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Hell yeah! Spabby for days!

So this is what Tech was doing all the time? Great work on both art and fanfiction. XD

I need more Spabby.

Spike and Gabby arrive at their destination, a cabin owned by their talented fashionista friend, Rarity, and plan to enjoy their time there until Rarity and Sweetie Belle.

Um... until they what? Think you accidentally cut the rest of that sentence.

Fixed, thanks.

I give this a 9/10.. Very spicy.

Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up in this one-shot. Exactly the right mix of steamy and sweet. Particularly liked Spike reassuring Gabby and the two of them enjoying some skiing before they- got done to the action as well as Sweetie and Rarity's exchange before they arrived at the cabin.

Really happy with how this turned out. Wanted this since there are so few Spike/Gabby clops out there and I like this pairing just as much as I like him with Ember

Rarity fainted unceremoniously though she didn’t hit the ground as her sister caught her with her magic. Sweetie Belle looked on the scene with envy, biting her lower lip.

Ooh. I think you might've overwhelmed her.

Glade to see on of my art pieces here on fimfic, Thanks for crediting my Deviantart page

Pleasure, mate. Love your art.
(For the love of God, more Spolcellus!)

Hehe. Sweet, nothing like a good romp in the cabin kinda story, and Gabby x Spike is becoming a new favourite of mine.
Nice work

See? You don't need to have huge breasts to make a good story.

They usually do help though.

I love Spabby!

Wonder if there's a fic where he's with Gabby, Smolder, Ocellus, Autumn Blaze, and Skystar?

I love Spabby. This might be the best clopfic of it I've read.

I think it might be the only

There seems to be at least five more, at least where it’s the focus

Ah, I'll have to look for them. Pity there aren't more

Ah, read one of them and gave it a downvote. Can't remember why as its been awhile

Now we just need to know if Gabby wants a little help keeping up with that libido or his. Sweetie certainly seems willing!

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