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Visual Novel titles starting to leak through, I see.

Here's to hoping it actually has a happy ending. :unsuresweetie:

I'm also a bit curious how "Objeticyfication" differs from 'regular old' objectification.

I loved it, I did not expect another fanfic of yours so relatively fast, but it is appreciated, I will not say that I expect more updates but I will be aware of this story.


That is just me fucking up the word from all directions, up, down and sideways. :rainbowlaugh: I corrected it now! :pinkiesmile:

Also, Happy Ending lies in the eye of the beholder. I would think it is happy to a degree. :trollestia:


Don't worry. More is on the way! :yay:


Oh ye of little faith! Then be amazed as Towan declares to you that the story is already fully written! :ajsmug:

Chapters will be released once my Editor is through with them.


Let's hope I will keep it then! :pinkiesmile:

In any case, the wimpy boy had turned into a real sex object with large DD-cups, an hourglass waist, a fat bubble butt and large cocksucking lips. The erect nipples strained against the shirt, while also pulling the shirt up to show off her bottomless half.

A fun side chapter could be Cadance and Gleaming during this scene

This is a mixed bag for me thus far. I will say that a franchise where skin comes in every color of the rainbow feels like a really weird setting to try out an interracial kink. Who said this world even had an Africa?


Possibly, but it wasn't mentioned in the Commission Notes, so it will stay like that. Maybe one day I will do a story like that. :pinkiesmile:


That one is on me. I decided to throw in such an angle. In my mind this could work in the sense of pastel/bright colors versus brown/dark colors. We never saw what Zecora looked like in EQG, so it is hard to tell how it is in canon. I could hardly say zebras though, so that is what I went with.

Hope this has a good end unlike most of your stories though that probably won't happen

Couldve called them zebricans


Well, what a good ending is, depends on your point of view. Good for me, means lewd. Though it is a Commission, so the Commissioner had the last say in this.

In any case, there is a story planned with two endings in the future, so that might please you. :pinkiesmile:

Edit: Zebricans kinda implies they are zebras. It might probably be more weird to have humans with stripes than brown ones.



Is... Is this a bot? Fimfic is getting bots now as well?

Comment literally copied except for a sudden hyperlink that probably has malware, account created just today...

I've seen the copycat bots starting to appear on reddit and youtube, but I never expected to see one here.

"G-Gracias, mamá", le dijo, su corazón se aceleró un poco más ante la palabra. Un sentimiento nostálgico que la hizo sonreír con profunda satisfacción mientras tomaba la cuchara y comenzaba a recoger los primeros trozos de copos de maíz empapados en semen.


Nice and saucy. I loved it!:heart::rainbowkiss:

Esta fue una buena historia.

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