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The weak Princess sits on her throne. Guards—and a dragon—keep monsters behind the door. The Elements concentrate on a spell. Fewer guards return in each instance.

And more of Spike is eaten by non-existence.

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Clawfoot #1 · Nov 2nd, 2021 · · 1 ·

This.. Is a beautiful tale. Excellent symbolism as well.

You write possibly the best Spike and Celestia relation based stories. Kudos to you.

This was great, never really saw Celestia as his mother too much prefer Twi’s parents in that regard. But it’s always interesting to see how it plays out in peoples fanfics, and this one was a great exploration of that.

damn this good

I really wish they did more with spike’s character and love find stories like these more then like one of the last sense the series but one can hope for more. And the relationship of spike and celestia being family is one I find very interesting them needing to keep their relationship secret do to circumstance but wish they didn’t.
In short amazing story and great to see new stories like this even after the series has officially ended.

Wow, what an amazing story, I just read, and the picture, makes it even better.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.
Even if I'm not sure I fully understood it.

The void is consuming everything, and they have to fight it back to give Twilight time to fix everything? Or at least save everything not consumed yet at this point?

Boy. Who'd you piss off?

Always appreciate a good horror story in this setting.

I hope to see more stories about Spike. I am a big fan of Spike.

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