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Darn you Moondancer! You made my...wings stiff


how did you get cover art so damn fast xD

Comment posted by krieg gaurdsman deleted Jul 1st, 2017

Not complaining, but there's three lightning dust stories in the featured box. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

My compliments, as good as the first one. There are a few typos here and there (need a proofreader? You already know what I'm capable of), but nothing hugely distracting or disorienting. I can't wait to see where this one goes. Oh, and as to the mango thing, I prefer pineapples, and on my Tumblr, I saw a character sheet (re-shared it on mine) of a nox pony who's favorite fruit is durians.

Oh, and you inspired me to write down some of my head canon about nox ponies (bat ponies, thestrals, etc), Hollow Shades and the Lunar Guard, just poke my blog here if you want to see that.

This is a living example of the phrase "sex sells" while it's great and all, a lot of top stories are sex related, :facehoof:. This is in no way meant to be offensive and certainly not to say your work is bad... it's just frustrating to see sex Everywhere, how can you possibly sell a story if most writers -as long as there's sex involved- don't even need to try as hard...

You could turn off mature stories in the settings if you are looking for stories that are good but not sex related.

Yay! A look at dom and sub in the mundane of everyday life. Been waiting a long time for this.

YES, YES, YES, YES, All my yes here!!!
I do have one question, what in Equestria was that one foal doing to get that cutie mark?
I hope you never stop writing, such good content.

one thing I picked out

all of the members there had catch their own subs on Predator’s Night

Shouldn't that be caught not catch?

>>Sees the midchapter image

Hey, great chapter! Reads very clean, did you have an editor?

Yes, I did and stupidly forgot to mention them. They are now in the Authors notes

To bad thy missed this.

“Could you please sign my copy of [Alchemy: Where Magic and Nature Meets?”

next to that thy did good work could not find a thing.

good story from you to.

That was more me adding in italics

Ah. The plot thickens!

Very good can't wait for the clop!

Hmmm me thinks somepony is in for it now.

Yay great work can't wait for more

Eagerly awaiting to see what Hunter has in store for poor Lightning Dust. :pinkiehappy:

Lucky hunter,Can't wait to see what happen next

Waiting...it is such a fun thing to do on wonderful, sexy stories like this one!

I like it. Some interesting things to try.

Hey, Obi:pinkiehappy:. Big fan of Hunter's Moon and likely will be for Hunter's Catch when I get the time to read it, but I have to ask: why Lighting Dust? Or at least why her as the immediate addition to the group? With all the emphasis you put on Hunter's attraction to Griffins, I thought you might add Gilda or even just an OC:applejackunsure:. Would've like to see Hunter take a try at his fantasy of 'breaking in a predator' so something similar:fluttercry:. That and the Lighting Dust pairing seems a little out of left field in comparison.

I'm just a fan of her's and I thought she would be a good challenge for Hunter in the City. Putting her in this story allowed me to do a few new things.

Got it. Looking forward to the read:twilightsmile:.

And maybe a bit of the griffin romance in the future:scootangel:? Yeah, I know it might sound like an obsession by this point:twilightsheepish:, but in this story setting with these characters I can't help but feel it would make for an interesting dynamic.

Poor Lightning. I hope she finds it somewhere in herself to recover just as Moondancer had. I'm suspecting a very sad heart-to-heart scene coming up. <3

I can certainly say, that's not how I was expecting the plan to go at all! Hunter really is smart, and I'm sure Moondancer had a lot of advice to give.

Ha! What a twist ending to an already eventful chapter!

I knew there'd be some sappy love stuff, and I love it! There was such a big relief after seeing Lightning finally tip over, and I want to hug and nurture her just as much as Hunter did.

This was a nice story, thanks for writing it :twilightsmile:

Glad to read this sequel till the end! Loved the first one and now love this one. Hope one day there could be a continuation of Hunter, Moondancer and Lightning’s story but for now, I’ll wait.

Can’t wait to see what else you have ready to write! See you then. :3

Now this was very interesting and good to read
When I first saw it is thought it as another 'normal' clopfic
But now that I've read both stories I found them interesting and great to read
Hope to see either a sequel or another story like this

If you liked this, then please check out all the other Clocktower Stories

Amazing! I adored the connection they formed, and Lightning added such a different personality that Moondancer really could bounce off of. This was such a fun read, and I can’t wait for more!

Next idea in the works will be about Lightning being a test subject for some of Moondancers kinky lab experiments

Comment posted by Shadow Bloom deleted Mar 29th, 2018

That was awesome! :rainbowkiss: I look forward to more juicy stories like this.:pinkiehappy:


I have finally reviewed your story. I apologize for the delay. We've changed things up a little bit in the café, where each of our reviews has its own thread, and you're able to post comments and stuff. This is to encourage open discussion with everyone and to build a more close-knitted community.

As always, thank you for the time, effort, and hard work you have put into the creation of this story, and I hope that you find this review to be at least somewhat helpful to you. :twilightsmile:


This one ends nice. Hunter basicly ends up with an angel Twilight and Devi RD.

Altruth the moment when Dust forged the signature.

I really liked this story and the prequel as well. I'm kinda borderline with the bdsm, not sure I like it, not sure I hate it--but it is fun to read.

I do have a question. If the mares' pussies are facing downward, how are they sharing the dildo without it falling out or being awkward? Wouldn't the dildo be a U shape?:rainbowhuh:

Its a bending dildo,

That's for reading. Be sure to check out the next one

Very nice Story enjoyed it very much.

Man I'm going to hell aren't I.

I don't like bondage but i still like the story for everything else. I just wish people could follow the basic idea that just because you don't like an element of a piece of art doesn't mean it is bad art.

Personally I thought the story was better than the clop though that might just be my personal preferences. Also the extra white lines between paragraphs is very annoying.

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