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Good news? · 6:37pm February 10th

Good news is, I'm actually making some writing progress this week, on a commission that's been outstanding way too long.

Bad news, that's because with my car in the shop, not much way to do the delivery work that's been taking up my time!

On the incredibly off-chance anybody wants to throw a few bucks at the repair bill (and probable catalytic converter replacement), I've got a link here.

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New Side Hustle · 5:26pm Jun 21st, 2022

So, I'm still doing GrubHub delivery, which remains as exhausting and soul-crushing as usual (if not moreso sometimes, given the way their tech will now take jobs away while I'm stuck in traffic with no options!) It also does quite the number on writing time, though I think I'm getting the gears grinding a little more on that all now!

But I'm looking for other options. And I see that one of the things happening now is paid GMing. I'm hesitant to call it 'pro' at this point, but paid.

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Welcome to Summer, Sinners! · 4:12am May 2nd, 2022

It's time, it's time! Gather round, not-kiddies, it's time for the Summer Sin clop exchange!

Enrollment for the 2022 Summer Sin Celebration event is now OPEN from now until May 27th!
Be sure to read the event's new RULES for details on this annual Fimfiction clopfic exchange!


Finally! I have support options again · 6:25pm Dec 2nd, 2021

Well, I've finally gotten my SubscribeStar profile approved, so if anybody wants to toss a couple of bucks my way through that, you can get early access to my projects, or even help determine what I work on next, depending on how much you feel like tossing in! Also, access to a Discord where you can talk to other backers, and listen to me brainstorming and running off at the brain.


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G5: The Tragedy of Sprout · 3:17am Nov 12th, 2021

So, I've seen the film. I've seen some reviews, some good, some bad. And I've written/am writing stories in that particular sub-universe!

Now, obviously, the movie is not perfect. It's paced too quickly, there are issues with the attempted Aesop that may or may not actually be part of the upcoming series (I'm hoping they are), and they could have explained things better all around. Again, hoping they'll handle some of this stuff in the series in the future!

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The Root of All Evil · 3:47pm Oct 13th, 2021

So, I get it - times are tough. My household is on a mostly fixed income. The flexible part of our spending comes from running deliveries for GrubHub. Unfortunately, that means that my car is both pretty much necessary, and put through a lot of miles of in-town driving.

A lot of miles. "My poor, beleaguered, yet ultimately faithful steed Lobo is barely 6, 7 years old (2015 Scion bought in better days), but has seen the mileage of a 15-20 year old workhorse" lot of miles.

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Promotional Materials · 11:01am Oct 9th, 2021

But not for me!

My brother finally managed to get one of his ideas down on (digital) paper; I helped with the editing, but now that he's gotten approval I figured I should help with promotion. It's a short and silly little one-off built around cultural assumptions and misunderstandings.

And playing chicken with pegasi.

Warning: Cringy self-humiliation ahead!


New Group! · 12:21am Oct 30th, 2019

Founded by Latecomer, addressing old thoughts about the series, how those have aged over the next seasons, and where we feel we are now!

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Still open! · 11:24am Jul 11th, 2019

Ah, summer, my old friend. Let's see what you have in store -

Yeah, that seems about right.

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Now I Have a Patreon... ho... ho... ho! · 7:00pm May 19th, 2019

Yeap, what it says up there. I've started a Patreon, will pay out by the chapter with a 1k word minimum per chapter - NO maximum!

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