• Published 24th Oct 2021
  • 2,031 Views, 13 Comments

Magical Dome - Wallflower Blush in a Lustful New World, with Sunset and Twilight on the side - TheOneWithoutAName

A magical dome spreads out, encompassing the town and sluttifying anything in its way. While Sunset and Twilight try to solve the problem from outside, Wallflower Blush has to deal with life within this reality and mind-warping magic.

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Is... Is this a bot? Fimfic is getting bots now as well?

Comment literally copied except for a sudden hyperlink that probably has malware, account created just today...

I've seen the copycat bots starting to appear on reddit and youtube, but I never expected to see one here.

Nice and saucy. I loved it!:heart::rainbowkiss:

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