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Yo. Pone gamers. Got somethin' for ya! · 6:30pm July 16th

Courtesy of David Silver, one of the writers on this very site, we have the Ponyfinder Bundle of Holding!

Great chance to get the game PDF's at a discount AND kick some cash towards charity!

Get Thee Games!


Passing the Hat · 9:50pm June 17th

Short version: My mother died last Sunday, and part of the fallout from that is my brother's benefits being rescheduled to the end of the month, instead of the beginning.

Which is effectively being docked a month's pay out of the household income.

Which is a very big gap to have to fill, so I'm really hoping that people might be willing to kick in a little bit here and there to help make that stretch a little smaller.

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Today I learned.... · 4:54am March 1st

...That a performance review plus a therapy appointment, plus traffic, plus having all the worst parts of my relationship with my potentially terminally I'll mother hitting me all at once, can lead to a panic attack and hyperventilation.

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*toot!* · 2:58am Nov 19th, 2017

Welp, happy birthday to me.

Nothing too special for it, but hoping to get a little writing done tomorrow.

Or at least over the holidays.

When I will hopefully *not* be doing 100% of the driving in my family the way I have been the last... two, almost three months?

Anywho... it's been a long one, hasn't it?

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Oh. Emm. Gee. A decade in the making, folks! · 2:03am Jul 6th, 2017

This will be of interest to nobody who isn't into horror movies. For those of you who are....

They are finally pulling the trigger on releasing the Poughkeepsie Tapes!

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To all those who said the Guardians of Harmony line would *never* actually come out.... · 11:07pm Jul 26th, 2016


I'll ship it! · 12:46pm Apr 3rd, 2016

shipping RD + Cadance...
Kill me.

I've often seen comments such as "these characters could never get together," or "the only way to ship this character is to get rid of this one!"

Bull. Shit.

Part of the magic of fanfiction is that our entire art is based on the magic of the unknown. Filling in the blanks between episodes, or between scenes. Asking "really, Kirk's so fast to jump into bed with women, why not men too?"

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Welp, here we go! · 3:06am Dec 29th, 2015

Back in 2013, I wrote a story called The Monsters Inside.

It wasn't pony related at all. But it did get into The Writhing Dark anthology!

And now I've posted it online. Go have a look, if you like Lovecraftian horror!


Attention, fellow animation lovers, attention! · 12:45am Jul 30th, 2015

I should not have to refer to myself officially as "an oldster," but considering the average age of the fandom I suppose I qualify.

So, before some of you out there were born, there was another well-written, well-animated cartoon out there... though far less pastel-equine oriented.

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S5 Intro? · 3:58pm Apr 4th, 2015

So, what'd folks think?

For one thing, I think Ayn Rand wrote the paired episodes.

For another, Party Favor has taken up position as Cheese Sandwich's biggest romantic rival for Pinkie... and *strongly* supports the idea that there really is a secret society of party ponies with special powers.

So. We've got eight magical artifacts out there, and one evil wizard with the power to strip ponies of their powers. Megavillain en route?


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