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In an infinite Universe, anything is possible. As Jeremy and his friends continue to live their lives at Kadic Academy while fighting a reinvigorated XANA and his forces, commotion is heard a world apart; for in that distant world six young Ponies, a young Princess and her husband, the Captain of the Royal Guard, and a Dragon have found something incredible, something unexpected, and something new: a computer unlike any they have encountered before, one that holds the keys to the mysterious virtual world known to Jeremy and co. as Lyoko. But with this discovery comes a price, and soon XANA begins attacking Equestria and threatening to destroy all life in it. In the end, it will take the combined efforts of both these new Lyoko Warriors and the original Lyoko Warriors to preserve harmony and peace in Lyoko, Earth, and Equestria.

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Not a bad start, not sure why there is a gore tag tho. A character dieing isnt gore, going into explicit detail about how they died is gore. Oh and before I forget..ahem.....zomgwtf some1 besides me knows what Code Lyoko is.

2791958 The gore comes later, I want to dive into more graphic detail with XANA's attacks than most episodes have to add a bit of realism to the story.

Lol I remember this show.

When it comes to Xana it's best to drop it shut it down and leave it alone before it's to late. But I got a feeling that it's already to late for Equestria to shut it down.:moustache:

2791958 Now I remember this show it was confusing a first but it was cool lookin

Don't screw this up man. Code Lyoko was my favorite show when I was younger. You best not screw this up.

I have to ask. Will this be taking place during the first Code Lyoko, or will it be taking place during the squel series Code Lyoko: Evolution?

Wait, you made a reference to Borderlands 2?

Wait, you know a Latin phrase?

Wait, you made XANA talk?!

This is gettin' good. Continue it.

2800085 It's a reference to the IDW MLP Comics. One of the story arcs had Rarity be corrupted by the same forces that made Nightmare Moon.

Are the notes that Waldo left in this machine as complete as the super computer back on Earth when Jeremy found it or is it going to be updated with the new info Jeremy's uncovered? Would be a pain just to run into the return to the past problem again. My line of thinking goes: Like all of the computers are connected through Lyoko, right? I would like to think that through that connection, all the other supercomputers automatically update with the info uncovered in one and share the information with the other ones designed by Waldo. I'd figure he'd have put back ups on all other supercomputers should one fall to XANA so other forces may rise to fight with the information already gathered instead of just having to start from scratch and possibly lose to him. Also so that others aren't caught by surprise by the same tricks XANA used in the past. Just sounds like something he'd try to do is all.

2815068 The notes are as complete as Jeremy made them as of Echoes, which was the final episode of the original series; so yeah, the RTTP problem has been taken care of.

Hooray for another update! I think you spent just a might too long explaining the differences in the sizes of their breasts, though.

You know, something I've always wondered about Lyoko: just how does it design the avatars based off of the subconscious? And what would happen if someone insane were to go to Lyoko?

Think we can get pics of the Mane 6's avatars?

2849363 Heh, I don't have the artistic talent to do something like that, but I will admit, I went into such a detailed description of their breasts to relate to their personalities and lifestyles.

2849394 Well, you think you could get someone else to do it for you and you just supervise or something? The descriptions are confusig for me considering the only articles of female clothing I know the names of are the bra and the panties.

Interesting so far, I'm surprised Jeremy and Ulrich were already on the scene in just a few minutes but coincidences far stranger have occurred. Also I'd have to agree with Serefin on the breast issue. The way you were describing it sounded like they were having a competition that they had no control over. :pinkiegasp: (Not that I'd put it behind Twilight to do that) I think a simpler explanation like large, average, and small (to match Rainbow's sleek and athletic figure) could have been better instead of distracting away from the plot/issue at hand with a much longer than needed time focusing on them. Not too large of an issue per say but with a chapter with a shorter length like this, it does take away from the main part of the chapter. Other than that, wonderful work, I'll be looking forward to the next part. :pinkiehappy:

2851625 All right. I'll keep that in mind with Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.
And thanks!

Cliffhanger!? :flutterrage: Eh, no matter how many times I run into them I can't seem to get over them. :raritycry:

I have to say, you need to update more frequently. I love CL, I love FiM, combining them together in such an amazing way is turning me into a rabid fanboy. Harvey!
Yes, sir?
I need to get my rabies shots!
Understood, sir.

2861154 And that's why he's called cliff hanger.



and please don't mess this up, I loved code lyoko as a kid and I still do, please don't screw it.

2864235 Trust me, I'm trying HARD not to screw this up. I promise :scootangel:

2864235 Yeah, Code Lyoko: Evolution. It takes place after the end of Season 4, with XANA somehow coming back even though the supercomputer was shut down. The differences are that William is a good guy here and instead of cartoon-style animation for the real world, it's live action.

this is getting pretty damn good, I love it that you decided to make XANA talk.:twilightsmile:

2869474 I wanted to flesh out his personality a bit more, also I thought that making him talk would make him a bit more menacing. I found XANA's little soliloquy in Ghost Channel ("NOT LOGICAL! NOT LOGICAL!") to not be enough XANA talking (even though it scared me incredibly badly), so I decided that I would show his not-so-insane side. Yeah, it's a little complicated.

2869896 Well, you succeeded in that endeavor. And I thought I was the only one that had the crap scared out of them when XANA talked.

2865228 really now? I must see this for myself. by any chance, is it available in the US?

2879547 Not that I know of, unfortunately.


2915444 I'm not joking. If you don't believe me, just look it up on TV Tropes, they have a full article on it.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to find it. I didn't even know it existed until I saw it mentioned on Code Lyoko's tropes page, so I can only assume it's going unaired in the US.

2918016 You read TVTropes?! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! :pinkiehappy:
But seriously, here's Code Lyoko: Evolution's TVTropes Page.

So, in my infinite nerdness, I made a ranking system for FIMFiction stories:
(BTW, L= # of likes, D= # of dislikes)
Your story: +11.6...
My story: +10.947368421052631578...

EDIT: I'm now at +11.9

2930012 Very impressive! I don't think I could have come up with that! :pinkiesmile:

Oooo, diabolical secret plan. :pinkiehappy: Would hate to see XANA possess Discord, that'd be serious bad news, or even Celestia... this is gonna be bad far before it gets good. :rainbowderp:Too many omnipotent beings for XANA's little game. Not sure how the group is gonna hold them off if/when XANA gets a hold of them, but it'd be dumb for XANA to ignore them in the grand scheme of things.

2974780 Oh, XANA's plan is going to be bigger... much bigger. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Why dose everyone give fluttershy giant knockers?

2974919 Why not? I think it complements her Shy demeanor, plus it could explain why she could have been chosen as a model for Photo Finish, if they were humans. Think about it, Photo was a tad but, excessive, which could mean that she had a different view of what one would consider perfect for the public.

2974919 I gave Flutters such a generous endowment because of the fact that she's a nurturing and loving mother-figure to the animals under her wing. Some sexual deviants in the MLP Community also have reason to believe that Fluttershy is pregnant, due to somepony either raping her :pinkiegasp: or due to a late husband (or Big Mac) knocking her up, which would also explain her large knockers.
She's not pregnant in CL:E, by the way.

And we get the return of the awkward discussion over breast sizes! :pinkiehappy: Of course. Of course...

Apart from your apparent obsession with giving everyone large tracts of land, if you catch my drift, I have no problems with anyone's Lyoko avatars so far. Of course, saying that, you're probably gonna do something like make Spike a friggin' dog now.

I agree with 2974780. Off the top of my head, I can name multiple beings that would cause massive trouble if XANA got in them. Celestia, Luna, Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra, to name a few. Not to mention the fact that there are unicorns whose magic could be extremely deadly. So, basically, XANA's gonna have fun with Equestria.

This was a very nice chapter overall and I would love to see what happens next.

although, on a personal note, I would rather not get into the discussion about you giving them large breasts.

"But he would."

Yeah, I would. To be honest, I'm pretty content with the idea (it's your fanfic, who am I to tell you what to do).

On another note, it looks like XANA's busy with his evil plan, I forgot how truly evil he can be...god, how I missed that. Continue the beautiful masterpiece you are creating, my friend.

has the shit hit the fan?

Well, this story is officially gotten to the point that I'm having difficulty understanding it. I'm not gonna be lazy and just ask you the questions have, the ones like, "What's the Cortex?" or "Who's Laura?", and instead I'm simply going to ask you where you found an English version of Evolution, as I suspect that's where Cortex and Laura are from.

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