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This story is a sequel to Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars

Star Hunter's life has gone through many up and downs. From leaving his neglectful parents to stay with his aunt, his brother getting arrested, getting a one of a kind deck for the most popular game on the planet, becoming Captain of the High School Dueling team, having his brother return and challenging him to a Shadow Game. Pretty crazy stuff.

Hopefully things will cool down now at Canterlot High...right?

Join Star Hunter, Moondancer, Wallflower Blush and the rest of the Dueling Team as they continue their High School lives as they continue down the path of the duelist.

A continuation of Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars, set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

Edited by Speculore

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So Starry Fields has a Gaia Knight deck, eh? Not going to lie: that's fairly interesting; also, love the connection between the siblings via Red-Eyes Black Dragon; keep up the good work, Brony-wan-kenobi... 😊

I'm so happy that a sequel is coming out, the end of the last one was closed so I thought the series would end, I'll love to read it, but I'll save it for when I have several chapters

There were other decks that were considered like Ursartic and Starry Knights and just splashing in Red-Eye, but it just felt lazy to me. I felt like this also gave a bit more to her character that the reader could interpret however they wanted

(nods) that's fair, I suppose; I look forward to seeing what else you end up doing here... 😄

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