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Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst, and no, I'm not changing my mind. Art by Magical-wings06 (Commissioned from: https://www.deviantart.com/magical-wings06/gallery)


Sparkler has been waiting for Neighvana to come to Ponyville for months. Of course, the night they're in town, she has to babysit her sister. What's a mare to do?

Cover art by the wonderful Snow Quill

Many thanks to Emotion Nexus, Sunlight Rays, The Bricklayer, and garatheauthor for prereading and editing!

Placed first in the Quills and Sofas Sparkler contest, with the prompt 'Backup Plan' or 'I've got this!'.

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Fun little fic, like was jamming out to Nirvana while I read this. Set the mood nicely.

I read that comic long ago, very nice!

In the House tonight!
Everybody just have a good time!

Poor Sparker. She made the mistake so many teenagers have done: underestimated her parents.

In all, Nice work! I remember reading this during that Sparker contest and I can see why it won.

Call me an old man but I wonder if teens these days even understand this story in the cell phone age.


So, instead of working, Derpy went to the concert?

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