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This story is a sequel to Discord vs. the Greeting-Card Industry

This is an unauthorized sequel to Fire Gazer the Alchemist's Reticence. If you haven't read that story yet, do! It's absolutely fantastic. I've gone ahead and made this story without approval due to the author's retirement from the site making it difficult to predict if they'll ever be around to give approval. While reading it is probably not 100% necessary to understand this story, it'd make it a lot better at the very least. Plus, reading this will spoil that story. Don't say you weren't warned!

This is also a sequel to Discord vs. The Greeting-Card Industry. It just won't make sense if you didn't read that story.

Discord thought his bet with Greeting-Card was settled. He was satisfied with his work thus-far, but that work wrought unforeseen consequences:

Actual, sincere gratitude and respect on the part of ponies around him.

Well, that's new.

Motivated by this, Twilight's pestering, and the fact that the bet is apparently not yet settled, Discord sets off to meddle in the romantic lives of even more ponies. Yeah, that'll probably be fine.

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First chapter is safe to read without reading Reticence, but spoilers will crop up quickly after that.

Welp, this story is going to be good, I mean, Romance, Discord, and...something else, pub together? It'll be good!~

Romance, Discord, and the undermining of a major Equestrian industry?

I'm glad you're interested. You checked out the fics it's a sequel to? I know it's a tall order to ask my readers from Discord vs. The Greeting-Card Industry to also read Reticence (given that's not a short fic at all) but this is the right design for this story.

The one where Glimmer and Bugbutt got together? Yes I have, and it was great!~
And I am working on Reticence, pretty good so far, short read, but good.


I hope you enjoy all of this, all the way through.

Last chapter: Cadance shows up with a Cease and Desist Order.

So, crucial Reticence-related question - how much Limestone Pie will be in this one? :raritystarry:

Oh come on, it couldn't be a proper Reticence followup if we didn't get closure on the Spritepie ship.

Get it? Lemon/Lime? Okay I'll see myself out

Second chapter is also fine to read without Reticence.

Welp, Cadance is gonna break Discord by the end of this fic. Might as well enjoy the shoe...
(Takes out a tub of popcorn, waiting for romantic fuck-ups)

So, I still need to catch up on Reticence, but these first two chapters are fucking magical. Laugh a minute, sharp as hell. Also, my heart dropped when Thorax showed up, especially when it became clear that this wasn't some MASTER PLAN on Starlight's part to help Chrysalis. That whole scene was really good. I am vastly amused that Chrysalis just understands Rule Zero.

... I actually like the idea that she's been studying Twilight and Co's friendship journals in her spare time as a means of understanding Starlight and ponies better.

Also, Twilight and Discord. Respecting each other. Understanding each other. Working together. You've unleashed a terrible fucking force on the world, my friend.

I didn't get a chance to mention it this chapter (meant to), but Chrysalis is actually studying under Twilight. Grudgingly and infrequently.

The cover art is a screenshot from the episode Three's a Crowd, right?

Oddly enough, i forgot about Thorax. I think most would forget about him. I still want to see Cadence and Shining Armor reactions. I bet Flurry would love her immediately.

Indeed, Fairy godmother anyone?

Don't remember what episode it's a cap from.

You forgot about Thorax? But... but he's a hero! :fluttercry:

Don't worry, Cadance and Shining Armor will show up.

Cadance letting Chrysalis near Flurry Heart? That might be pushing it a bit far.


I mean, it is canon that even in universe Thorax is perceived to be an insufferable wuss. Although he gets danker.

Possibly but if changelings in MLP are anything like the fae they are based on, she might end up being called that by Flurry anyway and end up tied to her in a deal to protect everyone Flurry cares for.

First Reticence-relevant chapter is up. Since you're apparently a fan, I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Working on the second Reticence-related chapter now.

Coming off of Reticence, this was a really nice chapter.

Wow, didn't expect this ship. Great work!

That ship is from Reticence, the other fic this is a sequel to.

Oh my wow, that was fantastic! Definitely tracking.

That was trippy.



Super-hard to write. Like, on so many levels. This chapter got deeply personal at multiple points, and then there was the whole idea for the magic show... like how do you even make a romantic magic show? What even is that? But I feel like I did alright. Glad you enjoyed it, Eroraf.


I got a sneaky feeling Discord is going to turn Starlight into a changed ling... Or Twilight by accident messing with chaos magic

Discord, like Stannis Baratheon aka Stannis the Mannis, has forgiven but not forgotten.
(Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire)

Also, thanks for the surprise upload dump. ;)

Chrysalis reformed in the previous fic

Damn right.

Just posting them as I write'm.

With three chapters into the Minupie storyline I am... getting worried. Twilight is... getting into the scheme with Discord a bit much, and I'm a little worried things may backfire. If nothing else, while Chrysalis and Starlight are both nominally acquaintances of Discord's, and thus used to his behavior, he's now meddling with total strangers. I don't expect things to go catastrophically wrong, Minuette and Marble are fairly reasonable adults, but I can't imagine "so me and my chaos god buddy decided to spice up your love life as a science experiment and also on a bet" to go over well.

Also, Discord's confrontation with Chrysalis was... ominous.

Welp, Discord strikes again...

Latest chapter is finally Sprite-focused. I hope you're happy!

This is one of the most tense, emotionally raw comedies I've seen, aside from Bojack Horseman.

More, please.

>Grumbling about not even getting a comment on previous chapter

Er, I mean, glad you're enjoying it. More, sure, of course, I'll get right on that.

And I read this chapter out of order because dumb.

Minuette, whatchoo planning?

What ever could go wrong? :D

Also, Reticence was pretty nice, though ending was kind of a half-ending due to the author leaving.

'and suddenly they have to be compromises' - they -> there

D'awwww ~ She still knows how to embarrass her kids. And that was an epic level of restraint.

D'awwww~ It's really nice to see their parents being more understanding.

'causing Marble to actually pop up off of her' - off of her chair

Yowza, never threaten Minuette when Marble's around. O.o

Well, at least he wasn't dumb enough to try that horse in the mouth thing with Chryssie. I mean, those chompers, yeowch!

Horizontal monster mash!

Hmmm, house buying...

... Social anxiety: 1; Discord: 0.

Huh, that went pretty well. And she could support the farm that way.

Also, d'awwww.

Fixed. Glad you liked Reticence; as for the ending, well, that's what I'm here for.

Fixed. You seem to be d'awwwing a lot here, heh

Threatening the Pie family or those they care about is the fastest way to get treated like a rock.

Aww, Limestone you bug softie!
Great work as per usual.

8988925 Wow this story went up fast, I haven’t had a chance to read more than the first chapter yet :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I'm plowing forward like crazy. Another chapter went up in the hour between your comment and my reply here. I'm trying to keep the momentum up, but some of these chapters have been super personal and heavy.

Let me know in the comments what you think of it. Especially the Spritepie ship; I don't think anyone else was all that interested, pfft.

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