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The changeling ruler, Queen Chrysalis, finds herself a red ball one day. She decides to have a little fun, but what's fun without someone else?

Comments, criticism, and baking recipes are appreciated.

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It’s been a year since Sombra’s reign was once again reignited. He wasted no time raising an army, using dark magic to recapture and brainwash his crystal subjects.

Sombra's army reigns in a new era of terror in such a short amount of time. There is no negotiating with him, all he wants is suffering. Celestia watches as neighboring nations fall, but how far is she to go when all else fails?

Based on the idea a friend and I had about the war against Sombra turning Equestria into the wasteland we saw on screen. My first one-time story, I hope I did okay and may you enjoy it.

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Returning from a mission into the early past, the Federation temporal vessel, the USS Pocket Watch returns to the year 2410. A band of rebel Klingons lie in wait, waiting for their next prey. They attack the temporal vessel, still vulnerable after exiting the time stream. The battle is one-sided, weapons and shields are still offline.

The Tipler cylinder is activated and they find themselves above Earth, but not the planet they know.

These events start off in the year 2410 in the Star Trek Online universe. Enjoy!

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Her name is Ilik, controller of the Zephyr Warframe.

Taking a key as a reward, it's what started all this, a tampered key. The key is glowing, and the Corpus have found her. It all happened too quick to remember, a bright flash and suddenly the heat of the upper atmosphere is breaking the glass, Ordis is offline and the ground's getting close.

Note: Tags are subject to change over the course, because I have no idea what i'm doing with my life anymore.

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