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Rainbow Dash is finally ready to confess her feelings for Pinkie Pie, but has she waited too long? When Rainbow Dash notices Applejack wanting to spend more and more time with the pink pony, jealousy erupts, with both mares fighting for Pinkie Pie's heart, unbeknowst that the earth pony already knows who she truly loves.

I haven't seen a fanfic with some drama or a love triangle so, I decided I'll give it a try. First series ^ ^

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Nice! You need a bit of grammar editing and elaborate some more on your sentences but i want to see where you're going! :pinkiehappy:

Every man,, woman, and adolescent teens fears and inner thoughts about relationships right here. :rainbowkiss:

Friggin sweet. :twilightsmile:

1060650 thanks for the advice! And thanks for commenting also!:twilightsmile:

1071178 haha! I get that alot from my friends! Thanks for commenting also! :pinkiehappy:

1081318 LOL you don't know how hard that pic made me laugh! :rainbowlaugh: And thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

I've seen tons of triangles where pinkie and applejack fight for dash

but, dash and applejack fighting for pinkie, oh boy this is new


1113744 You published a paragraph for a chapter.




I like where this is going, but really.

don't do that.

but it seems that it was deleted, so I assume it was an accident?

also, I didn't want to sound mean, but if I did, I'm sorry.

1113805 omigosh i know! i'm completly sorry! i accidently clicked publish! i slammed my face in my keyboard when i realized what a smart move that was :facehoof: GAH! I'm super sorry! I finished the whole chapter now though! :ajsmug: please forgive me, ugh i feel so stupid now :fluttercry:

I will forgive you if...

we have an extra chapter :pinkiehappy:

the pacing needs a hand and the spacing could also use a workout.

1121989 alrighty, I'll work on that :raritywink:

nex chaptur pls

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