks for watshing(or was that the stalking part, but I'm still happy)

932065 Gotta admit, I was hooked on your story in the first three paragraphs. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep reading. :twilightsmile::moustache:

Thanks for the fave!:pinkiehappy:

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