• Published 15th Aug 2019
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Duelist Team of Canterlot High - Brony-wan-kenobi

Six students will represent Canterlot High in a childrens card game tournament. And none of them are the main seven!

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The Coach Duel

Luna Life Points: 8000

Silverstar Life Points: 8000

Turn one: Luna

“I’ll make the first move!” announced Luna as she drew (hand: six). Briefly she looked at what she had drawn, smiling slightly as she looked up. “To start with, I’ll play the spell card: Trade In! With this card I can discard one level eight monster in my hand two draw two new ones. So I’ll send my Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair to the graveyard.” Sliverstar said nothing as he watched Luna drawing two more cards. “Now I summon Summoner Monk to the field. (800\1600)” Appearing on the field was an old man with blue skin who wore a purple robe with a white stripe running down the middle. Long white hair and mustache ran down his chest as his red eyes stared at nothing.

“When this monster is summoned, he gets switched to defense mode,” continued Luna as her Monk began to float in the air, crossing is legs at the same time. “With that little bit of defense set, I’ll use his effect. I’ll discard my Veil of Darkness spell card in my hand to special summon one level four monster in my deck to my side of the field. So let’s welcome Ahrima, the Wicked Warden (1700/0)” Luna watched with a smile on her face as Summoner Monk began to chant in a foreign tongue, creating a portal that a giant blue wolf like creature leapt out of. Only, Ahrima had bright red glowing veins running across its body as well as a third eye on its forehead. “With this, the stage is set for this card: Lair of Darkness!” As Luna inserted the card into its appropriate slot, the field took on a massive change. The green grass they had been standing on vanished as it was instantly replaced by blackened earth with large cracks. From those cracks erupted large, thick streams of blackened vapor. Only these streams had, for lack of a better word, cracked faces within them that looked out about them. A few of these vapors were around the two duelist with one looking over Luna’s shoulder to grin wickedly at Silverstar.

“Well ain’t this a sight,” commented Silverstar as he waved off a pillar of vapor that was too close for his liking. “I remember back in the day when you would run Mystical Plasma Zone.”

“It is an upgrade,” admitted Luna, closing her eyes for a moment as she allowed herself to smile. “One of the effects of this card is that all monsters on the field are treated as if they were dark. It also helps me out with Ahrima’s effect. Since Lair of Darkness is on the field, I can tribute one dark monster on my side of the field to draw another card. And the card I choose is Ahrima himself!” Luna’s wolf let out a long howl as it vanished from the field, the ground beneath it cracked heavily as Luna drew a card. “And now, since I tributed a monster, the effect of Darkest Diabolos activates within my graveyard; returning it to my side of the field in attack mode!” (3000/2000) The cracked earth where Ahrima had been exploded so violently that Silverstar had to cover his face. The crowd gasped and cried out as a large, black dragon appeared on Luna. The space between its scales let out a glowing red color along with a bright red gem in the center of its chest while loose chains jingled across its body.

“Lastly I’ll set one card and end my turn,” said Luna, placing a card face down on her side of the field as another crack appeared next to Darkest Diabolos. “And during my end phase, another effect of my field spell activates. I get Torment Tokens added to my side of the field in defense mode equal to the number of tributes I made while this card is face up.” From the crack appeared a Torment Token (1000/1000) looking just like the other vapors with faces.

Turn two: Silverstar

“Well now, ain’t that an impressive opening move,” commented Silverstar as he drew (hand: 6) “Let’s see if I can top it. Hmm.” Briefly the man looked over his hand, glancing up at Luna’s field before returning to his hand. “Alright, I’ll start with this here card: Foolish Burial. For any folks out there who don’t know, I can now send any monster in my deck to the grave. So, for now, I’ll be saying adios to my Time-Space Police. Then I’ll play the continuous spell card known as Teleport. Nothing too fancy, just lets me special summon one of my psychic monsters if you got monsters and I have none. Err, I also have to pay 800 of my life points. Welp, I’m going to use it now to summon my Serene Psychic Witch in defense mode.” (1400/1200) With a flash, a figure in pink skintight attire appeared on the field in a kneeling position. In her hands she held odd mechanical devices that had long bands running down to her belt. Her red-eyed gaze was indifferent as she looked at Luna’s monsters past her curly red hair.

Silverstar’s Life Points: 7200

“Next up is my Hushed Psychic Cleric, who gets put into defense mode when he gets put on the field,” continued Silverstar as another monster appeared on his field in a kneeling position. (0/2100) This time it was an elderly man in white, futuristic robes lined with gold and decorated in green gem. His eyes were hidden by a metallic white visor, his grey hair lightly touching it. In one hand he held a staff which had wires coming out of it and connecting to his belt. “Now he don’t seem like much, but he does have this nice trick up his sleeve. Kind of a two parter. Right now I’ll use one of his effects to discard a card in my hand to banish my Police. With that, I pass the reins to you.”

“I guess we should have seen this coming,” said Pharynx as he brought a hand to his chin. “I don’t think anyone has ever seen the Vice-Principal duel before, but it makes sense that she would use a Dark deck. I mean, Principal Celestia used a Light deck.”

Autumn let out a hum as she looked around, flinching slightly as one of a gaseous faces appeared next to her. “But did she have to turn the field into something so…icky?” As she said this, the face pouted before slinking away. It eventually moved to sit next to Wallflower who was sitting on the ground, hugging her legs as she watched with rapt attention.

“Who cares what it looks like,” said Lightning as she pumped her fist into the air. “She already got a pretty powerful monster out on the field and all that Silverstar guy can do is defend himself. Might as well call this a win for us.”

“It’s a little too early for talk like that,” said Moondancer with a frown as she looked at Lightning. The two stared at each other for a moment, their eyes locked before Moondancer let out a sigh and returned her gaze to the field. “But I do think that you have a point. Mr. Silverstar used nearly every card in his hand to set up that defense. No trap cards on the field for a surprise, just a continuous spell card that offers little protection.”

“I…I’ve never seen those cards before,” said Wallflower as the holographic mist looked on thoughtfully. “Maybe they have some sort of defensive effect?”

“You might be right,” commented Hunter as he crossed his arms, eyes closed as if he were concentrating hard to remember something. “They’re old cards that I can’t remember anyone playing for years. But I’m sure that they must have some benefit for Silverstar.”

Turn Three: Luna

“Time to go on the offensive,” responded Luna as she drew (hand: five). “I’ll break your defense! And to help I summon my Stygian Street Patrol to the field in attack mode!” (1600/1200) The roar of a motor was heard before Luna’s monster made it onto the field, doing a wheelie on his bike as he did so. The monster looked like a man with a horned helmet while riding a motorcycle with an open jaw, two red lights shining above it answering for eyes. “But that’s not all, I’ll discard a card from my hand to activate the effect of my Summoner Monk to bring out a second Stygian Street Patrol!” Like last time, the Monk began to chant creating a portal on the ground that Stygian Street Patrol leapt out of, causing the crowd to gasp.

“Before I attack, I’m going to activate the effect of Darkest Diabolos. By tributing one dark monster, you have to send one card in your hand to either the top of bottom of your deck.” Luna snapped causing her Torment Token to vanish. With its dismissal, the card in Silverstar’s hand became shrouded in darkness causing its owner to frown. He then placed it on the top of his deck.

“Now time to attack! Stygian Street Patrol run down Serene Psychic Witch!” At Luna’s command, one of her bikers zoomed across the field leaving behind a trail of smoke and flaming tire tracks. As it drew closer the monster began to do a wheelie for a split second before brining ins front tire down on Serene Psychic Witch, destroying it in the process. As the monster shattered, Stygian quickly turned so that its tail pipe was facing Silverstar. “When this monster destroys one of your monsters, you take damage equal to the destroyed monster’s level times 100. So that’s 300.” As Luna finished explaining this, flames covered Silverstar from the tail pipe.

Silverstar’s Life Points: 6900

“Well that’s a nasty burn,” commented Silverstar, brushing himself off as Luna’s monster returned to her side of the field. “Well my Serene Psychic Witch has an effect when she’s destroyed by battle. Now one of my psychic monsters with 2000 or less attack gets banished from my deck and then gets special summoned to my side of the field during my standby phase. Guess I’ll banish Mental Seeker.”

“Something to look forward to,” said Luna as Silverstar’s duel disk began to shuffle his deck. “Now, Darkest Diabolos, destroy his Cleric!” From the jaws of Luna’s dragon came a mass of darkness that seemed almost fluid, running through the gaps in its teeth before flowing across the field to engulf the Cleric. The instant he was fully consumed the darkness seemed to ebb, being pulled back into Darkest Diabolos and leaving nothing behind. As the attack ended, Luna looked across the field and was surprised to see that her opponent did not appear alarmed or worried. In fact, he was smirking.

“Thanks for that Luna,” he was a multi-colored shimmer appeared on his field. “When my Cleric is sent from the field to the graveyard, the monster he banished gets to be special summoned. Return from the different dimension: Space-Time Police!” (2300/1500) At that the shimmer burst as a man stepped out onto the field. He wore skintight black mesh with a more sturdy blue armor on his legs, wrists, and shoulders. One each of these blue pieces of armor was a red gem that let out a red glow similar to the glow stick he held in his hand. He smiled broadly, showing off his teeth as he did so, while his eyes were covered by a visor and his hair covered by his policeman’s hat. The monster’s appearance caused the crowd to bring stomping their feet and clapping in unison again.

“Well, isn’t that a sight,” commented Luna over the noise of the crowd as she looked at the new monster. “But it’s not enough to take down my monster.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure,” said Silverstar as he wagged his finger at Luna. “You should know better than to judge a monster by attack points alone. While he may not be tough enough to tangle with your beastie, this officer can banish a monster on your side of the field when he’s special summon from the banished zone.” As he said this Space-Time Police held out his badge which sent a light towards Darkest Diabolos, causing him to shimmer and fade from the field.

“Ah yes,” said Luna as she closed her eyes, slightly lowering her head as she did so. “Now I remember. You used to use that card all the time back in the day. If I recall correctly, all I have to do is get rid of it and my monster comes back.” Luna suddenly opened her eyes, a more predatory look taking over her face. “Looks like I’ll have to wait till next turn to get my monster back. I end my turn.” As Luna ended her turn, a new Torment Token appeared on her side of the field in defense mode.

Turn Four: Silverstar

“Thank ya kindly,” said Silverstar as he drew. (hand: one) As he drew his card, another multi-colored shimmer appeared on his side of the field. Walking out of the shimmer was a young boy with green hair and a silver visor covering his eyes. He wore another skintight black suit but with purple armor covering his legs, wrists, and chest. This child also had on a small blue cape. “Mental Seeker here has an effect that activates when he is special summoned from the banished zone. I get to look at the top three cards in your deck, pick one, and then that card gets banished.” Mental Seeker brought a figure to his visor which sent a beam of light which struck Luna’s duel disk. Nothing happened to it, but three large holographic cards appeared in front of Silverstar who scratched his chin as he examined them. “Don’t fancy letting you draw more cards so I’ll be banishing Hand Destruction.” Wordlessly, Luna took the card as it ejected from her deck, pocketing it as her duel disk began to shuffle the deck.

“Now I’ll summon my Destructotron,” continued Silverstar. (1600/400) Something very machine like appeared on the field now, standing on four legs. It’s head looked like a TV screen at first, but under closer examination, it was more akin to a fish tank with a human head inside which leered at Luna. “He won’t be here for long because I’ll be tuning him with my Mental Seeker!” The crowd grew louder in their stomps and claps as Destructotron rose up into the air, becoming four rings that Mental Seeker jumped into. “Uniting flesh and metal, life and death. A new monster arises to achieve both! Synchro Summon level seven: Psychic Lifetrancer!” (2400/2000) A green skinned woman with long black hair appeared now on the field. It was hard to tell if the blue one piece bathing suit like outfit she wore was made of similar material or metal, but there was no doubt that one of her arms and both her legs were machines.

“I activate Lifetrancer’s effect to banish my Cleric to increase my life points by 1200.”

Silverstar’s Life Points: 8100

“Looks like all that work you did was for nothing,” said Silverstar. “Now, Space-Time Police, that bikers’ been going over the speed limit. Time to throw him into the slammer!” Silverstar’s cop teleported behind one of Luna’s Stygian Street Patrol monsters, tapping the back of its neck with the officer’s glow stick. Stygian Street Patrol cried out as it began to get shocked until it fell to the ground, vanishing instantly.

Luna’s Life Points: 7300

“I could destroy that other Stygian Street Patrol and do more damage,” mused Silverstar aloud as he scratched his chin. “On the other hand, I rightly don’t like that Monk giving you monsters from the deck. Lifetrancer, destroy it!” Lifetrancer held up her mechanical arm, an orb of darkness appearing above her palm. The orb was then thrown at Summoner Monk causing the monster to collapse into itself. “Now I pass the reins to you.”

Turn Five: Luna

“Thank you!” said Luna as she drew her card (hand: four) “I’ll summon Kuribandit in attack mode!” (1000/700) On the field appeared a brown fluff ball with green, scaly claws poking out. Around its head was a yellow bandanna and one of its eyes was covered by a patch. All in all it looked like a classic monster who had decided to dress up like a pirate for Halloween. “Then I’ll switch my Stygian Street Patrol to defense mode and end my turn.”

Luna paused for a moment to grin, removing her Kuribandit from her duel disk at the same time. “During the end phase of the turn Kuribandit was normal summoned, I can tribute it to draw five cards from my deck. Out of those five, one spell or trap card gets added to my hand while the remaining four get sent to the grave.” Silverstar said nothing, only nodding as Luna drew her cards. Wordlessly she examined them before separating one from the group, adding it to her hand, and then sending the rest to the graveyard. “Since I tributed a monster, that means I get another token in defense mode.”

Turn Six: Silverstar

“Looks like the tables have turned,” he said in a cocky, albeit good natured fashion. (hand:1) “I think I’ll set this here card face down and then activate Lifetrancer’s effect. This time I’ll banish my Witch to increase my life points by 1200.”

Silverstar’s Life Points: 9300

“Now let’s make this all quick and simple. Space-Time Police, throw that biker into the slammer for good. Lifetrancer, get rid of one of those tokens.” Both monsters leapt into action at the same time, Luna raising her arms to shield herself from the explosions her exploding monsters caused just in time. “That’s all I got. Make your move Luna.”

Turn Seven: Luna

“I will,” stated Luna as she drew her card. (hand: five)

“But before you do anything, I activate my face down!” shouted Sliverstar, smiling brightly through his mustache. “Bright Future! I get to return two of my banished Psychic monsters to my graveyard and then draw a card.”

“You’ll need it,” replied Luna as Silverstar drew his card. “Because I just drew Lilith, Lady of Lament! And I summon her now!” (2000/0) Mists began to gather and turn on Luna’s side of the field, slowing rising to create a funnel. Dark bat like wings erupted from the mist, blowing it away to reveal a demonic looking woman with long flowing red hair. Her body was shapely, yet plated as if armor had been fused to it along with a tail that swished back and forth. “When she in normal summoned her attack is changed to 1000.”

“Doesn’t seem worth it,” stated Silverstar as a dark shroud covered Lilith, her attack draining more with each passing word. “Unless she’s got one heck of a special ability.”

“Oh, she does,” smirked Luna as she pressed a button on her duel disk. “By tributing a dark monster, I can go through my deck and select three normal trap cards. You get to pick one of them at random which goes to my hand while the rest are returned to my deck. So I’ll tribute…Space-Time Police!” Luna pointed at the monster she had just named, quickly followed dark tendrils erupting from the ground to drag him into the earth. Someone in the crowd screamed as those tendrils wrapped around the cop before beginning to drag him into the ground, fighting it the whole way down as he tried to pry off his restraints.

“Now hold on a second there,” shouted Silverstar as Luna began going through her deck. “That there is my monster. You can’t do that!”

“Normally, you would be right,” said Luna calmly. “But my field spell changes it so that I can tribute one of your monsters once per turn. And with him gone…” Luna let her sentence hang as Space-Time Police was nothing more than a hand, clawing at the ground in an attempt to stay on the field. But it was no use. In a second, it was forced into the dark earth leaving the field. At the same time Darkest Diabolos returned to Luna’s side of the field, letting out an ear splitting roar as it did so.

As Silverstar gapped at where his monster had been, three holographic cards appeared before him. He looked at them blinkingly, as if he were confused or in a daze. Then it must have hit him, these were the cards Luna had chosen. Sighing, he picked the one in the middle.

“Thank you,” said Luna as she added the card to her hand. “Now, Darkest Diabolos, destroy Lifetrancer!” Another mass of darkness came from the maw of Luna’s dark dragon, seeming to consume Silverstar’s remaining monster before returning to its jaws.

Silverstar’s Life Points: 8700

“I’m not done!” continued Luna as she trusted out her hand. “Lilith, attack directly!” Lilith flapped her large wings sending her high into the air as darkness began to swirl around her hands. The darkness seemed to compress, becoming daggers which she flung at Silverstar.

Silverstar’s Life Points: 7700

“I’ll set these two cards face down and end my turn,” finished Luna as two face down holographic cards appeared in front of her. “But don’t think I’m leaving you with nothing. Now you get a Torment Token.”

Turn Eight: Silverstar

“Thanks,” said Silverstar as he looked at the token which had sprouted on his side of the field, drawing his card at the same time. (hand: 2) “I’ll be sure to make good use out of it. Because this here duel is about to go to the next level. I tribute that there token to summon my ace monster: Overdrive Teleporter!” The dark token vanished, replaced with a human in a white trench coat. Circuits seemed to be fused to the material and there was a visor covering his eyes. “Now I activate his effect, by paying up 2000 life points I’m allowed to special summon two level three psychic monsters to my side of the field.”

Silverstar’s Life Points: 5700

If this drop in life points bothered him, Silverstar didn’t show it. He kept his eyes focused on his Overdrive Teleporter as two green portals appeared next to him. Out of one portal appeared another Metal Seeker which hopped onto the field and went into a defensive position. From the other came a copy of Serene Psychic Witch which calmly walked onto the field before taking a knee.

“Now it’s time for a tune up,” shouted Silverstar as the crowd began to clap and stomp their feet even louder than before. “I tune my level three Mental Seeker with my-”

“I’m afraid not,” interrupted Luna, her face down card being revealed as she did so. The crowd gasped and boos were quickly followed upon seeing what she was about to do. Yet Luna kept her focus on Silverstar who appeared utterly flabbergasted at what she was doing. “Deck Devastation Virus! I tribute your Overdrive Teleporter in order to destroy all monsters in your hand and field with 1500 or less attack points. Also, any cards that you draw for the next three turns that meet these requirements goes straight to the graveyard.” As she spoke, Overdrive Teleporter’s skin began turn a mix of red and black, his hands going to his neck as if he couldn’t breathe. Soon enough he exploded, his particles hitting the monsters next to them before they too became infected and were destroyed.

“Well you sure ain’t changed none,” muttered Silverstar as he sent his cards to the graveyard. “I remember back in the day, you’d always use Change of Hearts to steal everyone’s best monster before using it as a sacrifice for one of your own big boys.”

“What can I say, if it works don’t fix it,” shrugged Luna over the boos and accusations of her being a cheater.

“Well, luckily I still have some moves!” yelled Silverstar. “First off, Serene Psychic Witch’s effect goes off. So I’ll banish Esper Girl and bring her back later. Then I’ll play one card face down and end my turn.” As Silverstar set his card, two tokens appeared on his side of the field.

Turn Nine: Luna

“Then I’ll draw,” said Luna as she drew her card. (hand: four) She looked at the card in her hand and smiled briefly. “I believe we have kept the crowd from seeing the real duel long enough. I remove one of my Stygian Street Patrol in order to special summon my Plague Wolf from my hand in attack mode!” (1000/1000) On Luna’s field appeared a half decaying wolf, its scent so wretched that all of those close to it, minus Luna, had to cover their noses. “Next, I tribute my Wolf and Lilith in order to summon Caius the Mega Monarch!” (2800/1000) Giant hands shot out of the ground, grabbing both of Luna’s monsters and shattering them instantly. Climbing out of the earth stood a mammoth monstrosity equal in size to her dragon. It wore purple armor, blood dripping from its claw like fingers and parts of its shoulder guards. Its helmet was skull-like, with massive bone horns as a tattered cloak billowed behind it. As it stood there, purple skulls escaped from behenth its armor, shooting in all directions while screaming.

“This is the end,” said Luna with a note of finality in her voice. “When this monster is tribute summoned using dark monsters, I can target two cards you control, banish them, and then deal you 1000 points of damage for each.” More ghostly skulls came out from Caius’ armor, wrapping themselves around the twin tokens that protected Silverstar, and pulling them towards the giant monster.

Silverstar Life Points: 3700

Silverstar grinned. “Pity,” he said. “I was hoping to pull out my Hyper Psychic Blaster.”

Luna nodded. “I was hoping to pull out Yubel,” she said. “But all good things have to come to end sometime. Now both monsters, attack!” Twin streams of darkness were launched at Silverstar, knocking him backwards.

Silverstar’s Life Points: 0

Winner: Luna

Before the holograms had faded, Luna began to walk across the field. Ignoring the boos, hisses, and taunts thrown at her she made her way to Silverstar. The man was slowly sitting up while massaging his head, his cards scattered around him. As she drew closer, Luna noticed one of the cards was a trap card: King’s Synchro. Figuring it must have been his face down, Luna was sure that had he been able to get a Synchro monster on the field things would have turned out differently. Luna moved in front of Silverstar and held out a hand which he took.

“Good duel,” she said while helping him up.

“On your part,” he said with no hint of malice. “Bad draws. Heh, it happens. Perhaps next time things will be different.”

“Perhaps,” agreed Luna with a grin, her eyes closed.

“Well folks, looks like the winner is Canterlot High,” came the announcers voice, silencing the crowd. “But that don’t mean that your Appleloosa Buffalos are out! Not when our own Sparkle Sunshine is going up first again Moondancer.”