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It was pretty good clop fic. 4/5

I will have to read this later. But from the description it sounds promising.

Diamond Silver is one of my closest "to my heart" ships. Primarily because it gets so little attention and respect. If this is what I hope I think this will become one of my favorite tales and join "Confidence" as one of the only tales I know that gives them the respect they deserve.

Heh - I don't know about that. :twilightblush:

While I like them as a couple, their base characters te d to mean that, for me, there's always going to be a sort of desperation to both characters that underlies most everything they do. Don't know if that comes across here, but it does mean that I don't think I'm the author to go giving them 'respect.' :twilightoops:

I'm on the fence about two things. For one, I'm on the fence about DiamondSpoon fics considering how much I hate the pair. And finally, I'm on the fence about reading this because you enhanced their ages and I was looking for some Foalcon.


Are either of them at the end of this fic: Dead; Mutilated; Humiliated; Enslaved; Raped; Generally Abused?

If not, that's pretty respectful. As sad and ridiculously pathetic as that sounds, given the general tone of stories about them, that is the only way to judge if they are respected or not. I have faith in you and find you a generally pleasant fellow who would not do such a thing. So it's cool. I think I will enjoy how they come off.

I actually decided to give the story a read. It's short enough to not kill my phone. Firs let me get the memetic reactions out of the way: All my feels! Shut up and take my money and favorite and upthumb!

Now a more serious assesment: It had, actually, a very good tone and movement. I didn't sense any desperation. What I felt was a relationship. It wasn't as long as "Confidence" and that's fine. It is something else entirely. "Confidence" is how they fell in love. This is how they stay in love. It is a peek into a moment of their lives. A beautiful tableau showing passion, forgiveness, contrition, and love above all. Their past and the blossoming is unimportant. What matters is how they sail through the rough patches, and come out on thenother side still clinging to one another. That is what you show us here. And it is beautiful. I cried when Diamond got her gift. And I smiled when Silver explained her talent. This story makes me tremendously happy. You should be tremendously proud of yourself. You made something wonderful.


I do tend to think you're a *smidge* effusive with your praise, but then, I'm the one who wrote it as an hour-long response to the prompt (which, to speak to 2419468, was also the primary reason I aged them up, admittedly - would've had no problem using their canon ages, but....)

I am glad you enjoyed it though, and for all the folks who have. I've run into a few folks who can't enjoy the story simply because they don't like Di and Silvy, but... well, okay, I don't like them either. But, as commented, I tend to view both of them as trapped on both sides. Their self-esteem is entirely tied up in other people; Di's in her family money, Silvy's in... well, Di. It's not quite a parasitic relationship, but not quite symbiotic either.

In this universe, my head-canon for the two of them after school, Silvy's making something of herself, but she's still got that puppy-dog loyalty and love for Di. Di, on the other hand, has talents but has to keep her Daddy happy, and he wants her involved with the family business in some way. She offloads her frustrations onto others, Silvy if nopony else is available. Silvy, on the other hand, knows her marefriend and is doing her best to keep their relationship stable. If it ever collapsed, it'd be Hell for both of them just because so much of their emotional well-being is tied up into it.

Which is probably why I have the muses in the back of my brain, gnawing at a story that'd do just that and really, really hurt everypony involved. :raritydespair:


They are kind of a hard sell. But so are Blueblood, Gilda and Trixie. And folks love the heck out of them! Yet they get general respect and lots of starring roles. These two children, children, mind, get beaten, abused, tortured and killed. For the crime of being annoying? Something seems wrong. The hate for them is entirely disproportionate. Which is why when I see a story like this I am very liberal with praise because maybe it will encourage more.

Your headcanon is very striking and realistic and would make a painful story. But I like to believe they will be together forever. Like my own story "Bad Girls." Happily married forever after.

I think the main reason that the others get less short-shrift than Di and Silvy is because, in part, they've only shown up once each (twice in Trixie's case), and their meanness....

Well, okay, Gilda was a bully, and she gets mixed reactions in the hero/villain department (I slot her as "somewhat abusive ex girlfriend that Rainbow doesn't recognize as abusive just yet"). But we don't get to see that much of her life all the same.

Blueblood and Trixie are arrogant douches, but Blueblood isn't really a bully, and Trixie's bully attitude was more a matter of dealing with hecklers when she wasn't under hideous magical influences.

As for Di and Silvy... from what we see of them, they're only doing this because it makes them (Di in particular) feel good. And they do it constantly, across all their appearances. Plus, I honestly think the fact that they're children makes them more hateable for several folks. Incoming blog post on the topic, and on why I really, really don't like Babs' episode....

Cute little fic, I'm a sucker for these two. I very much like the idea of the true nature of Silver's talent, all too often you just get the obvious when we are shown that the obvious is not always the true nature of a cutie mark.

yo aconsejo: este par spoony y Di se presta para mas y mas romance un poco mas descriptivo, ademas de lo corto y rapido, es agradable:derpytongue2:

Thanks! I know evrypony tends to make Silvy a smith but... well, with the prompt, I didn't want to just make it a 'damn you're good' story, I actually wanted to tie it in to the protag's real talent.

And I've seen raw silver. Stuff's ugly as sin, all mixed with lead and tin. So it worked when I came up with the key line! :pinkiehappy:

Ermm... yo hablo Ingles? :twilightsheepish:

Sorry, but I took French in school. :facehoof:

If Google Translate doesn't fail me though, I understand that it moves a bit fast. That's one of the downsides of the SMP prompts - the time limit on writing can hurt the pacing.

I like this. It's well-written.
Though the term foalcon is kind of meh.
I prefer the terms fillita and coltacon.
Fillita is a portmanteau of filly and lolita while coltacon is colt and shotacon.

You know, I was half-expecting those shoes to be enchanted some way that would let SS whip DT into shape. But I'm a pervert so don't listen to me.

In any case, cute little clopfic, not bad for 1.5k words.

Interesting take on their actual talents! I wondered what would happen once the CMCs grew up, since bullies don't tend to let things go.


And yeah, I figure they'd have a hard time stopping. Well... Di would. Silvy's been seen in the show to already have enough of a moral compass that she knows better, but Di's ego requires people to be lesser than her and... well, it's hard to lose your favorite targets.

Hi! Your story has passed review in Celestia's Library! It has been categorized with the Clopfics.
I personally like your interpretation of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's Cutie Marks.

Cute romanticlop, but from the description and that "takes ugly things..." line, I was hoping we'd see Silver drag Diamond into some character development. Oh well, it was fun for what it was.

Wow, I still have the last comment?

Reviewed by the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group

No one else seems to be reviewing clopfics, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of me.

It's hard to find a decent DiamondSpoon fic. No idea why. This is more than decent.
(Sorry if this doesn't convey just how awesome I think this fic is. It's 4:13 AM and I haven't slept in... about 40 hours now? Give or take a few. My brain is currently powered by Oreos and sour-cream-and-onion chips. I'll probably edit this review once I've had some sleep. Great fic, tired now.)

You may want to give a much more recent piece of mine, "Last Call at the Big Reveal" a look then - it's more about the dissolution (and possible recovery) of their relationship, but I rather liked it, as did the commissioner. :) (You'll want to stick with Ending 1 if you like Diamond Spoon.)

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