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Who's to say it doesn't stop in Ponyville?

I could see them touring Equestria doing that! :rainbowwild:

Going from town to town, raw sex in every corner, and after leaving town started a town orgy.

9970830 Yeah, that would be great! :pinkiehappy: I'm all for that. :twilightsmile:

Ah, another Spabby fic, such a rare breed.

Wish I could write her better, but maybe if I revisit her sometime? Rather stacked with projects for now unfortunately!

Nice story, btw i think your writing is perfect as is.

Thank you, but I'm always hoping to improve! Want to become the best version of myself I can someday!

:raritycry: MINE!
:moustache: Share?
:duck: Damn right
:facehoof: Gabby Gum's a fictional news paper writer ... the Cutie Mark Crusaders on the Foal Free Press...

:raritystarry: Gabby has no gums
:twilightsmile: feathers are kinky but the whole chicken make you a pervert

Gabby will certainly have lots of stories to tell after this!

AJ who'd sent her little sister away.

Hey, they gotta learn sometime.


I could see them touring Equestria doing that! :rainbowwild:

I would be very okay with that.

Always possibly I might follow this up someday, but have tons of requests to fill for now! :twilightsmile:

Still considering a sequel of this?

Not too likely at the moment, too much on my plate.

I wonder if we’ll read more Spabby fics from you? Kinda like this one, but better?

Certainly possible, although I admittedly have little interest in Gabby.

Eh, “to each his own.”

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