• Published 15th Aug 2019
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Duelist Team of Canterlot High - Brony-wan-kenobi

Six students will represent Canterlot High in a childrens card game tournament. And none of them are the main seven!

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Round Four: Inferno Fists

“Ah’ll be making the first move here,” announced Little Strongheart loudly, earning a cheer from those in the stands. Autumn said nothing as she drew her opening hand, feeling a tingle in her fingers as she grinned in excitement.

Little Strongheart Life Points: 8000

Autumn Blaze Life Points: 8000

Turn 1: Little Strongheart

“Ah draw!” shouted Little Strongheart (hand: 6). Her draw was big, a massive sweeping arc that Autumn felt should have been accompanied by a wave of air shooting across the field. But while it lacked anything that dramatic the Canterlot duelist could feel the confidence in her opponent as she looked at what she had drawn. “First up, Ah’ll use the effect of my Dark Grepher. By discarding mah level 7 Inferinty General, Ah can special summon this monster in attack mode.” Autumn watched as Strongheart slid her card into the graveyard slot, allowing Dark Grepher (1700/1600) to appear. Grepher was a grey skinned man with white hair and glowing red eyes decked in leather armor. In one hand he carried a large blade that reflected the light brightly.

“But there’s more where that came from,” continued Strongheart (hand: 4). “Grepher has another effect that lets me discard a card from mah hand to send another dark monster in my deck to the graveyard. Ah’m discarding my Infernity Beetle to lay Infernity Avenger to rest.”

Autumn snickered a little as Strongheart sent another card to her graveyard. “Sorry,” she giggled. “But right now I have this image in my head of an emo ninja boy screaming ‘I’m an avenger’.”

Strongheart allowed herself a small smile at that. “Never heard that one before,” she said (hand: 3). “In any case, Ah'll set two cards face down and then activate One Day of Peace.”

“Ooh, I remember this card,” Autumn said excitedly. “That lets us both draw a card and then neither of us can be damaged until your next turn.”

“Seems you’ve got a good memory,” said Strongheart as she and Autumn both drew their cards. “And it seems like Ah’ve got good luck. Ah special summon Infernity Archfiend!” (1800/1200). Appearing next to Dark Grepher was a ‘man’ dressed in purple. A white mask covered his face, only allowing his orange spikey hair to be seen as an odd ring of some sort floated around his neck. From out of his robes came purple, clawed hands that gave off an eerie glow. “See, this card is quite special. If it’s the only card in mah hand, Ah can special summon it just by revealing it to you. And now that my Archfiend has been special summoned while my hand is empty, Ah can add any Infernity card to my hand from my deck.” Strongheart paused as a holoscreen appeared before her, displaying her choices. But it seemed like she didn’t need to think about it as she swung her arm to point at one of the cards. At once the screen vanished and a card was ejected from her deck.

“Now Ah’ll summon what Ah just added to my hand: Infernity Necromancer!” declared Strongheart (0/2000). As the crowd erupted into excited cheers, another figure in purple appeared next to Archfiend. Autumn took a step back as she saw that there was nothing but a skeleton underneath those tattered robes while a purple flame glowed around its ribcage. “Now that Ah have him on the field, Ah can activate Necromancer’s effect to revive mah Avenger! (0/0)” Autumn watched as the glow in Necromancer’s chest began to brighten while a figure appeared within it. A moment later a creature that looked like a demonic cowboy puppet hopped onto the field. It had no body beyond a short, boney spine that connected its legs to its oversized head which had a cowboy hat on it. A tattered cape billowed on its back as it held up two revolvers that seemed oversized when compared to the rest of him.

“With this, the stage is set,” continued Strongheart as she held both her hands in the air, the crowd cheering for her louder than ever. “Ah tune mah level one Infernity Avenger with mah level three Infernity Necromancer along with mah level four Infernity Archfiend!” A pillar of light came crashing down as Avenger became a single dark ring while the other two monsters dissolved into seven dark stars. There was then a flash as the pillar of light became a pillar of darkness while Strongheart chanted at the top of her lungs. “Power racing through all eternity giving darkness shape. Take now this power from the underworld to lay waste to all! Ah Synchro Summon Level 8: Void Ogre Dragon!” (3000/3000) From out of the pillar of darkness came a dragon with dark reddish scales and massive claws that would have put Buster Blader’s sword to shame. Several dark orbs decorated its body while on it the side of its face were long, thin horns or tusks.

“Not a bad move,” said Autumn as she reached over to her deck. Only, she was stopped when Strongheart held up a hand to wave a finger at her.

“Sorry there partner, but Ah still have more plays,” she said as her hand moved to touch her duel disk, Autumn feeling a touch of irritation at the same time. “Ah’ll be bringing back my Necromancer with my face down spell card: ZERO Max! It’s a nifty little card that lets little old me bring back an Infernity monster in mah grave as long as Ah don’t have a single card in my hand. It also destroys all cards on the field that has less attack than the revived monster, but since Necromancer has none, Ah don’t need to worry about that none.” And just like that, Necromancer was back on the field looking just as creepy as before. “Since he counts as a new monster now, Ah get to use his effect once more to bring back Infernity Avenger once again!”

“This again?” asked Autumn as Strongheart tuner returned to the field, tipping its hat up slightly with the barrel of its gun.

“Trust me, ya ain’t seen nothing yet,” smirked Strongheart. “Because here comes another Synchro summon! Ah tune mah level one Infernity Avenger with mah level three Infernity Necromancer along with mah level four Dark Grepher!” For a second time, Autumn watched as a pillar of light appeared on Strongheart’s field before it became a pillar of darkness. “Peer into the darkness and watch as the darkness looks back. Open up your eyes for its eyes are upon ya! I Synchro Summon Level 8: Hundred-Eyes Dragon!” (3000/2500) Another dragon appeared on the field. This time it was black with small green ones on its head…and many more purple eyes on its body! Those purple eyes ranged in size, going down its neck, on its chest, arms, feet, and even its tail. The dragon’s arms were long making Autumn think of something more akin to a gorilla only thinner with stringy looking digits.

“Hmm, let’s see,” commented Strongheart as she tapped a finger to her chin. “Do Ah want to do anything else?” Autumn’s eyes bulged at this. Could Strongheart really continue without any more cards in her hand? True, there was another face down meaning it could be another ZERO Max. However, after quickly checking her duel disk Autumn found that ZERO Max could only be used once per turn.

Eventually, Strongheart shrugged. “Nevermind, Ah think I’d better wait on that. Ah end my turn!”

Turn 2: Autumn Blaze

“Then I draw!” shouted Autumn as she drew her card. (Hand: 7) “Ok! First, I’ll activate the continuous spell card: Fire Formation-Tenki!” As Autumn placed her card in the spell/trap card slot, a large holographic card appeared next to her. “This card lets me add one level four or lower Beast-Warrior from my deck to my hand. So now I-”

“Hold it right there friend,” interrupted Autumn as she held up her hand again. “Ya won’t be searching anything because Ah activate the effect of my Void Ogre Dragon. Since Ah have no cards in my hand, Ah can negate the activation of that spell and destroy it!” Before Autumn could brace herself, her spell card was destroyed which nearly knocked the girl down onto the ground.

“Why you,” Autumn growled as she felt herself growing more irritated. Before she made her next move, she took a deep breath in order to help calm down. “Ok, ok. I can do this. Since I couldn’t get my search, I’ll just play my Fire Formation-Tensu so that I’ll be able to Normal Summon a second time as long as that monster is a Beast-Warrior. Now I summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Buffalo in attack mode!” (1700/1000) Once Autumn placed her card on her duel disk, a blue fireball shot from the device which grew larger and larger as it spun its way onto the field. When it touched the ground two small axes emerged out of it, cutting away the flames and revealing a Chinese warrior dressed in brown and silver armor. The flames that remain retreated to the monsters' back to take the form of its namesake. “Then I’ll summon my Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Caribou!” (1100/2000) Another ball of flame shot from her duel disk, only this it was a lavender one. When it touched ground, a beefy looking man carrying a two handed mace appeared wearing black and gold Chinese armor with horns on his helmet. The remaining flames formed around the top of his weapon before circling around him to form a caribou.

“Oh, and by the way, my spell card also gives all my beast warriors an extra 100 attack points,” said Autumn as the flames on Buffalo (1800/1000) and Caribou (1200/2000) grew. “But they won’t be here for long because I can now build the Overlay Network! Might of both buffalo and caribou, together you will feed the great predator of the jungle! I XYZ Summon Rank 4: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Tiger King!” (2200/1800) Both of Autumn’s monsters were sucked into a vortex that appeared on the ground before a white hot ball of flames shot upwards. This time an old man with a white beard came out of the flames, dressed in armor of gold with red lines on top of it with heavy shoulder pads and a helm. The armor under that was black and brown while in one hand he carried a fan which was still on fire. On the warrior’s back were more white flames which took the form of a tiger in mid leap. A moment later, the flames began to grow larger as he was affected by the effect of Tensu. (2300/1000)

“When this bad boy is summoned, I can set one Fire Formation spell or trap straight from my deck,” continued Autumn with a grin as she selected her card. A moment later it appeared on the field behind Tiger King. “Next I’ll activate his effect: by detaching one material on him, all face up effect monsters currently on the field have their effects negated until the end of your turn.” Autumn paused to smirk a little. “Well, all monsters except Beast-Warriors that is. Finally, I’ll set one card and then let you have a go.”

Meanwhile, off to the side, Autumn’s teammates watched the duel with worried expressions on their faces.

“This isn’t looking good,” whispered Wallflower.

“No sh-,” began Lightning but stopped herself in time, glancing over to Luna to see if she heard. Thankfully it didn’t appear so as her eyes were focused on the duel before them. “One monster with 2300 attack vs two 3000 beatsticks. The math doesn’t look so good. Isn’t that right four eyes?”

Moondancer frowned for a moment, but before she could say something Wallflower spoke up. “No, I mean Autumn’s making bad moves,” she said. “I’ve seen her duel before so I know she could have easily summoned a monster that would have cleared the field. I think…I think she’s getting flustered.”

“You’re right,” agreed Hunter as Wallflower began to move away from the group. However, if anyone noticed this they didn’t say anything but continued to talk as if she were still there. “If she does have that card, then she had all the set up she needed in order to clear the board. She would have been able to take some damage to boot if it weren’t for that One Day of Peace.” Hunter then paused as he surveyed the field. Autumn wasn’t in a great position right now, but it wasn’t bad either. If those face downs were Fire Formation traps, they would definitely help. Now it all depended on what Little Strongheart drew next. As well as her face down card.

Turn 3: Little Strongheart

“Well this is troublesome,” laughed Strongheart as she drew. (hand: 1) “But that won’t stop mah charge. Ah summon Infernity Patriarch.” (1000/2000) Appearing on the field was an old man carrying a book in one hand, a weird hat, and clothing that was black with bits of orange mixed in. “Then Ah activate the effect of the Infernity General sleeping in mah graveyard. See, that effect of your Tiger King is quite powerful, stopping all monsters on the field, but nowhere else. So by removing the General from play, Ah can bring back two other monsters that are currently six feet under as long as they are level three or lower. Let’s say hello again to some familiar faces: Necromancer and Avenger!”

“YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” shouted Autumn as she could feel her irritation turning into anger. She could already feel the tips of her hair beginning to burn as her vision shifted slightly to red. How many times in one duel was she going to summon the same monsters?

“Well, there is another drawback. Both of them have their effects negated,” explained Strongheart causing Autumn to calm down a little. “But that won’t be an issue since Ah get another synchro summon by tuning mah level one Infernity Avenger with mah level three Infernity Necromancer along with mah level four Inferinty Patriarch!” With that, another pillow appeared on Stronghearts side of the field which soon became a pillar of darkness. “Unending nightmares from all time itself. Merge now with the might of a dragon and take flight! Ah Synchro Summon Level 8: Infernity Doom Dragon!” (3000/2400) What stepped out of the dark pillar was like nothing Autumn had ever seen before. It looked like a dragon…with dreadlocks. That or a group of yellow horns turned upwards. It was bizarre. The black dragon had four arms, a pair connected to its shoulders that were thick and ended with pincers while the second set were unnaturally thin and ended in tiny claws.

“Now Ah activate mah monster's effect,” continued Strongheart. “When Ah have no cards in mah hand, Ah can destroy one monster ya control and inflict damage to ya equal to half of that monster's attack!”

“Not if I can help it!” shouted Autumn. “I activate my face down: Fire Formation- Tenken! I can target one of my monsters and make it immune to all other monster effects for the rest of this turn. Plus it gives my Beast- Warriors 300 more attack points! All for the low price of negating Tiger King’s effects for the rest of the turn!”

“Not likely, because Ah have a trap as well: Infernity Barrier!” announced Strongheart as a powerful wind was created in the middle of the field. Autumn raised her hands up to shield her face while Strongheart stood there, letting her poncho billow in the winds with her arms outstretched. “When Ah have an Infernity monster on the field and no cards in mah hand, this trap negates the activation of a spell, trap, or monster effect and destroys it!”

“NO!” screamed Autumn as her trap card exploded, moving her back a bit. A moment later there was another explosion as her Tiger King was destroyed. That blast had been far more powerful, knocking Autumn to the ground as her life points took a hit.

Autumn Blaze Life Points: 6850

“Lucky for ya mah monster can’t attack the turn it used this effect,” said Strongheart as the wind began to die down. “But mah other two monsters would be more than happy to say hello!” Before Autumn could even get onto all fours, two blasts from the dragons hit her and pushed her back onto the ground. She cried out in panic as her life points began to drop even more.

Autumn Blaze Life Points: 850

Before the attack ended, with darkness surrounding her, Autumn felt herself snap. It was getting to be too much. First her opponent summons two giant monsters like they were nothing. Then she negates one of her best opening plays. Then, when she thought she had the upper hand, that went flying out the window thanks to another giant dragon and a trap card! Normally Autumn could understand this, that things didn’t always go her way. That was just the nature of the duel. But…how could anyone get that much power from having nothing in her hand? And the fact that she had nothing in her hand, stopping Autumn from playing the game to this degree. The fact that she might lose without even scratching her opponent. Well, that was just it.

From the darkness, Autumn let out a feral howl of rage as she stood up. She could hear the crowd gasping as she stood there, her vision tinted bloody red as she looked at Strongheart who seemed to take a step back. Autumn could feel her body moving as if it were a machine, stepping out of the dark inferno. Her hand reached to her duel disk, ready to chuck it right in the face of her opponent. She could already see her next move: as Strongheart reeled from the surprise attack, Autumn would close the distance between them and begin punching her. Over and over again until her face was a pancake or someone pulled her off. Then she would set-

“Autumn, here!” came a cry from her green skinned teammate. Turning to glare at her, Autumn saw Wallflower as she struggled to bring a large tin container. With each step she took, the water and ice contained within it slashed over her teammate and onto the ground.

Color began to return to Autumn’s world as Wallflower set the tin next to her. Autumn took a step away from the field and towards Wallflower who was panting heavily from carrying something so heavy. Another step and Autumn could now see just how shaky Wallflower’s legs were from this effect as well as her slightly reddened face. Slowly it became clear what had happened to Autumn and what she had to do.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Autumn made her way to the container, got on her knees, and stuck her head in it. There, in the freezing cold water, she screamed with all her might creating thousands of bubbles both large and small. She screamed until there was no more air left in her lungs and no anger left within her. Only then did she pull her head out, throwing her large mane of hair back so that it went splat on her back. Autumn could hear the cat calls from the audience realizing that she must look really hot at this moment with the water running down her chest and into her cleavage. But that didn’t bother her at all as Autumn raised a slightly shaky hand to give Wallflower the thumbs up.

“Th-thanks for the h-h-help,” she managed to say through chattering teeth before turning to look at Strongheart. “Sorry about that. So, got anything else for me?”

Strongheart seemed to relax a little at that. “No,” she said. “Ya go on and make your move.”

Turn 4: Autumn Blaze

“Ok then,” said Autumn as she placed a hand on her deck. She looked across her mostly empty field before turning her attention to the stack of cards, gulping as she did. Her position wasn’t good, not good at all. There was a chance she could turn this around, but she needed a good draw. “I draw!” (hand: 2)

“Well, let's clear the board,” announced Autumn as she placed a card on her duel disk, an reddish orange flame shooting out of it. “I summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Bear!” (1600/1200) A sword cut through the flames when it hit the ground, revealing a muscular man who was decked in mostly black armor with bits of gold and red thrown in. The fire came forth from his sword which flowed behind him before taking on the form of a bear. As he stood there, the effect of Tensu strengthened him. (1700/1200)

“Now I activate his effect!” shouted Autumn. “By giving up my Fire Formation- Tensu, Bear can destroy one monster on your side of the field. Bear, cut down that Void Ogre Dragon!” At that moment, Autumn’s spell card transformed into blue flames which mixed into the flames of Bear. Once they had merged, Fire Fist Bear swung his sword towards the dragon sending a wave of flames in its wake. The fire hit the dragon which cried out as it was quickly overtaken, surrounded by fire before it exploded.

“That’s one dragon down,” cried Autumn as she pumped her fist. “But let's go for two more! I activate my trap card Fire Formation- Tensen! For the rest of this turn, Bear’s attack goes up by 700. Not just that, but all of my Beast-Warriors get 300 extra attack points while this card is on the field!” The crowd gasped as the flames around Fire Fist Bear rose, growing hotter by the second. (2600/1200)

“Not bad there mah friend,” said Strongheart with a whistle. “Too bad you’re a tad short there. That monster just doesn't have the points to take down either of my dragons.”

“I know,” replied Autumn, earning a look of confusion from Strongheart. “Which is why I’m sending the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Swallow in my hand and the Fire Formation- Tensen on the field to the grave so I can activate the effect of Buffalo bringing him back!” Taking the two cards, Autumn sent them to the grave while her Buffalo shot out of the ground in front of her. “Now I have what I need to build the Overlay Network and do what I should have done from the start! Though mighty are the bear and the buffalo are, their power will aid your cunning. Open up your wings to take flight! I XYZ Summon Rank 4: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Cardinal!” (1800/2200) Again, both of Autumn’s monsters were sucked into a vortex that appeared on the ground before a white hot ball of flames shot upwards from the opening. Another sword cut through the flames to reveal a younger man with a thick brown beard dressed in what looked like white robes. As he landed on the field, the white flames surrounded his sword which then took the form of a cardinal.

“Well that is something,” said Strongheart. “Still, Ah don’t see how that beast is going to take down mah monsters.”

“It can, but at the cost of both its overlay units,” said Autumn as she removed said units from her card. “Now I can target two of my Fire Fist monsters or Fire Formation cards on my field or in my graveyard. At the same time, I can pick any two cards you have on the field or in the graveyard. For myself, I pick Tensu and Tensen while on your side of the field I pick those two dragons.”

“What are ya gonna do? Banish them?” asked Strongheart.

Autumn shook her head. “No,” she said as Cardinal swung his sword, sending the fire bird to start flying around the field. “All the cards I picked get sent back into their decks.” The crowd gasped and some even began to boo as the fiery cardinal grew, becoming large enough to pick up both dragons before flying away with them. At the same time, Autumn removed the two Fire Formation cards from her graveyard and placed them on the top of her deck which was then rapidly shuffled.

“Now attack her life points directly Cardinal!” shouted Autumn. Gracefully, Cardinal raced across the field to the point where everyone watching wondered if his feet ever touched the ground. When he was close enough, Cardinal swung his sword right into Strongheart’s midsection.

Little Stronheart’s Life Points: 6200

“Not bad,” said Strongheart. “Got anything else?”

Autumn shook her head as she held up both hands, revealing that they were empty. “I’ve got nothing left. You’re turn.”

Turn 5: Little Strongheart

“Ah draw then,” said Strongheart as she drew. (Hand: 1) Slowly she looked at what she had drawn, keeping her face neutral before setting it in her spell/ trap card zone. “This is all Ah can do for now."

Turn 6: Autumn Blaze

“I draw then,” Autumn shouted while drawing her card. (Hand: 1) Before looking at what she now had, Autumn took a moment to realize the flaw of her opponents deck. Sure, those monsters could make some insane combos, but it left her opponent vulnerable if the board was broken. Now, she had to build up her presence before Strongheart could get the ball rolling again. And after looking at her card, she just might be able to do that.

“I play Pot of Avarice,” said Autumn. “By sending back five monsters in my grave to the deck, I’m allowed to draw two cards. So I’ll send back Brothers Swallow, Tiger King, Bear, Buffalo, and Caribou.” After quickly adding the cards into her deck and letting the deck shuffle, two cards were ejected from the top. At once, Autumn’s eyes widened.

“Now I get to play Fire Formation- Tenki once more to add one level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior to my hand,” said Autumn as her card appeared next to her. “I’ll be adding Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Spirit. And since I successfully activated my Fire Formation spell, I can now special summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Panda right from my hand!” (2100/400) Another fireball landed on Autumn’s side of the field which was then cut open to reveal a handsome man with a thin mustache in black and orange Chinese armor. His sword was bronze and the flames surrounding him took the form of a panda with its actual coloring. Moments later, the power of Tenki raised his attack by 100. (2200/400)

“Not good,” said Strongheart as she pressed a button on her duel disk. “Ah activate my trap card: Infernity Break! Ah banish mah Infernity Patriarch in order to destroy Panda!” Lightning shot out of Strongheart’s trap card, flying across the field towards the still smiling man.

“I don’t think so!” shouted Autumn as she felt her heart race. As she spoke, her Tenki spell card turned into blue flames which snaked its way on the field and then rose to create a barrier between the lightning and Panda. “When you try to destroy my Fire Fists with a card effect, Panda allows me to send a Fire Formation card to the grave in their place. Meaning you just wasted your card! Now with that out of the way, I summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Spirit in attack mode!” (500/200) Spirit lived up to his name when he appeared on the field for its body seemed to be made of nothing but dark flames. Dressed in silver armor, it floated onto the field next to Panda who nodded at him.

“Now to summon my favorite monster! I tune my level three Spirit with my level five Panda! Spirits of legend guide the mighty spear. Tremble now as the kirin takes to the battlefield. I Synchro Summon Level 8: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Kirin!” (2000/2800) A pillar of light appeared on Autumn’s side of the field this time and it stayed that way until finally the light dimmed revealing another man in Chinese armor. This time the armor was dark green and the man had a long black beard. In his hand was a spear where black flames came out of the back, circling around the weapon until they took the form of the half dragon, half horse: the kirin. “When this monster is summoned, I can set any Fire Formation spell or trap straight from my deck.

“Time for battle! Kirin! Cardinal! Attack her directly!” Both monsters soared across the field with their weapons at the ready. Cardinal stuck first, slashing at Strongheart’s midsection before Kirin impaled her chest and sending black flames directly into her. Yet despite this, Strongheart stood her ground as the crowd cheered.

Little Strongheart Life Points: 2800

“I end my turn,” said Autumn as she glanced down at her face down: Fire Formation- Tensen. She just had to make it through this next turn and the duel would be over. She would make an amazing come from behind victory. Just one turn…

Turn 7: Little Strongheart

“Ah draw!” she cried out. (Hand: 1) She looked at what she had drawn…and smiled. “Well now this sure has been fun. But as they say ‘All good things must come to an end.’ Ah summon mah Infernity Mirage!” (0/0) Appearing on the field was a white skinned creature wearing what looked like Native American robes with a head set of red feather. “When Ah have no cards in mah hand, Ah can tribute this monster to revive two Inferinty monsters in graveyard. Time to get back to work, Necromancer and Archfiend!”

“Them again,” sighed Autumn, glancing over at the bucket of water and wondering if she should go over there and scream again.

“That’s right,” sang Strongheart. “Now Ah activate Archfiend’s effect to add another Infernity Patriarch to my hand. Then Ah’ll summon him using his special effect. Next Ah’ll use Necromancer to bring back Avenger. Ah think ya know what that means, right? Ah can tune mah Avenger with mah Necromancer and Archfiend so Ah can bring out my Hundred-Eyes Dragon once again!” A moment later Strongheart had chanted her dragon back into existence. But Autumn wasn’t scared of it since she had a trick up her sleeve. Kirin had an effect that weakened her opponent's monsters by 100. Once she activated her Tensen, one monster would get 1000 extra attack points for this turn while the other would get 300. If Hundred-Eyes tried to attack Kirin, Kirin’s attack power would rise to 3000! Not only that, but Hundred-Eyes would be at 2900 and would be destroyed in the battle. If Strongheart attacked Cardinal, then she would only lose 100 life points. Still in the game.

However, Autumn had to wonder why Strongheart hadn’t gone for another Void Ogre or Doom Dragon. Void would have negated her trap and destroyed it, allowing her to win with one attack. Maybe she didn’t have another copy. That was possible. But Doom Dragon could have destroyed her Kirin just like that. Or was she afraid her face down was another copy of Fire Formation- Tenken?

“Time to activate the effect of Hundred-Eyes,” said Strongheart. “Since Ah have no cards in mah hand, Ah can remove Necromancer from my graveyard to have my dragon copy its effect. And Ah’ll use it to bring back Archfiend!” Autumn stood there, shocked as Archfiend returned to the field once again. “Now Ah’ll build the Overlay Network this time by overlaying two level four monsters Archfiend and Patriarch!” A vortex appeared in front of Strongheart, Autumn watching in surprise as both Infernity monsters were sucked in. Once they were inside, Strongheart began to chant while a whirlwind appeared around the portal. “Two fiends give their power to your weapons. Walk down this dusty street to bring law and order! XYZ Summon Rank 4: Gagaga Cowboy!” (1500/2400) The crowd cheered louder than ever as the whirlwind suddenly ended, revealing a cowboy standing there on the field, a tattered poncho around his body and a hat on his head. The monster was on one knee, green gun pointed at Autumn.

“Time to end this,” said Strongheart. “First Ah activate myCowboy’s effect. Since he’s in defense mode, his aim is far more steady, allowing him to use an overlay unit to hit ya for 800 points of direct damage!” Autumn watched as one of the overlay materials flew into the gun which was then fired at her, almost knocking her back.

Autumn Blaze Life Points: 50

“With that out of the way my Hundred-Eyes will attack Cardinal for game!”

“Grr, I activate my trap Fire Formation- Tensen which gives Cardinal 700 extra attack points as well as granting all Beast-Warriors 300 extra attack points while it's on the field!” shouted Autumn, heart racing even more so. She knew this was pointless, but if she was going to go down she might as well go down swinging. Cardinal let out a cry as his flames increased (2800/2200) while the fire from Kirin’s spear weakened Hundred-Eyes (2900/2500). But none of that mattered as the dark blast of energy fired down at Cardinal, destroying him as he cried out.

Autumn Blaze Life Points: 0

Winner: Little Strongheart

Author's Note:

Editing done by Speculore