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It's strange. It seems that every year, right on Spike's birthday, something terrible happens to him.

This year will be no different.

Artwork by irishguy9001.

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naturalbornderpy is the only person to get me to actually read something. I normally hate reading, but his work is just that good.

Hillbe #3 · Aug 9th, 2017 · · 2 ·

:duck: my hero
:pinkiehappy: more cake?
:applejackunsure: A little more cider?
:fluttershysad: mmmmm?
:rainbowlaugh: I'm so awesome
:facehoof: you got it wet
:derpytongue2: muffins
:trollestia: and of course I did absolutely nothing...
:moustache: cool
:unsuresweetie::applecry::unsuresweetie: Now kiss Rarity!

And for the first time ever, you manage to write something totally deluded and have it make sense by the end. Never thought anyone on thsi site could manage both.

And that was when all of Chrysalis’ children swarmed at once to the center of the room and Spike lashed out with the only two items he held: a rolled-up comic book and a paper towel roll that may or may not have had vast magical properties.

yeah, kill the bugs...

“What about Trixie? She spent the whole night with you and even she couldn’t tell?” She narrowed her eyes. “I repeat: I really get into character.” Then paused. “You ready to run away yet?”

that's some DWK shit right there

That was a fun little read. Very cute. Awesome birthday present.

That was adorable! Twi is seriously the best Mama/Big Sis in the world

I've been looking forward to your new story for so long! This is pure gold! :rainbowlaugh:
Are you going to write anything long in the futuret? I mean, I like your short stories, but I'd also love to see something like Lazy Sombra again.

8354092 So why the hell are you on this site? :rainbowlaugh:


Oh that was so nice! Such a good story with a sweet ending!

So, how did they convince Tirek to get hit on the eye? And why is Sombra so talkative? Anyways, incredible story, here's a like and a favourite. :ajsmug:

So, how did they convince Tirek to get hit on the eye? And why is Sombra so talkative? Anyways, incredible story, here's a like and a favourite. :ajsmug:

8355332 I mean, why the hell was he on the site on the first place, to find naturalbornderpy?

You know, the site that's excluively my little pony fanfictions?

Awwww. This is adorable and awesome, all rolled up into one.

I too kindda feel like something bad happens on my birthday...

Although for spike it was all pretty good.

8355476 I'm not question why he only reads one author. That'd perfectly fine.

I'm question why, if he hates reading, is he on a fanfictions site to even find naturalbornderpy? Likr, why would he click on something to reado if he dislikes reading in general?

8355557 I don't think you get what I'm saying.

I get he doesn't usually read. I get that naturalbornderpy's work, because it's that good. I'm asking how he found the work. Because, if he doesn't like reading (pre-nbderpy), who was he on a site specifically for reading in the first place? Like, if he didn't like reading, he'd have no reason to even be on this website.

When I read the description, I thought some horrible fate was going to befall Spike, not realizing there was no sad, dark, or tragedy tag.

A fine bit of silliness, read this on my work break and lifted my mood for a good part of the work day. Thanks!

it's bad!!! ............................... 100/10. :derpytongue2:

Speaking of birthdays when's Flurry Heart?

Hey, uh.... Can I read this on my YouTube Channel?

“Oh, my poor precious crystals… they hurt so much right now…”

that's one set of crystal balls I don't want to tell my fortune with :rainbowlaugh:

Also this story is brilliantly random XD

Poor Sombra, right in the Crystal Berries.

“Neither did your slaves,” was Spike’s smartass retort.
“The weird ones did,” Sombra admitted.

Oh god, I will never be able to unimagine this.

8358037 I thought "crystal balls" or "snow globes/balls" was a little too on the nose. And, yes, slavery jokes are the best. :pinkiehappy:

8356927 Go right ahead! :moustache:

8356320 What day did her first episode air?

8355257 Tirek getting hit in the eye was an accident. Spike wasn't following the comic book's chain of events and sort of did his own thing half of the time. Which is why Sombra keeps screaming at him to read the comic and Spike's reply is, "I'd rather hit you in the nuts and catapult you." :moustache: "It's my birthday, bitch."

8354964 Hard to say. My track record with long stories is kind of hit and miss. I have been writing a longer story (around 20 to 30k once finished) that's sort of like "Unmotivated"; a human and a character from the show on an adventure (although, not nearly as dark). I hope to have that out eventually.

Right now I sort of like the multi-chapter stories like "Fluttershy Wants in Your Shirt" or "Don't Let the Bed Bug Bite". If I want to add another story to that universe, I can. And anyone can read any part and (hopefully) not be lost.

8354473 I am old. What is DWK? Do I want to know?

8354282 If you're Moriarty, does that make me Sherlock? No. Watson? No. Hmm.

Fine. I'll be Mrs. Hudson, then. So sassy, she is.

8354197 *cough* Kiss Sweetie Belle instead *cough*

8353922 Even more perfect if you read it in Kevin Spacey's voice. :ajsmug:

You know there were like one or two Crystal Ponies that went up to Cadance and Shining Armor to inform that they had been very naughty slaves and needed to be punished.

:duck: We all know Sweetie Belle is better at pushing buttons... cough cough
:twilightsheepish: Need a Ricola ?
:moustache: A sip of gin will work...
:raritywink: Whiskey is fine gin is in but Spikey knows I'm a whiner.
:moustache: A white whiner


Oh, he's just some guy on youtube:scootangel:

Spike held two hands to his hips as he watched his impromptu plan take flight.

It took Tirek a while to take notice. “What is that? A giant rat? Who would dare throw something that gross at someone else. And it’s getting close. Really close. Wait—”

A smack heard across Equestria.

“It hit me right in the eye! Right in the eye! And it’s pointy, too! And so, so angry! Why won’t it stop yelling at me? My parents did no such thing! They raised me as best as they could! Stop moving! You’re only making it worse! Gods above, does this hurt!”

And that is how Spike the Brave dealt with two villains at once,” Spike narrated, mentally preparing for the grand adventure novel this day would surely go on to create. He tried to add the classic “killed two birds with one stone” phrase into his sentence, but was halted when—

I couldn't help but laugh my ass off in this scene, while also remembering this little comic/meme:


I was into reading for a long time, but I ended up getting bored of it and sort of losing interest.

8360472 Ah. Makes sense now.

Those were some good goofs. :pinkiehappy:

It seemed as if everypony that attended Chrysalis’ acting class got an automatic gold star just for not falling asleep.

Chrysalis: "And yet about 80% of them failed..."

Just last year, he’d gotten silver at Shining Armor’s Annual Mare Launching Competition, and felt pretty good about his chances of success right now.

Who was his partner, by the way?

D'awwww~ Just d'awwww.

And yay Chryssie!

'him just as Spike dived out the door' - dove

'conquered up four sharp blades' - conjured

I found it weirdly adorable that Twilight would hire all the villains just to give Spike an impressive birthday, and weirdly adorable they would agree. This was fun from start to end.:twilightsmile:

Well good thing Spike didnt use his fire breath on those changelings. Ouch.
Fun read non the less

This was an adorable fic. I love how much effort everyone put on for Spike's birthday.

She narrowed her eyes. “I repeat: I really get into character.” After a moment, "Last night, so did Trixie." Another pause. “So... You ready to run away yet?”

Low-hanging fruit, I know.

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