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[Requesting Cover Image!] [A STO crossover]
"We are the Borg. Existence as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is Futile..."

The Borg, a Cybernetic life-form from the Delta Quadrant is a threat to all life in the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation and The Klingon are in a truce against this odd but dangerous enemy, eventually, The New Romulan Republic gave their best in the military to support the frontlines.

However, the Borg seems to give up, each assault become weak or reduced into lone scout parties of a single cube and few probes or spheres.
Starfleet suspect that the Collective has a new target. Capturing a sphere reveals that the borg has their eyes (or optics) in a planet with unusual radiation but no only that, the natives can BEND that radiation, transforming or change it from harmless amount of it into dangerous but controlable ones, Starfleet Suggest in defending the planet from the Borg but also in secret from the natives, because if its inhabitants fall into the hands of the Borg, the war against said menace can turn into a nightmare.

The Alliance of the three factions sent a fleet to the coordinates of said Borg sphere to create an outpost and defend the planet
Mainwhile in Equis, Equestria.

The Princesses, Celestia and Luna, have visions about aliens, fighting against abominables machine for the sake of equestria.
fearful about the visions, The Princesses found in the Ancient Archive about a prophecy... a prophecy of Star Soldiers and the Machine Hive.

"Heroes beyong the skies rise against the hive"
"Blue Explorers of the sea of stars brings logic against the odds"
"Red Warriors of Great Honor brings valor against the Horror"
"Green Soldiers of once Mighty Empire brings salvation against damnation"

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I love the idea, but the execution not so much. I have one question for you: would you like an editor/proofreader?
there's a reason I ask this; your grammar and sentence structure :facehoof:…I just have no words to explain how awful it is, it nearly killed the story.

if you would like an editor/proofreader just let me know, I'd be happy to help you in this role.

This story has been added to the folders of our group, Star Trek Ponies

Also, this sounds like it could make for a good STF...

This really needs an editor. But other than that it is a good story.

don't you dare stop this look good and I really really hope it stay this good, good luck.

not bad. interesting read for an STO crossover.

I'm liking this... but why do you keep typing Inquisitor-E instead of just Inquisitor?

2363221 Lets say that the Vaner Prefer that everyone use the full name of her ship.

2363442 So the extra -E is part of the name instead of the registry?

2363474 For both, Vaner backstory is, when she was young captain in a nova class, she loved the stories of a Inquisitor of the medieval earth, instead of being a religious blinded fool from the church, he was a investigator that used the logic to resolve cases and true crimes in the primitive earth, instead of acuse a random woman and burn her for sorcery and heresy.

Also she was captain of a nova class, intrepid class, a vanguard class (assignament on beta ursae), and now a vesta class, all of them named U.S.S. Inquisitor.

The name of the Inquisitor of her holonovel is Inquisitor Erwin. you may guess the rest.

The Krytanian Republic thanks you for its inclusion.

Ah, the Klingons... so amusingly foolish. Genre blind enough to genuinly think that about someone strong enough to be nice in a crapsack universe where only the strong can survive.

And the Borg show themselves... are all these characters STO players or OCs?

2445268 Basically, STO is a MMO, Any player trekkie has OCs, they can recreate them in game or just normal player that enjoy RP, if they want, they can send me information of said character to introduce them in the story, I can think in many others captains or simply, let them be cannon fodders.

And yes... the borg invasion will begin in the next chapter...

2445908 I know what STO is, I meant are they from STO or made up by this fanfic.

I play the game, it's where my avatar's from.

2446187 ok then, sorry, I can't see the avatars actuality.

want your characters in the story? PM with your toon/char's information, it can be from any of the three factions (Starfleet, KDF, Romulan Republic) I need:
1) Name
2) Career (Tactical, Engineering, Science)
3) Personality

2446232 I replied to the blog post with links to the 'Gateway' entry for them. That includes everything, from name, career, bio, ship name/class/number space and ground weapons/equipment/consoles, ect.

"I'm Ta'lash of the Borg, Existence as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is Futile" rainbow's face at this moment. :rainbowderp:

2472270 I was there too, the Dhelan class looks Pretty Amazing!

The Mogai escort's gameplay is pretty much an hybrid Tac/Scien ship.
the Interiors are ... BEAUTIFUL! the missions are better in the FED side than the Klingon side, IMO.

Damn...that mare described and assimilated Gorn. I play STO myself and have fought those on Defera.

I KNEW it was an assimilated Gorn!

if they think Klingon ships are diverse in species, wait 'till they see a Federation starship
EDIT: Are you still accepting Federation personel? I have a character that might be extremely helpful to the fleet

2601328 yep, a last federation character/captain to complete 7 feds ships

I have no idea on how to link my character to you so I am gonna send you a summary on her current ship, it's fitting, her picture (if possible), and her personality

Interesting STO crossover so far, but I must ask, will Equestria and it' allies be taking up different sides between the Federation, KDF, and Romulan Republic? I can somehow see the dragons and griffins siding with the KDF for their honor and glory in battle, and the changelings the Romulan Republic for redemption for what Chrysalis did. And the Zebras and Ponies siding with the Federation. And at one point later one, all sides join forces in a big climax.

Anywho, I'm sorry I couldn't include my STO character in this story, since Hega already asked. My FED is female 29th century Temporal Destroyer Captain, and I figure why not throw a timeship into the mix, but too late for that now. :twilightsheepish:

Anyways, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

2602960 YOU SPOILED THE ENDING!! :raritydespair: lol just kidding! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, pretty much that, except everyone can join in each side.
there are klingons, orions and gorns in the FED. Humans or any FED race in KDF. Republicans have both side's races in their ships depending in the choice you made.

You still have a chance, I have planed an "temporal intervention" in the future :raritywink:
still, while FED side is now full. Klingons and Romulans Characters in the story are still open.:twilightsmile:

2604263 Well, If that's true, my only Temporal Captain IS a FED, as I said. And I understand the FED side is full for now. If there is an opening on the FED for the Temporal officers, let me know. :twilightsmile:

Now if only the Iconians can be recruited to fight the Borg... two birds, one stone

2637464 The Iconians are more a threat than the borg and the queen themselves. They decieved the Undine, provoking them to send infiltrators and saboteurs to the Two Powers(Factions) of the Alpha and the Beta Quadrants, the Unaware Undine Race are nothing more than pawns of their galactic-chess game, while the Elachis and Tal'shiars are iconians most faithful servants (or slaves), their voices and executors.

Like the preservers, they are ancient, probably they were in war against each other, and the iconians won but with a high cost. or they were a creation of the preserver that rebelled and destroyed their creators in the end. all are theory and speculations in the ST-fandom (most that are still unknown to me).

If this is an alien it is possible that there is more life beyond Equestria's skies

Duh, what?
If it's an alien, it's possible that there is alien life?

I wonder if Borg remember the assimilation procedure? They're not sedated and seem to be conscious, just dazed and unable to act of their own will.

Celestia's too used to villains like Discord and Sombra if she assumes the Borg are cruel or that the Queen is their leader.

2745648 The queen is different from the voyager, while she is calm and collected, in the same time she is manipulative and cruel. (notice her forehead, she is a former romulan)

well, Ta'lash is going to have quite a surprise when he sees his memories being played out like a movie in the crystal ball :pinkiehappy:

I changed Ra'el for Ge'dan. if you have noticed, I also changed part of the chapter "Republican Warbirds and Risks"

Self-determination is irrelevant

The Borg haven't met the Dai-Gurren Brigade, have they? :raritywink:

Bummer that no time-ships could be used, like the Mobius Temporal Destroyer, but hey, you do with what you got.
Can't wait to see what happens next. =3

2767099 I wish I could use your toon as captain but her bio said explicit that she is a Lieutenant, I have plans for her, BTW.

I also honored to be watched by a talented artist :raritystarry:

Wow! I am quite pleasantly surprised that every single ship in every faction in this story is going to be of a different class! :coolphoto: What were the odds of something like THAT happening? :derpyderp1:

Just to let everyone know, Jack Shepard is my character. Readers will find out more about him and the U.S.S. Chakastra in story. :twilightsmile:

Poor Celestia! Maybe Federation, Klingon or Romulan medical technology can help her regenerate her wing if being an alicorn or magic doesn't work. :trollestia:

2767921 Given the call for volunteers I was expecting some variety though we do seem to have a lot of heavy iron, including 3 carriers (Mine's the Atrox) Mind if I ask what your loadout is?
Shangri-La's loaded down with plasma guns, including Omega torpedo forward and Romulan hyperplasma aft and the experimental array forward.Favored tactics are to gravity well a buch of spheres together then antimatter spread to blind them, followed by a Theta radiation cloud. If any dodge, tractor repulsors to push then into the cloud.

2767166 WAIT!!!! :fluttershyouch:

I made a mistake. I sent you the wrong bio! I mistakenly thought you were the author of another Star Trek crossover called "Star Trek: Pegasus." My completely apologies, Forelord.

But tell you what: You said you have a plan for the pony OC, correct?
Well, I make you one better: I'll give you the complete bio of my STO fed character and her 29th century Temporal Destroyer and bridge crew. And you add my Pony OC to the bridge crew list as a temporal agent sent by my STO character. K?

Just let me get screenshots of the ship and crew, along with bios, and I'm note them to you to add in. Please disregard Rico, Rika, & Kitana, and the timeship Axalon.

I'll send in the bios ASAP.
Again, my apologies. :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:

2768157 there is a detail, Your weapons only will be mentioned as antiproton, disruptor, plasma etc.

I will not put "Then the Shangri-La fired its Plasma Beams array mk XII anti-borg"...

I prefer "Then the Shangri-la Fired its Plasma beams to ..." also, torpedos might be varied.

I'm following this. Waiting for next chapter.

aww yeah, Dostya's comin,
Antiproton heavy guns
Photon torpedos,
Kinetic Cutting beam
and the MACO gear.
And of the ships listed, I'm pretty sure her ship would be the most likely to enter the atmosphere and do some ground assaults against the Borg

As long as this battle doesn't end like the Battle of Wolf 359...

You have represented my fed (Svensei) perfectly. I salute you.

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