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Twilight is a little stressed this holiday season. All due to a certain book, she is receiving complaints and threats to destroy Ponyville along with knowing who made this book. Not to mention the way. She is also preparing for a festival in Ponyville.

So why Spike, why are you demanding that she read that book? And why are you throwing more fuel onto the fire?

Written for Somber for Jinglemas 2023

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Written for forbloodysummer for Jinglemas 2022

Spitfire has really done it this time. Why couldn't she just keep her mouth shut and admit that she doesn't have anyone new in her life? And why did she have to take Soarin's challenge and introduce her 'date' at the Christmas Party?

Thankfully, she can rent a date pretty easily. And perhaps, this might lead to something more.

Sex tag mark is for lewd imagery as well as certain dialogue. No actual sex in this story.

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This story is a sequel to Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars

Star Hunter's life has gone through many up and downs. From leaving his neglectful parents to stay with his aunt, his brother getting arrested, getting a one of a kind deck for the most popular game on the planet, becoming Captain of the High School Dueling team, having his brother return and challenging him to a Shadow Game. Pretty crazy stuff.

Hopefully things will cool down now at Canterlot High...right?

Join Star Hunter, Moondancer, Wallflower Blush and the rest of the Dueling Team as they continue their High School lives as they continue down the path of the duelist.

A continuation of Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars, set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

Edited by Speculore

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Originally my entries to the Duelist of Canterlot High, an alternate versions of DrakeyC's Yugioh series.

What follows is an anthology of duels between different students with the halls of Canterlot High. How Applejack got her predaplat deck. Rarity dueling Moondancer for the first time. Applejack...dueling again. If there are more demands in the future, I might continue to do shorts using characters and decks from both mine and DrakeyC's.

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Set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

A new sensation is spreading across the nation: Team Dueling! All of the schools have been getting in on it, gaining sponsorships and donations...except for Canterlot High. With their old format rules and restrictions gone they now have a chance to start up their own team with VP Luna coaching them. But will this group of secondary characters have what it takes to make this a permanent thing? Or will they go down in flames....

Special thanks to Speculore for editing

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