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    Fleeting Flame the vampire isn't hungry for blood tonight, he's hungry for cock, and he has a very simple plan involving his lovely partner Perique Blend. He's fantasized about it for months, so hopefully the reality can live up to all he's imagined.
    SPark · 5.4k words  ·  29  8 · 340 views
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I’ve been really excited to see this come out!! This is one of the better stories I’ve read in a while

My my! I'm intrigued. Been a while since I've read a vampire-related story of any kind.

Long comment below. Dropping in some of my more notable thoughts and reactions as I read.

He flicked his ears, blushing ever so slightly. "I want to serve you, ma'am."

"Serve, or service?" said Perique, her slightly crooked smile growing wider.

Ha! I like this mare.

her seed shooting down his throat so deeply that he couldn't even taste it.

Impressive little sub! I'm rather jealous.

He had submitted, and served, and was now rewarded with this moment beyond self, beyond even needing, and he lost himself utterly in that escape.

Loved this bit especially. That blissed out state is such a marvelous feeling.

She blinked. "You are older than I, then."

Yes, Perique. Yes, he is.

Though to be fair, him being an actual vampire surprised me too. But back in the previous portion when he said he was one of the first transgender stallions that makes sense. I mean, I'm not sure how far back transition spells go, but if he's saying he was one of the first, it just makes sense he's waaay older than Perique.

I'm assuming a lot here, though.

"Ohmy." Perique blushed.

Is that supposed to be one word? Can't tell if it's missing a space, or if you're implying that this was said in a rush (like, "Omigosh!")

Yep! I liked this a lot. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

I approve so very hard. "Reviewing" this was an absolute joy. :heart:

Comments like this are the best. :twilightsmile:

He he. I am super glad people enjoy it!

It was way fun to write Perique, she's a great character.

Perique, such a character <3

Tents fingers.

Yesssssssssssssssss. Glad to see this is up. Real talk, I think I had nothing but happiness and joy when I got to read the early drafts and I'm incredibly happy it's finally up for other people to see. And that this story means more Perique on the site. Any day needs more Perique.

Oh my gosh it's so goooood. *Fans self.* All the right buttons that could be hit were hit. Excellent work, SPark, as always.

She is! And thank you again for the art, and for Clocktower in general.

More Perique is always good. More Scarlet would be good too. If I ever do a proper sequel, maybe I'll ask to borrow her too!

Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Locky #10 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 12 · Serving ·

mare cock/transgenderism

So, a trap?

Interesting story, so there were both in the other sex at one point in there lives, if I understand it?

Traps don't advertise/explain it before things start to get serious. They use/abuse the arousal from the expected to make their target less resistant to the reality and trick them into sexual situations that they would otherwise be uncomfortable with. That's why they're a trap. But this comment may have been made before reading the actual story and I understand the need to know if it goes into territory you're not comfortable with, assuming you aren't just trying to start an argument.

Locky #15 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 13 · Serving ·

No, I indeed haven't read the story because I don't even know what "mare cock/transgenderism" means
And by trap I meant simply a stallion crossdressing, which it seems is the case here, and/or if both partners are, or not "transgenders"

This is a story about transgender ponies who are completely honest, up front, and consensual with each other. I say "mare cock" simply to indicate that a character who is a mare has a cock in this. Some people enjoy that.

But it's not a "trap." "Trap" means a person being dishonest about their status. That's why they're called "traps" because somebody who looks female "traps" someone dishonestly into having sex with a cock.

Locky #17 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 14 · Serving ·

Listen my dude, I'm not here to discuss semantics, I just wanted to know how many cocks were in this story and if it was, or not, a penis goes in vagina story
So nevermind me then

If that's what you wanted to know, that's what you should have asked.

Locky #19 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 17 · Serving ·

And maybe you should've advertised your story as MxM, to avoid confusing people

SPark #20 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 6 · Serving ·

Oh. You're one of those. Fuck right off, please. Bye!

Should I make a Twilight joke? Eh, screw it I’m doing it.

Better love story than Twilight.

I very much enjoyed the read my dear and look forwards to seeing more <3

Transgenderism means that one or more of the characters have changed their genders and it goes much father than cross dressing, often entailing hormone therapy to cause the body to start growing in a manner opposite of their old gender and undergoing many of the pubecent changes teenagers undergo for their new gender. It may also include sexual reassignment which irl is typically a surgery to alter their genitals to fit their desired sex. In this story, the mare, Perique, is a female transgender that has yet to have the reassignment, hence the "mare cock" tag. The stallion is also trans though is fully changed to match his desired gender here. Of course in Equestria, they use spells so it's less scaring and assumedly with a little less matenience but that's besides the point.

It's a little heavy handed here as there are a lot of other uncommon themes going on but this story's first chapter is sfw if you want to gauge your reaction and maybe learn about the view point.

You're probably wasting your time with that explanation, all things considered. This looks like a troll and quacks like a troll, so is almost certainly just a troll and not somebody who's genuinely ignorant.

Although I have to question your calling it "heavy handed." It's straightforward rather than dancing around the subject or depending on inferences, but it's based on several very much real life experiences.

I can understand not being aroused by two people with cocks going at it, but you'll make fewer people pissed off if you at least acknowledged that the femme trans isn't really a male anymore.

I suppose it's not heavy handed for someone who is familiar and comfortable with the themes in the story but someone who isn't would need a little more sympathy for the situation as they might call even inviting someone on a "blind date" (doubly so if sex is implied) to be misleading without telling them about that information before they agree to it.

Also, troll or not, this is the response others will see when met with a skeptic who claims to not know much about the situation. Even if it isn't them, just someone seeing that response and either learning more about the situation or learning how to handle thinnly vieled contempt when they are asked about it makes it worth taking the time to reply.

I'm pretty close to a few transitioning people so the less reason others have to hate them, the better.


I suppose it's not heavy handed for someone who is familiar and comfortable with the themes in the story but someone who isn't would need a little more sympathy for the situation as they might call even inviting someone on a "blind date" (doubly so if sex is implied) to be misleading without telling them about that information before they agree to it.

Now I'm just confused. The entire reason for the outright discussion of Perique's trans status is to avoid just that. Yet you seem to be implying that something about this scene was somehow deceptive?

The situation was implicitly to have sex but the stallion didn't know she still had a penis before they actually met to play out the scene. It's not nessicarily Perique's fault he didn't know but he didn't and if he was expecting a mare (which it seemed like he was) then it's not unreasonable to say he had been mislead slightly as he did not have the whole story. She is a mare in gender but her sex hasn't changed yet. It's important someone knows this before they agree to meet for sex as it IS a bit dishonest otherwise.

Perique did nothing wrong, but scarlet should have at least mentioned it, even if she knew he would be okay with it, especially so, in fact.

The heavy handedness comes from the assumption that everyone would just be okay in this situation even though there is no real reason to think otherwise. We shouldn't project our feelings on others.

....you're saying that somebody else, not Perique herself, should be the one to decide to out Perique to a total stranger? WHAT THE FUCK.

The fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck.

No. NO. NOnononononononononono.

You never, never, NEVER EVER EVER FUCKING EVER out a trans person to somebody else without the trans person's explicit permission.


I'm saying that maybe sex shouldn't have been the proposed activity when meeting someone new and that it looks bad to others when this is the context they are introduced under. And scarlet didn't have to say who the trans person was, simply that she wanted him to meet with a trans person. Your conventional wisdom is good, but it's not nessicarily all incompassing.

... are you familiar with Clocktower? There are a few differences in this story from how things work in the real world. (Hint: this is a clop fic.)

Also, please un-elect yourself as the ambassador for trans people. "I have trans friends" is not enough. Kinda obviously.

And to be frank, if I want to bang somebody when I meet them, that's 100% between me and the person I meet. It's not your business, it's not the friend who introduced us's business, it's nobody business but ours.

I feel like you should probably note that Scarlet mentions Fleeting Flame as a potential hookup, not a certainty, and Perique goes out to meet him to see if they're actually compatible. They then talk, exchange information, and decide "hey, why not give it a go"? Sex was always on the table as a possibility and the meeting was specifically to decide if they wanted to have sex, but that doesn't mean sex was a necessity. Either party could have decided they weren't really feeling it for any number of reasons and chosen to back out. At no point is anyone coerced or socially obligated.

Also, Scarlet had no obligation to mention Perique's status for any reason. She suggested the two meet and set something up, if she'd been wrong for any reason about compatibility then that's a massive breach of information.


...Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. If you're trying to avoid outing someone and you lead on "this person is trans" before they show up to the meeting, you've removed their ability to decide how much they want to reveal to another individual. That's not okay.

Frankly, if this "looks bad to others", then others may need to re-evaluate why it looks so bad. Ethically speaking, everyone in the situation is behaving with a pretty high level of regard towards others.

While I've personally introduced people under the premise of "can I introduce you to my trans friend", I've actually never done that with the premise of getting those same people to hook up. It's always been between two people I know well, and always with the intent of giving someone who's newly out access to a support network of other queer or trans people. This is not a thing I'd ever do with someone I had just met by chance even if I know he's trans. If I know more about your FetList profile than I do about your personal life, then I'm not going to dictate how much information my partners reveal to you before they ever meet you.

Maybe I misread the situation and semantics make a lot of things messy when it comes to determining when and where is the best time to tell someone a person is trans I suppose but I got away from the original point I was trying to make.

This situation appears to operate in a way that some might construe as trans people being dishonest about their nature to people.* It looked like scarlet set them up for sex without letting the stallion know what he was getting into. While this situation was pretty well dispositioned to go right, many times it doesn't and it leaves both parties uncomfortable and possibly upset for going out with certain expections only to have the night go sour. *(Sorry if that came across as goal post moving, I acknowledge the situation was different from what I first thought but how you see that the point was based in the flaws of perception and not on the reality of this particular situation)

It's good to protect a trans person from being shamed or worse, but consideration has to go both ways if we're to break the stigma that trans people are mostly "traps". People like Locky either are wary because of this stigma or try to use the fact that many encounters have trans people hiding their transition from others* to say that they are just trying to break down sexual identities and confuse people into fulfilling some fantasy or to push some other agenda. *(for good reason but regardless hiding)

In the end, I'm not really irritated by how the situation was handled by the characters, it's common and has good reasons. It's just that I hope to encourage a little more understanding of opposition and stigmas and how to better dispell them in the future. They're people, and some could even be called good people when taking their entirety into consideration. Anything we can do to make our viewpoint, that people have every right to change their bodies to match their preferred identity and self image, will make anyone who continues to be stubborn about it not have a leg to stand on.

People like Locky are bigots. Asking those who already have enough difficulty just living their lives to contort themselves in order to look good so that they'll be acceptable to bigots is both futile and cruel. There is no requirement that trans people should need to live to some higher standard of perfection than simple, everyday courtesy one might expect from anyone.

If you want to encourage understanding of oppression and stigmas, please, please, please, stop putting further burdens on people who are already oppressed. Your average cis person can hop into bed on the first date if they want to. Your average cis person doesn't need to go to any particular effort to disclose everything important in their lives before even discussing the possibility of having sex with somebody.

I recognize that you are trying to do a good thing, but you are coming across as some kind of self-appointed arbiter of the One True Way Trans People Should be, and it's honestly super grating to me.

If you keep arguing that somehow honest disclosure of trans status before sex isn't sufficient, I'm going to have to assume you're not arguing in good faith, and this conversation is going to be over by way of a block. You are not the Speaker For The Trans, you are a cis person, and this continual insistence on dictating how trans people need to live their lives in order to be acceptable is uncool on multiple levels. So stop it.

To put it another way from what SPark is saying, while you may want to reach out to Locky and try to give him a chance, please don't expect anyone he just burned to extend that same courtesy or imply it's a moral or ethical obligation. If I lived my life with the intent of making cishet people comfortable, then for many people I may as well give up on transitioning altogether.

You're also sort of lumping two separate discussions, here. There's the "at what point do you draw the line on revealing things to a potential sexual partner" discussion, which does have some level of merit to it. Caveat Amator actually is a legal concept that needs to be discussed because enthusiastic consent is part of having safe, fun, good sex. Sometimes it's a good idea to talk to potential partners. We can agree on that.

What I can't agree on is that we needed you to give us this lecture:

In the end, I'm not really irritated by how the situation was handled by the characters, it's common and has good reasons. It's just that I hope to encourage a little more understanding of opposition and stigmas and how to better dispell them in the future. They're people, and some could even be called good people when taking their entirety into consideration. Anything we can do to make our viewpoint, that people have every right to change their bodies to match their preferred identity and self image, will make anyone who continues to be stubborn about it not have a leg to stand on.

Yeah honey, I'm aware of the stigmas. Firsthand, in fact. It's why there are a lot of people I don't feel comfortable coming out to. It's why coming out is often a traumatic and hurtful experience. If you're trans, chances are you have experienced people buying into hurtful, negative stereotypes, and you have been careful to try and avoid confirming them. The problem I have with the way you're behaving right now is that the way you read this situation was to take a pretty normal situation (Two people meet at a sex club, chat, exchange information, have a one-night stand that might go further) and kinda overcomplicated it to the point of weirdness (insisting that someone who mentioned they should meet up and talk reveal personal information to the other party in advance.)

When you lead on that and you accidentally imply that being trans is like a fucking biohazard and needs to be disclosed in every single circumstance - regardless of whether anyone knows if sex is actually going to happen yet, regardless of whether you even know if two people are going to like each other's company, regardless of whether you even know if the person you're sitting across from is going to panic and murder you in the face for saying something because they were getting too into you and they're uncomfortable with the idea they wanted to stick it in someone who used to be a dude?

Yeah. Yeah, that goes beyond "maybe talk to your partner about potential issues before having sex, even if it's casual sex" and turns into an unreasonable and unhelpful demand.

Also, kinda what SPark said. If you really want to be a good ally to trans people, please don't tell us how to live. We get enough of that from the people who hate us.

I suppose this disagreement is my fault. I'm a bit more forgiving of bigots and idiots because at one point I was one and it took some time and a few people for me to become sympathetic and then even encouraging. Admitting this might cement my position as "the last person who needs to be talking" but like most people, I want to be understood and I want others to understand that a person isn't like that forever and sometimes it takes a few encounters where you sit back and realize "wow, these people really aren't that bad" or "shit, I'm kinda the bad guy here."

Regardless, asking you all to deliberately sacrifice your own comfort and possibly safety for the sake of the misguided isn't fair, but I hope what I said does inspire more/better ideas on how to handle people like this in a way that encourages them to look themselves in the mirror and get those chances to see that it's not a one off time that they actually felt bad about how they treat people. I'll figure out where I need to improve in the mean time.

This was a fun read for me, I will be looking forward to see more of this again soon.

Enjoyable but yet to hard to read...

Awww I still love this end here. And just this story in general

Thank you! It was way fun to write. I really like Perique, she is fun. :twilightsmile:

I always love these after care scenes so heartwarming.

You tease.

This is the cutest story ever, congratulations on completing the story! :pinkiehappy:

Why, oh why, can't I like things twice?

I just... Love this storry so much. Honestly I loved every moment of you writing it and I've been so so so eager for it to be up in all of its glory. Thank you. You've handled Perique better than I have, honestly!

Awww. I'm not sure about that, your version of Perique is lovely, what I've seen of her so far. I just happen to have written a lot of her at this point. And I love her, she's such a great character!

That was one of the most arousing oral scenes I've ever read. I really admire how well you draw out the encounter without losing steam or running out of detail to describe. Suffice to say you're one of my primary references whenever I screw up the courage to try writing erotica, and I can't wait to dig into the rest of this story.

Well thank you! That's one of the nicest things anybody's said about my writing.

Something about this makes me feel odd. Don't know what, though. Enjoyable story, by the way.

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