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The Villain in Glasses

Soon I shall have you all dancing on puppet strings...


"That's what she said right before she disappeared. I need to find out what happened to them, all of them. Except those last words of hers keep haunting me, always on the tip of my tongue..."

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Oh man, this was great.


Thank you! And thanks for the fave as well!

Where did you get the cover art?


A friend shared it with me over an online chat, I dunno where she got it from.

(Not gonna pretend to be an artist... ponies keep looking like mutant llamas)

*was waiting for an explanation*

*didn't get an explanation*

*is annoyed*

*Puts annoyance aside to try and think of something nice to say*

You kept me hooked and built the drama well. I liked the steady progression and the end made me sad.

Ah, one thing though:

I tried to tell her that, convince her, make her see the truth. But I ended up getting dragged away by the guards. Don’t they know? Can’t they see?

So... how did she get away from the guards?

I find it amusing that the sidebar's list of 'similar' stories are all slice of life sweetness. Two of them are sequels to Snowdrop.... and two of them are about filly Twilight having nightmares. Perhaps the sidebar's headcanon is that this is all Twilight Sparkle's bad dream.

Delightfully tingling. You get a thumbs up.

Whoa I got shivers!!!! Wicked, scary, everything awesome!!!! Keep up the good work!

... That was something, well written and the like.

But this is completed meaning we'll never know what happened, meaning I feel a little bit empty because of this story.

Welp... you did it. You absolute madman. You actually did it.

+1 :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

sigh let them veiw your memories twi

... Meh, I prefer some explanation in my existential horror stories. So, what? Everypony in Equestria is gone? If ponies were disappearing, with other, already insisting ponies simply taking their place, wouldn't the last, I don't know, dozen or so start to get suspicious? Hey, maybe that crazy Twilight mare was onto something?
Also, the fact that so everyone was so blatant about not believing her seemed highly unrealistic for such a crazy world. Time travel is believable, shape-shifting pony snatchers, moving celestial bodies at will, but not ponies disappearing and having your memory of them erased isn't? They all believed Zecora was an evil enchantress with no evidence for crying out loud! Why don't they believe this?


Because the whole point is that the taken ponies all had their entire existence consumed, as though they never existed in the first place.

What it all basically boils down to is that Hasbro wrote them out of the script for the season 1 opener :trollestia:

Whelp, I know one phrase I'll never say for the rest of my life.


*is spoopied by his own story* :trollestia:

Reminds me a bit of the stories about candlejack, their good but its annoying because once you say the name candlejack you have less then a minute before he tak


Never heard of them actually. The idea actually popped into my head after one of my buddies said that phrase as he was leaving for work while talking on Discord

7993480 Guess its an obscure villian, was from the show freakazoid. But the funny part or very annoying part is even in the comment sections on youtube clips of him or the episode once someone types candlejack they'll just suddenly end the conversation mid sent..

As if they just got taken away. Because he's summoned just by saying his name.


Ah, I get what you're saying now. Sorry, that wasn't my intent at all with this. Though I guess the "Death of the Author" applies here. :twilightsheepish:

A brilliant story from The Villain in Glasses himself, Nice work Shiroe.

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