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Genuinely wishing I had more time and motivation to write. Sometimes you'll get lucky. Mostly you'll be disappointed.

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I'll comment again later, but I had to say, that description has me in stitches

Does Equestria have no secondary school system or colledge? I'm certenly enjoying this fanfic. :pinkiehappy:

Well I am interested in seeing what you do with this story although I have never heard of a teacher giving a project out without even a single guideline, no it has to be a written report or a science experiment, just do whatever project you feel like. Good story though. :derpytongue2:

Why is this being downvoted? It's an excellent idea.

Upvoted, favorited, followed. :twilightsmile:

First thing. Scootaloo, the daughter of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. A+:scootangel:
Nothing more of great importance to add.


You know, that's an interesting point, but I'll be honest, I've had teachers who have assigned something very similar in the past. Usually it's a semester-long project, and we had to run the specifics by the teacher to get their approval, but otherwise it was very open-ended. That said, I think this is mostly just Cheerilee's way of adding an extra dimension of challenge to the project for Scoot and Spoon. Every other pair will have a more specific project to do, but Scoot and Spoon will have to find a way to work together well enough to actually come up with their own project, let alone DO it. :scootangel:

(Incidentally, we need a Spoon emote.)

2043540 Well I have at least heard of teachers giving assignments that are very open ended, just never something that is 'whatever you feel like' usually there is a sort of guideline even if it's just 'something to do with the class' like if it was a history class then your project had to relate back to history in SOME way. So with that in mind, do we at least get to know what type of class it is, because I always assumed (and you seemed to enforce) that Cheerilee was the only teacher, and that she taught all the different lessons.


Technically this project is just for the whole curriculum. In my headcanon, Cheerilee teaches the whole class as a unit and teaches every subject, although in Equestria education is less rigidly organized than it is here, or at least in Ponyville it is. Cheerilee has a specific set of educational goals in mind for each of her individual students, with a simple base that includes all the necessities (history, simple math, reading and writing) with additional detailed lessons for each of the students according to their interests and talents. Everypony graduates with the same set of basic skills, but is also well-versed in those specific fields that will benefit them in their eventual careers. So far in the show, we've only ever seen Cheerilee teach very basic stuff, with a few detours into things like cutie marks, Equestrian history, and career day. This is mostly because the foals are still pretty young. When they get older, she'll teach them more individually.

This is, obviously, only possible because she has a very small class to teach. As Ponyville grows--and it will--Cheerilee will eventually have to start limiting the number of students she can teach, and Ponyville will have to open another school. This hasn't happened yet.


Then you might like my other story, No Longer Lost. It's all about Scoot and how she ended up with Vy and Tavi.


I've always held within the deepest confines of my brain-canon the idea that Scootaloo and Vinyl are both the daughter of Photo Finish, but I'm a sucker for any original Scoota-stories. (Besides scootabuse) In other news, I have another Scootaloo is adopted by X story to read.

2043748 Okay that makes much more sense, so basically the project will involve what ever the student is trying to do when they grow up, more or less, and all of the basics they can squeeze in. Also instead of opening a new school it is more likely that they would try to make the original school bigger and hire more teachers first and only open new more specialized schools. At least that is what I think.

So Far, Really Good!!
Keep It Up!!!!
All The Best to You!!
Brony and Dashing Proud :rainbowdetermined2:,
Lightning Flash


Woah.:derpyderp1: That. Was. Awesome.:rainbowkiss: That is soooooo my headcanon now.:ajsmug:

Great start. When you said you were planning a sequel, I expected it to be more of a "family growth" kinda thing. But you did what psp7 (Josh) did and jumped a couple years (except he did 16). I cannot wait to see where this goes.

You're portrayal of Cheerilee was great. You have great flow and grammar. Great characterization. Keep it up.:twilightsmile:


Don't worry, I'll go back and do some family growth fics later, too. This has just been on the back burner for a long time, and I wanted to get it going as soon as NLL was complete. It actually started as a challenge (one of those, "What's the most ridiculous ship you can think of?") and it grew on me. Now Scootaspoon is my headcanon.


That is good to hear. Let's just hope this one doesn't take as long to finish as NLL.:ajbemused:

O vell. Can't wait for your update.:twilightsmile: Don't make it take FOREVER again.:twilightangry2: Please?:fluttershysad:

I am intrigued and tracking this. Can't wait for more

okay ya got my interested, it should be interesting to see Silver and Scootaloo working together, lets hope that they can get along without too many fights, verbal or physical anyway.
i've got a few questions though. why is scootaloo being called scratch harmonica? am i assuming that her two mothers are vinyl scratch and octavia???? why those two anyway?


The details of Scootaloo's adoption are in my other story, "No Longer Lost", but the jist of it is that yes, Vinyl and Octavia--marefriends--have adopted Scootaloo. Vinyl's last name is Scratch, Octavia's is Philharmonica, and so whenever someone addresses Scootaloo by her full or last name, they call her Scratch-Philharmonica.

The reason I chose Vinyltavia? Hard to say. I've always been a big Vinyltavia fan, and Scootaloo just seems to fit best with them, to me. She doesn't really fit as a 'daughter' figure to anypony else, IMO, but really I just wanted to write a Vinyltavia story and a Scootorphan story, and got impatient, so I wrote them both at the same time.

My only thought really is that

It seems weird to me to have a teacher call students by last name. Then again I went to public school so that might have made a difference in experience

You never gave a point saying that scoots explained what happened in the room with Cheerilee. you just made it seem as though AB knew right off the bat.


Dammit. I should probably read these things more than once before posting them. I could have sworn I'd checked all of those continuities...


Loving this story and looking forward to more :scootangel:

Another great chapter. So full of feels. Lovin' it. Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

will you ever expand on the comment in no longer lost about scootaloo mother finding her?

Well I like what you've done with Scootaloo's parents, and this chapter in general. :pinkiesmile:


Yep. Someday I'll be writing Scoot's backstory. It's not a happy story, except of course for the end.

:heart: More? :pinkiecrazy: I wish I knew where you lived, so I could come and beg for updates behind your door :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


:twilightoops:Actually, I could probably use the motivation. Granted, the next chapter is ~halfway done already, and should (hopefully) be uploaded tonight or tomorrow.

One of the things that usually delays uploads is actually trying to find that sweet spot when the most people will be on and can see the new update. I made the mistake of uploading last Saturday and the second chapter got almost no pub. It was disheartening, but a good learning experience. No more Saturday uploads, especially if there's a new episode to fawn over.


Hm, this looks like it will be a very interesting continuation of No Longer Lost, although it is still a bit early to say for certain. Still, the last story was fantastic so there are good odds this one will be as well once it gets going.

okay i have to ask this, is vinyl at least a teensy bit upset that octavia put a proverbial gun to the metephorical head of scootaloo's future? i mean i understand she is concerned, i get something needed to be done, but this is the course of her life we are talking about. i just find it a little worrying that everyone finds it fine that octavia was perfectly alright throwing scootaloos life away because she couldn't play nice.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::twilightoops::applejackconfused:


You know, that's actually a good point, and it deserves to be addressed. The reality of the situation is that they've been talking to Cheerilee about Scootaloo's 'problems' for a while. Roughly a semester. Originally, it would have started out as just Cheerilee's concern about how they interact, Scootaloo's attitude problems, etc. Eventually, though, Octavia and Vinyl would come to some level of realization that this was a gaping hole in her resume, so to speak. A bad attitude and bad study habits are mostly just a nuisance for most people, but if you're aiming for a genuinely distinguished--and exclusive--academy education, then you're going to have a hard time convincing them to take you if they just think you're going to be a lazy jerk. That's sort of where the whole idea came from. And Scootaloo doesn't know it--or else it would ruin the whole point--but her future isn't actually hinging on whether she can play nice with Silver Spoon. If it was genuinely impossible for them to get along, then Cheerilee would probably just re-pair them with someone else. The idea isn't really to make or break their entire year on this one project, but to get them to put in their best effort by making them THINK it will. Regardless, it's an ill-conceived MacGuffin, I admit, but it's out in the ether now.


I should also add that just because Scootaloo wouldn't be able to get into the academy doesn't mean her life would be over. It would just mean she would either have to buckle down and apply again later, or she would have to set her sights slightly lower. This is an attempt on her parents' part to make sure she's got the best chance.

2120483 thanks for the clarification. it makes things easier to take. i well say though that most psycologists would call scootaloo's method for dealing with her bullies healthy compared to the kind where she simply keeps quiet and lets them walk all over her. and no thats not an opion that comes from experience with bullies and psycologists. still you didn't screw up no longer lost so i have faith in you. and lazy study habits shouldn't really be a hindering quality if she is smart enough to get the grade. i hate to point this out but 75% of the smart ones don't study and usualy there the ones that do well. (bill gates, steve jobs, etc etc.) still look forward to more.

I am VERY intrigued...excellent chapter

I like the set up so far. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:


Oh very nice. I really like how you have let Diamond Tiara's bitchiness out on Silver Spoon because this seems like the kind of thing that would happen from time to time with her personality, and while I can see them making up later it will set things up nicely for when Silver has to talk with Scoots about the project.

Ha ha, Diamond Tiara got told to "Buck off". :pinkiehappy:

I very much like this take on SS. Do go on my good man.

i still find the fact that scootaloo fails if she doesn't carry scootaloo disturbing, and despite what cerilee says thats obviously the thing here.


Tough love, Fluttershy!


i still find the fact that scootaloo fails if she doesn't carry scootaloo disturbing

Did you mean "Silver Spoon" on that second one??

Great chapter. Love it so far. Can't wait for more. And is Tavi Spoon's instructor??

you dirty..... :raritydespair: cliffhangers!!!!!!

cliffhangers are magic indeed, dark magic :trixieshiftright:

All I can say about this whole chapter. I like it but Octavia is more grey than silver.

Huuh... I'm assuming some sort of aircraft or glider, then.

Makes sense. Typical fanon is that Silver Spoon is a Silversmith, and that'd probably translate to metal working in general. Tie that in with a lifelong obsession with aerodynamics and you might have a two-person engineering crew capable of doing something like that.


That was Young Octavia.
Octavia after raising Scootaloo has more than earned her silver :pinkiehappy:

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