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The CMC are at it again! Another camping trip to celebrate the end of high school exams! And who better to tag along than Rainbow Blitz. Diamond Tiara = Gold Watch, the rest should be obvious.

Originally written for the THE IiW BUTT-SPELUNKON 20XX, but I missed the deadline.
Contains: Rule 63, Strong M/M shipping, Aged up.

Picture supplied by Internet.

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please continue i like it so far!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::eeyup:

Hey, I know I'd love to see more! I like what I see here! This doesn't even need to be smut; this has to be, like, the only story FiMFic has about Scooteroll and Blitz, and I'm thankful enough for that! A couple suggestions for your writing: Try to avoid comma splices, and read up on rules of dialogue punctuation and capitalization.

I think you meant to end "And who better to tag along than Rainbow Blitz." with a question mark, not with a period. Oh, and shouldn't this have the alternate universe story tag?

It was cute, but too short to really say whether I like it not. Keep at though, I'd like to see some r63 adventure/shippy tales.

I liked it. The concept is interesting and giving age and the possibility to add or retract anything from the cast's past is a cool idea. Look forward to reading more. And I empathize your opinions on smut.

Here are my queries and/or edits.

It's just you referred to Rainbow Blitz as a she a lot, when he's a he.

Rainbow Blitz had suggested I bring something to read to keep myself busy while we rode in the carriage. Turns out she’d only been pulling my wing, I think she thinks I'm depressed.

I get Sweepy Bell an' everypony's entitled to their own headcannon...
But are Gold Watch and Blue Chip your names for Diamond Crown and Silver Spoon? Confused me.

"Well, they never came near the campsite the first we went camping together?" I retorted.

Is this really a question?

3607037 Yeah thank for pointing it out. Fun Fact: this was originally never rule 63.

I loved it!:pinkiehappy: I think it would be great if you continued.

This freaking story cool!! :3 how long do i need to wait until the next chapter is done. XD

4769083 I did actually have 2k works written for another chapter but my iPad needed to be reset, I have a backup of the text but it was an old backup(only 100 words), I guess I just sort of lost inspiration after that. I think I'll write up some more, but I can't be bothered editing and pre-reading so much. I remember this one time I went though a story of mine seven, SEVEN!, times, and still got stuff wrong.

4769190 ok man thats cool :3

i like it though it could use more clop scenes

6025063 I didn't want to make it Mature, I think I already pushed it to the limit.

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