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Adorable Story. I love this. Penne is so cute.

So cute! I absolutely loved reading this. I really loved in the third chapter the use of the safe words. Just the POV too was really well written and I just really loved it. You may have turned me onto pet play with that story :twilightsmile:

Oooh, yes! I've always wanted to see more pet play!

Oh, I've been looking forwards to this for so long ever since Harmony showed me the cover art, I didn't think I'd get to read it so soon. It's ever so cute!

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Very glad you all are enjoying it! Seems Pet Play really is a subject in need of a bit more love. Glad Puppy came out so cute and adorable, looking like I might just need to plan out a sequel to this.

I love how "sane" is in the fetish warning list. That should turn a few people on. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd recommend adding a descriptor at the end, just to let the audience know what a black collar means.

8685627 Eh, not really needed. For one, I just plain dislike that kind of blatant exposition, but even then, it's not really relevant to the story nor does anyone need to know what it means to understand things. To those that do know, it adds an extra layer and they don't need to be told. To those that don't, it's just establishing she has a collar and the usual BDSM related things that brings to mind, and simply giving a color to it. If any of the plot hinged on her collar color then yes, making sure that information was conveyed would matter.

This is the weirdest thing i have ever read....8/10

Ah pet play, my favorite. We need more well written pet play stories like this

8837789 Thank you very much, and agree! Hopefully will get around to a few more like this soon.

I'll be looking forward to it man! Can't wait

Also, now I like the pet city part and the dogs, now to find a story with foxes...

8846286 Glad you liked it. And CTS does have a resident little foxy who I may or may not be planning a few stories with.

Cute, simple, fun.
I love it! 💗❤💞💙❤

Turns out I read this opening week, didn't remember till the park at the end. Lol
Great to listen to it again!

This is one of the BEST clocktower stories I've read! I love the stories based around Pet town, and this was no exception. I don't know if you take story commisions, and I've never commissioned a story before, but I'd totally look into it if you'd be willing. Thanks for writing such a good story!

8974602 :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Thank you! Glad you liked it. I might be up for a commission at some point, though right now trying to work on the sequel to Lunar Ravishment and get the finished up.

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