• Published 15th Aug 2019
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Duelist Team of Canterlot High - Brony-wan-kenobi

Six students will represent Canterlot High in a childrens card game tournament. And none of them are the main seven!

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First Round: Inferno Song

Music began to blast out of all the speakers after Sparkle Sunshine’s name had been announced. The teen girl began to bounce up and down, throwing her arms into the air before twirling her staff around above her head. As she seemed to dance about, several dozen of the male students began to gather around her. Once they surrounded her, Sparkle Sunshine slammed her staff down into the ground and began to sing through the star at its tip, the staff acting like a megaphone so that everyone in the crowd could hear.

“You're never getting any sharper with that,

so lemme be the instructor for your heart.

So you think you're some kind of hotshot, huh?”

“Naked soul wake up!” chorused the teens around her, earning a wink from Sparkle as she danced about.

“You can't pull the wool from my eyes if that's all you got,

You need to use the present continuous form, Don't you know, baby?

'Cause after 3 secs there's no guarantee that you keep me feeling so warm.

I didn't expect to get a hold of your signal but you still don't know anything,

But to step up into getting my heart throb?

NO-NO-NO, it's top secret confidential.

My lips are sealed!

STUDY NOW!! It's a love-based curriculum don't throw the book down it's only the intro,

Write it directly on your heart, like chalk on board so it couldn't be rubbed off with an eraser,

Mood determines progress!? So be prepared and don't believe in things like affinity,

The precise moment is important STUDYxSTUDY let's do some more!”

Sparkle then took a step forward, pulling her duel disk out from behind her and tossing it into the air. “Boy meets girl!” she sang as she watched her duel disk spin above her.

“It’s destiny!” chorused her backup.

“Study! Study!” sang Sparkle as her duel disk’s holder slid onto her outstretched arm, instantly locking into place.

“Love is fickle!” came the chorus.

“Boy meets a girl,” sang Sparkle as she pulled out her deck and quickly slid it into her duel disk. She then threw up her arm as lights shined on her from all directions. “All together now! Let’s begin!” As the crowd erupted into cheers, Sparkle stood there panting from the performance she had just given. Sweet was glistening off her face as she held up her fingers making the ‘V for victory’ pose.

Scowling, Moondancer put on her duel disk as she approached her corner for the duel. “Somebody is clearly desperate for attention,” she muttered as she looked over at her opponent. Yet as she looked at her, Moondancer suddenly felt like she herself was being stared at. As if eyes were gazing through her. Looking slightly alarmed, she began to look back and forth only to see that everyone in the crowd was still looking at Sparkle Sunshine. This left only one option left which was proven as soon as she turned to look behind her. Her teammates were all staring at her excitingly, as if waiting for her to do something. Even Hunter. “What?” she asked quizzically.

“Are you going to sing too?” asked Autumn in a slightly energized tone. “If you don’t have an idea, I have a few!” Next to her, Lightning smirked slightly.

“…No,” stated Moondancer flatly before turning her attention back to her opponent. Raising her duel disk, she pressed a button to connect her duel disk to Sparkle Sunshine’s so that they could speak to each other without shouting. “What even is that outfit?”

Sparkle blinked in response before pressing the same button on her duel disk. “This is a Magical Milky Girl XP cosplay costume that I made myself!” she said in a sugary up-beat tone. As she spoke, her voice was also connected to the speaker system so that the crowd could hear every word they said. “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it before? It’s only like one of the cutest magical girl anime out there right now. In fact, I wore this to the state cosplay competition this year. And I won!”

As Sparkle jumped into the air, most of the male (as well as several of the opposite gender) crowd leapt to their feet. “We love you!” they cheered, pumping fists into the air.

“I’m not really into that sort of super cute junk,” replied Moondancer, shaking her head slightly. “If I were to watch something like that, it would have to be one of the darker magical girl shows out there.”

“Should have guessed, given how depressing you dress,” stated Sparkle causing Moondancer to let out a small growl. Not because of the insult itself, but from the memories it brought back. She could still remember how Rarity harassed her endlessly, trying to give her an unneeded make-over.

“Alright girls,” came the announcer’s voice. “Let’s not keep all these good folks waiting. Since Vice-Principal Luna won the first duel Moondancer gets to decide who goes first.”

“I’ll start,” said Moondancer, her eyes narrowing as their duel disks activated.

Sparkle Sunshine Life Points: 8000

Moondancer Life Points: 8000

Turn one: Moondancer

“Let’s see,” said Moondancer as she looked at her cards. (hand: 6) “I’ll start with this, the field spell: Dragonic Diagram!” As Moondancer played her field spell, the field changed…slightly. It wasn’t anything earth shattering like Luna’s had been, warping the area into a hellish nightmare. No, all that happened was a giant golden rune appeared in the middle of the field looking like something from norse or greek mythology. “Now I activate my field’s effect; by destroying one card in my hand I can search my deck and then add a True King or True Draco card from there to my hand. So I’ll destroy my Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys in order to add my Mariamne, the True Dracophoenix to my hand.”

“A straight one for one,” mused Sparkle as Moondancer added her card to her hand, her previous card seeming to burn away in her hand and turning to ash. “Not bad I guess.”

“Now I’ll summon her to the field!” announced Moondancer as she held up her level nine monster for everyone to see. “All I have two do is destroy two cards in either my hand or my field and I can special summon her. However one of those cards has to be a wind monster. So I’ll destroy Disciple of Nephthys and Matriarch of Nephthys, both wind monsters!” (2700/2100) The two cards in her hand burst into flame in Moondancer’s hand, their ashes raising to the sky while the sound of large wing beats were heard. Looking up, the crowd gasped as a creature with six white wings descended upon the field. This massive monster landed on the ground with its four, bird like feet before shaking its long swan-like neck while its golden mane blew in the wind.

“Mariamne has another effect you should be aware of,” commented Moondacer, regaining everyone’s attention. “When she is special summoned using two wind monsters, the top four cards on top of your deck are removed from the game face down. Also, she gains three hundred attack and defense points thanks to the field spell.” (3000/2400) Mariamne let out a loud howl as Sparkle’s duel disk ejected the top three cards.

Sparkle let out a hum as she looked at the cards she was losing. “Oh no. Not Terraforming!” Moondancer frowned at the mocking tone her opponent was using. Anyone who seriously played the game wouldn’t regret losing such a powerful card unless they had another method of getting their field spell or already had it.

“With that, I end my turn,” finished Moondancer.

Turn two: Sparkle Sunshine

“Seriously, that’s it?” asked Sparkle as she drew her card. (hand: six) “Using up that many cards just to put two on the field? Sounds like bad math to me, even if you do have a descent beat stick. Oh well.” Loud cheery music began to play behind her, causing the crowd to grow excited as she twirled around. Sparkle then thrust a hand into the air while holding a card proudly in her hand. “Alright everybody! Let’s get this concert started with this: Trickstar Light Stage!” The ground shook, nearly knocking Moondancer off her feet as a stage began to rise out of the ground behind Sparkle. Multi-colored lights shone down from steel beams, lighting up the four dancing girls in various costumes that looked tacky to Moondancer.

“When this card is played, I get a free Trickstar added to my hand,” said Sparkle in a chipper, but smug tone. “So I’ll add Trickstar Lilybell to my hand. And, as a super bonus, when she is added to my hand other than drawing I get to special summon her!” (800/2000) Sparkle slammed her card onto her duel disk as the device shuffled her deck. From the stage behind her, one of the dancing girl leapt from the stage to gracefully land on the field. A girl with long pink hair, she had ornaments in her hair that resembled bells as well as carrying a large one in her hand.

“But why let her have a solo?” said Sparkle, gaining a frumpy frown from Lilybell. “I normal summon Trickstar Candina!” (1800/400) Another girl leapt from the stage and onto the field, thing time a blonde wearing a mostly yellow outfit. In her hands was a megaphone. “Isn’t she a sweetie? Her effect lets me add any Trickstar card from my deck to my hand. So I’ll add Trickstar Lycoris.” There was a slip second pause as Sparkle added her card.

“Now I’ll play the spell card: Foolish Burial,” continued Sparkle. “You know what it does, right? So I’ll just go ahead and put Trickstar Corobane in the graveyard.” Smiling with sickening sweetness, Sparkle slid her monster into the graveyard. “But that isn’t all because I also have this card: Dark Room of Nightmare!” The ground behind Moondancer began to shake, a large slab of bricked wall appearing behind her as she turned to look. “With this card in play, every time you take effect damage you’ll lose an additional three hudred! Now I guess it’s time for battle. I think I’ll start with Lilybell who loves her fans so much that she’ll sneak around security to meet them directly!” Moondancer’s eyes widened after translating what Sparkle was trying to say, Lilybell seeming to fly across the field and smack her with the giant bell which caused a ringing in her ears.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 7200

“Now the effect of Light Stage activates! Whenever one of my Trickstar does battle or effect damage, you lose 200 life points!” Lights began to shine brightly on Moondancer, causing her to lift her arms in order to shield herself. At the same time, the speakers began to emit a powerful feedback loop. Doubling the noise second by second until it mercifully ended.

Moondacer’s Life Points: 7000

“Don’t forget about Dark Room of Nightmare!” Shadows began to appear on the stone slab, moving around until they took the form of a burly man holding a whip. A loud cracking noise was heard followed by Moondancer wincing at the slight pain she felt across her back. Thankfully the holograms could not reproduce the accurate amount of pain she would have felt if this had been real. Just enough for her to know what had happened.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 6700

“With that done Lilybell’s second effect can be activated!” cheered Sparkle as she jumped up and down with joy. “When she does damage to you, I can add one Trickstar monster from my graveyard to my hand. Lucky me I have one on my first turn.”

“You’re really starting to annoy me,” muttered Moondancer as she watched Sparkle return the card in her graveyard to her hand.

“Oh, don’t say that,” replied Sparkle with a slight whine in her tone. “Now I discard Corobane to activate her effect, doubling the attack of my Candina so I can take care of that monster of yours!” A golden glow surrounded Candina (3600) as she raised her megaphone to her lips. She then let out an ear piercing melody that sent Moondancer to her knees, barely able to hear the screams of everyone ease. As for Mariamne, the sound was so great that it exploded, leaving behind many feathers before they too left the field. At the same time, Sparkle’s Light Stage made its own encore followed by another whip strike from Dark Room of Nightmare.

Moondancer’s Life Point: 5600

“When Mariamne is destroyed, I can add one Wyrm monster from my deck to my hand as long as its not a wind monster,” said Moondancer as she slowly got to her feet. “I choose True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” said Sparkle as she revealed a card from her hand. “But before that happens, I’ll activate the quick effect of Trickstar Lycoris letting me send Lilybell back to my hand and special summon her in attack mode!” (1600/1200) Once again, one of Sparkle’s girls leapt from the stage and onto the field. This time it was a dark haired girl in a red outfit, carrying in her hand a sword. “And her effect means that every time you add a card to your hand, you lose 200 life points. So, since you’re adding a card to your hand, that’s four hundred points of damage thanks to both my monster and my stage! And don’t forget about Dark Room of Nightmare which takes an extra three hundred of your life points for each.” More light and sound struck Moondancer from the front while another sting ran across her back.

Moondancer’s Life Point’s: 4600

“And that was just her effect!” continued Sparkle as she twirled around once. “She still has an attack to give!” Lycoris appeared in front of Moondancer, slashing her across the chest with her blade while at the same time Light Stage began to bombard her with noise. Moondancer would have fallen on her back, but the strike from Dark Room of Nightmare caused her to stumble forward and land face down in the ground still clutching her cards.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 2500

“Oh dear,” said Sparkle in her sweet, fake concerned voice as she placed a hand on her cheek. “It’s only the second turn and I’ve nearly taken nearly all of your life points. And you haven’t even scratched me once. This must be super embarrassing. But I suppose it can’t be helped coming from a school that took fair play to such a ridiculous level.”

“It’s not over yet,” said Moondancer as she slowly got to her hands and knees. Around her the crowd had gone back to their double stomp followed by a hand clap which seemed to deafen everything else out. Looking up, Moondancer saw that Sparkle wasn’t even listening to her but instead waving at the crowd as if she had already won.

“Might as well be,” muttered Lightning as she stood there on the sidelines, arms crossed in front of her as she watched the duel play out in front of her.

“I know,” whispered Autumn with a nod. “No matter what she does, Moondancer will get burned with more and more damage. Draws a card: get burned. Use a spell or trap card: gets burned. Gets attacked: gets burned. That girl has made a deck powerful enough for her to get into Crystal Prep!”

“Well, Moondancer might win,” suggested Wallflower. “She still has life points.”

“That’ll depend on what she draws,” said Pharynx as he brought a hand to his chin. “But she’ll need to get rid of those spell cards if she wants to have any chance. They’re some of the most aggressive pyro monsters I’ve ever seen before.”

“…They’re not pyro monsters,” said Hunter, who kept his eyes on the field. More importantly, he kept his eyes on Moondancer as she remained there. He wanted to run over and help her get up, but the rule forbade him from entering the field out of fear that he might slip her a card that might help or whisper some strategy that might help her win. Not that he needed to do that for he knew what Moondancer already had planned. When her turn began she would-

“WHAT!!” yelled his entire team, startling Hunter so much that he jumped. Spinning around to look at them, Hunter saw that their eyes were fixed on him with shock and amazement.

“There’s no way those things aren’t pyro monsters!” yelled Lightning as she pointed to the twin monster girls on the field. “I mean, that’s mostly what pyro is most known for: burning your opponent. Heck, a lot of fire monsters have burn effects!”

“Well, they’re not,” replied Hunter simply. “Their fairy type. Heck, they’re not even fire attribute. They’re light.”

“Well, better wrap this up,” said Sparkle as she spun around to face Moondancer again. A sinister smile crept over her face as she set one card face down. “I think I’ll leave you with this little surprise and call it a turn.”

Turn three: Moondancer

“You got this Moondancer!” Moondancer, still on all fours, turned to look behind her. Standing there was Hunter, hands cupped around his mouth to ensure that she could hear him while the rest of her teammates looked dazed for some reason. Like if they just had their minds blown from a zen riddle or the like. Blushing and smiling slightly, Moondancer stood up tall.

“Yeah, I know,” she said as she drew. (hand: five) As she added the card to her hand, Sparkle’s cards went into effect. Lycoris struck her for two hundred, followed by another two hundred from Light Stage, and finishing up with three hundred from Dark Room of Nightmare.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 1800

However, Moondancer didn’t fall this time nor did she sway. She intead stood her ground as the field burst into flames. The crowd gasped and a few people screamed. Some even leapt to the feet moving up the bleachers trying to get away from the flames. And across the field, Sparkle seemed just as startled as everyone else.

“What…What’s going on?” she demanded.

“During my standby phase, the effects of the Nephthys monsters I destroyed last turn take effect,” replied Moondancer calmly. “Starting with my Scared Phoenix of Nephthys! She returns to the field and in the process destroys all spell and trap cards in play!” (2400/1600)

“What?!? No!” screamed Sparkle as she looked around, her hands on the side of her face as it contorted into horror. The markings on the ground from Moondancer’s field spell were burnt away while at the same time the stage behind Sparkle began to melt. Dark Room of Nightmare as well as her face down card exploded while a large creature rose from the flames. The creature looked like a bird made from golden metal, with long thin human like arms coming from its side as orange and red flames erupted from its wings.

“But that’s not all,” continued Moondancer as the flames had yet to subside. “Matriarch of Nephthys also returns to the field in defense mode!” (600/600) Rising up from the flames appeared a young woman with flames spreading behind her arms like wings. This bronze skinned woman was dressed in a white gown with golden wrappings around her exposed feet and arms. On her head was a headdress that again bore a striking resemblance to a bird, helped in part by the draping that went down her chest ending in red feathers. “Then there’s Disciple’s effect which, during my standby phase, I can add one Nephthys spell or trap card from my deck to my hand. So I’ll be adding Last Hope of Nephthys.”

“That Hope will cost you!” shouted Sparkle as her Lycoris activated its effect, burning Moondancer of 200 more life points.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 1600

“A small price to pay,” declared Moondancer as she inserted her next card into her duel disk. “Because now I’ll play my Last Hope of Nephthys. I target one other Nephthys card I control and one card you control, destroying both of them. So for my side I destroy Matriarch while for you monster I choose Candina.” The crowd gasped as Matriarch flew across the field, its fiery wings becoming an inferno as it did so. Once it was in front of Candina, Matriarch wrapped her arms around the younger girl before they both burst into flames and ashes.

“No way,” whispered Sparkle as she looked at the field. Then, something must have clicked in her brain as her shock turned into annoyance. “Hey, why didn’t you take any burn damage? Candina’s effect-”

“Burns me with two hundred damage after the card resolves,” said Moondancer as she pulled up Sparkle’s card on her own duel disk display. “However, in order for this to work, your monster needs to still be on the field. Since that’s not the case, I’ll take no damage.”

“But that’s,” began Sparkle before crossing her arms and looking away in a pouty fashion. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter really. You barely have any life points left. I can finish you off without her effect.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” said Moondancer as she played her next card. “I activate the ritual spell Rebirth of Nephthys to summon Devotee of Nephthys!” The ground began to break as a stone temple erupted from the earth behind her. On top of this temple sat the giant statue of a creature that was mostly bird like. It stood on its talons, wings somewhat outstretched on a rounded body with a long neck, its head looking down at Moondancer. Yet the creature also had two small arms for some reason. Leading up to the stature was a flight of stone steps with basins filled with flames helping to light the path. “In order to use this card I need to tribute a monster in my hand or field with an equal or greater level as the Ritual Monster I’m bringing out. So a copy of itself will work perfectly!”

Moondancer held up one of her ritual monster cards high into the air as she began to chant, the flames in the basins turning a ghostly blue as she did so. “Your faith has now been witnessed by the goddess. Be not afraid as you accept her blessings of death and rebirth. Ritual Summon Level Two: Devotee of Nephthys!” (1200/1200) The blue flames shot from the basins to spiral around the card that Moondancer held, expanding outwards to form a twister of fire. As quickly as it began, the fires died down to reveal another bronze skinned woman. Devotee wore an attire of blue with matching wrappings around both her feet and arms. Upon her head was a headdress with an elaborate bird’s face sticking out of the top with a bright blue feather in the middle. Long wrapped blue tassels flowed down her sides ending with flat light blue cloth. Finally, behind her were blue flames that looked like a long teal feather.

“Since I used a Devotee of Nephthys as the tribute of this ritual, my spell card has another effect with lets me destroy one card on the field,” continued Moondancer with a smirk as she looked at Lycoris. Behind her, the statue began to crack with lights shinning out from the openings. In a sudden burst the statue exploded, destroying Lycoris in the process.

“No!” yelled Sparkle as her field was made barren.

“Yes,” said Moondancer as Devotee held up her arms toward the sky, her hands covered in blue flames. “What’s more, when I Ritual Summoned my Devotee, her effect lefts me special summon to the field one Nephthys monster in my deck. And I choose a second Sacred Phoenix!” Flames shot out of Devotee’s hands high into the sky before twisting around into a circle. Acting like a portal, another one of Moondancer’s large golden bird-like beasts flew onto the field.

“Now I’ll attack you directly with all three of my monsters!” announced Moondancer as she pointed at Sparkle. The twin Scared Phoenixes roared in unison as they flew towards Sparkle Sunshine, flames flowing down off of their winds like a waterfall and onto the field as they did so. With nothing to defend herself, Sparkle was forced to take both of them as Devotee walked calmly towards her with her hands covered in blue flames. As her hands balled into fists, the blue flames became like daggers right before Devotee struck Sparkle in the gut.

Sparkle Sunshine’s Life Points: 2000

“Damn!” shouted Lightning as she made an uppercut motion in the air. “Never knew four-eyes there could be so savage, roasting her opponent like that. Look at her, their life points are nearly the same now.”

“That’s not all,” said Hunter. “Light Stage is Limited on the ban list. Meaning that she just destroyed the only one allowed in Sparkle’s deck. Unless she has a way to bring it back from the grave, we won’t be getting an encore.”

At the same time, Moondancer looked at her cards as her opponent stood with her head down and smoke coming off of her body. Ok, that was good enough to keep me in the game but I wish I could have done better. If only I had my Cerulean Phoenix I might have been able to finish this. Moondancer slightly shook her head. No time to think about what I wish I could have done, right now I need to focus on what I can do. I could destroy my Devotee and Phoenix in order to bring out Agnimazud…but it might be a waste. I’d rather bring him back when I have two fire monsters on the field so I can banish one of her annoying pop stars. That would be best.

“I end my turn,” announced Moondancer as Devotee was suddenly covered in blue flames. “And, as my turn end, I say goodbye to Devotee!” Grinning, Moondancer’s monster departed from the field.

“My concert,” whispered Sparkle as she began to stagger, the arm holding her cards dropping to her side. “The stage is ruined, the singers disbanded. Everything is ruined.” She then turned around to look at the crowd. “What do you all say? Think we can manage a reunion tour?” The crowd went nuts, most of them jumping out of their seats to cheer on their school’s duelist.

Turn Four: Sparkle Sunshine

“That’s what I thought,” said Sparkle as she drew. (hand: four) “You messed with the show and now the manager will make you pay! I play the spell card Monster Reborn to return Trickstar Corobane to the field in attack mode!” (2000/1000) Appearing on the field was another young woman, with long light purplish hair that was wrapped up in a spiked scrunchy. Her outfit almost seemed to have a Christmas theme to it, with holly attacked to her hat with berries in her dress, while carrying a staff.

“Next I’ll normal summon my Quick-Span Knight!” (1000/800) A new monster appeared on the field, one that confused Moondancer. All of Sparkle’s monsters so far had been dancing and singing girls, yet this one was clearly a machine. This purple coated robot had a wrench for a head and carried on in its silvery hands. “In case you didn’t know, Quick-Span is a level three tuner! And I’ll tune him with my level five Corobane! When the music ends and the crowd goes home, a figure arises. Blood, sweat, and tears he demands to help these girls become shinning stars! Synchro Summon Level 8: Blood Mefist!” (2800/1300) Both of Sparkle’s monsters vanished in a pillar of light and when it faded, a pool of reddish black liquid landed on the field with a squish. Then, rising up, the liquid formed a new monster. Like a ghost or a snake, it had no legs only a long black tail connected to a humanoid torso. It wore a black top hat on top of its pale, pointy eared head while also carrying a chain with a human skull on the top.

“Now get this, since I used Quick-Span Knight as for a Synchro Summon, one of your monsters loses 500 attack points,” explained Sparkle as one of Moondancer’s Scared Phoenixes diminished slightly. “Blood Mefist, show her what happens when you ruin a perfectly good concert! Bloody Bullets!” Blood Mefist held out its hands, tucking the chain under its armpit, as dozens of liquid orbs came out of its gloved hands. These orbs shot across the field in a barrage, hitting the weakened Phoenix and destroying it.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 700

“With that done, I’ll set this card and pass it to you,” said Sparkle as holographic card appeared on her field.

Turn Five: Moondancer

“Then I draw,” cried Moondancer as she drew. (Hand: three) “And during my standby phase Matriarch of Nephthys returns to the field!”

“I know,” said Sparkle with a grin. “But did you know that my monster has an effect that activates during the standby phase as well? No? Well get this: for each card on your side of the field, he deals you with 300 points of damage!” This time Blood Mefist held up his staff, sending out a ghostly blast that hit both of Moondancer’s monsters, passing through them, and striking Moondancer herself.

Moondancer’s Life Points: 100

“You should also know this,” continued Sparkle. “Each time you set a spell or trap card, you’ll lose more life points! In fact, do it once and you lose! But before that, I activate my trap: Trickstar Reincarnation! This card banishes your entire hand and then you get to draw cards equal to the number you banished. So it you were hoping for that True King monster to bail you out you can forget it!”

Frowning, Moondancer pocketed her hand and drew three new cards. It was upsetting that her plan had been so easily foiled, but what could she do? It was a legit card. However, she paused when she saw what she had just drawn…and smiled.

“Thank you for that,” said Moondancer, surprising Sparkle. “You just helped me get the cards I needed to end this duel in my favor!”

“No way!” shouted Sparkle. “I don’t believe you!”

“Then watch as I play Pre-Preparation of Rites,” said Moondancer as she held out her card. “This lets me add one ritual spell card from my deck to my hand and one ritual monster whose name is listed on the card. So I choose another copy of Rebirth of Nephthys and Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys! Then, I’ll ritual summon him using the original Scared Phoenix as a tribute!”

Once again, the temple appeared behind Moondancer as she began to chant while her Phoenix was consumed by blue flames. “Oh great beast of the underworld, hear my call. Spread your wings and soar from the ashes of the nether flames into the world of the living. Ritual Summon! Level Eight: ‘Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys’!” (3000/1000) The flames began to die down, revealing her Phoenix to the crowd. It’s metallic body was no longer golden but blue with ghostly blue flames coming out from in back of its head and wings. Its size had also increased, no doubt due to its increased power.

But that wasn’t the only thing that had changed. The blue flames from Cerulean flowed down onto the field and headed towards Moondancer. They wrapped themselves around her body, becoming a tight form fitting dress while also sending her hair flying backwards in an invisible wind.

“Ok, it’s big,” said Sparkle with a loud gulp. “But even if it destroys my monster, I’ll still be in the game and win the next turn! Count on it!”

“If you had another turn, you would be right,” said Moondancer with a nod. “But you won’t have one because of Cerulean’s effect. I can destroy Nephthys monsters in either my hand or the field to destroy an equal number of cards you control. And I just so happen to have one.” Matriarch of Nephthys nodded as its body was lifted by the blue flames of Cerulean and consumed by them. Cerulean then opened its mouth and fired a ball of flames that hit Blood Mefist and incinerated it on the spot.

“No!” screamed Sparkle as he only defense was destroyed.

“As I said,” said Moondancer, her monster preparing to launch another fireball. “You won’t be getting another turn.” And with that, Cerulean fired its attack at Sparkle directly. It’s blue flames turned white as they approached her, covering the entire side of her field and drowning out her scream while her life points dropped to zero.

Author's Note:

Sparkle Sunshine was based on Serafall Leviathan from Highschool DxD and the song she sand was the first ending credits song