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When Twilight goes missing, it sets in motion a series of events that could endanger all of Equestria! Spike is left alone, until Fluttershy takes him in. Rainbow proves her loyalty by searching for Twilight on her own, and Spike goes on the second greatest adventure of his life with a certain shy pegasus. The two work to uncover the mystery behind Twilight's disappearance, but discover a darker plot. There is a reason and a connection between all of the events if they only knew what was in store. All is not as it seems in this Distorted World. Set after the Return of Harmony episode, but before Season 3. Book One of the Undestined Hero Trilogy.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 5 )

Please somepony! I would love it if some ponies would leave a few comments!:pinkiehappy::fluttershysad::moustache::yay:

The Story is Awesome, please! you have to continue this thing!!
PS: Sorry for the bad english, is not my native Language.

The chapters are too brief,, try to make them longer with the information neended, and with better details,still cool thou.:applejackunsure::twilightsmile:

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