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First! :trollestia: Real comment when I finish reading.

JN #2 · Mar 17th, 2012 · · ·


... Alright, whilst I appreciate the idea, and thoroughly enjoyed the fic, we all know that what Cheerilee did is against any law, any where.

I mean, she's a pedophile, she touched children!

When we talked about the birds and the bees, all we used were diagrams and films.

And, having sex infront of a bunch of kids is... Fucked up.

Nevertheless, it was well written. Good job.

... what.... the ... fuck?!!!

Oh rlly, I never knew> literally!

You know, I can count on my fingers and have plenty left over the number of times I've seen Cheerilee in a clopfic and she HASN'T been doing something fucked up in front of or to her students.

Not saying this one wasn't amusing, it's just ... jeez. Poor girl.

:pinkiecrazy: I wish my teacher teach me like that, instead of watching a lame sex ed video with cartoons.

:moustache: Keep up the epic work my good sir.

I'm not sure whether to be appaulled at Cheerilee for having sex in front of children or just call her a good teacher


Not every district has the money for diagrams and films.

You know how budget cuts can be sometimes.

331786 Hit me up when you get there, we'll share a bottle of Dom p. :pinkiehappy:

331803 :pinkiecrazy: I pity your life my good sir 4 my teacher was too damn hot.

331813 Some are, but their parterns could be concidered otherwise:applejackunsure:

331832 :pinkiecrazy: I do agree on that my good sir.

331848 Yea... :applejackunsure:... :applejackunsure:.... :pinkiecrazy:

I doubt that they'd use... physical representations though.


I wrote a sexual education fic with fillies too.

331800 Ill join you ill be the guy in the corner telling stories that makes no sense.

Not sure if want, or if want to bang head against wall. :rainbowhuh:

What the actual fuck did I just read?


I think this is one of those times where the more you think about it the worse it'll be.

You're probably right.

Well then,from the begining I was really hoping it wasn't going where I thought it was going,so of course it did :rainbowlaugh:
So let's see here,Cheerilee is a pedophile that touched little foals,Big Mac and Cheerilee just banged infront of the same foals,and in Big Mac's case,in front of his LITTLE FREAKING SISTER,and from what that ending implies,Truffles is going to get it on with some fillies after showing them his manhood.So little kid sex is added to the messed up aspects of this here story.I was entertained though,it's messed up and wrong on so many levls,but it was well done.Also thanks for not saying that Applebloom was enjoying seeing her brother and teacher get funky, that would have been too much to handle :pinkiesick:


...Why, oh why, couldn't I go to one of the schools with budget cuts? :pinkiehappy:

Beautifully written, I could picture the entire thing in my head to the letter. Whether that's unfortunate or not I don't know because that was just like....wow.
Everything about what I just read was totally wrong...

And after recess comes the birthing movie... which will scare every little filly & colt to death...

Goodness me... I am going to pony hell for reading this... :fluttercry:

Good for Truffle Shuffle. The kid deserves some "popularity" hahaha.

considering the fact that ponies run on a much different sex cycle than us, it might be legal, also considering they wear no clothes. so yeah...

Just gonna shut up now before I dig myself a deeper hole in pony hell :ajbemused:

Dear god. I have the weirdest Boner right now.

Not sure if I SHOULD be liking this. God damn ponies, they're gunna send me to hell for reading these fanfics.

Teaching kids how to masturbate and have sex?
Jesus H Christ CMC, What have you DONE!?!??!

Speaking for the Aryan race, i have to say this was a good fanfiction, because my dick gave it a thumbs up. Go team blue eyes! :pinkiehappy:

10/10 for descriptive reading.
Now I'm going to use the Neuralyzer to bleach my mind.

Someone hug me, I'm scared...:fluttercry:

*makes it one quarter through*

332911 Oh, you'll get plenty of hugs from the children. :raritywink:

331800 Despite what everypony else seems to think, I LOVED it. I quite enjoy foalcon and kinda wished this had more in it, but Cheerliee is a very sexy pony and definitely knows how to teach a class. I wish I was in her class. Just saiyan. Congratulations on a job well done (I love it when people get pony anatomy/physiology right) and hope to see more like this in the future. Can DEFINITELY be expecting a fave and thumbs up from me!

Also, I'm kinda curious why all of you that read it and disliked it read it at all. I'm pretty sure the description tells you exactly what's in the story. I just don't understand these ponies some times. Down rating a story because it's not your fetish. Shame on you guys.

You know, for all we know this could be a typical sex ed class in Equestria.

ERROR CODE: WHAT THE [content deleted] DID I JUST READ??!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?

Absolutely adore this fic! Written with great skill and sexy detail, I loved it from start to finish!

Ignore the neigh-sayers. Seems ridiculous to me to complain about a superbly-written fic because people don't share its fetishes.

Folks, this is fantasy, a'ight? The activities described in this cartoon land of magical ponies are not meant to be emulated in the real world. Chill and enjoy the awesome. Sheesh.


I dunno. I've never checked the legality of equines demonstrating copulation to their youngsters. As far as I know, there are no laws against it. What the problem is?

It's still children.

Even if they are in another universe, I don't think it's right. I mean, Pony society basically functions like Human's (Apart from the obvious differences of course), we don't think it was acceptable to touch children, so why should they?


I'd argue that it doesn't hurt anyone, it's a fantasy world, and this doesn't even involve humans. Personally, I enjoy some foalcon, but I am generally disgusted by loli art, let alone actual child pornography. So, as long as there is the distinction in the viewer's mind that it's not real and real pedophilia is not okay, I don't see how it hurts anyone.

In the context of saying what these ponies should or shouldn't do, I think it's silly to debate morality in a fantasy world. Ponies can do whatever the hell we want them to and it doesn't actually hurt anyone. It's just a matter or whether or not having them do things is harmful to the viewers because it enables bad behaviors, and in this case, I don't think that liking foal-stuff makes you more likely to engage in pedophilia in real life.

336356 My question is, why is it fucked up? Because some people decided it was, that's why. Way back before the laws were made, you were married off as soon as you were capable of having children and nothing was wrong then. While I do agree that pedophilia is bad, this is entirely make-believe. Saying Foalophilia is bad is equal to the laws regarding nudity. Why banish nudity when people see everything everyone else has EVERY DAY THEY TAKE A SHOWER? I dunno. Arguing about anything with highly biased people is kinda pointless in my opinion so, have fun~

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