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This is a really good start to a promising story.
The chemistry between Windy Whistles and Evershy(Mrs. Shy) is really touching and I can imagine them interacting like this in some way.

Things are starting to heat up.

That plot twist with the captain was amazing. I liked this chapter a lot.

Glad to hear. I never know how turns like that are going to go over. 👍

Welp. We got Joker now boys.

I would be on board for a sequel to this, especially with the other moms.
This great overall.

A ship is still bound to (most of) the laws of the country it’s registered in, even on the high seas. So, depending on the country, the drugs might be cool, but the chances are that things like battery, rape, and murder will be prosecuted.

Gods dammit, they stuck him in Arkham, didn’t they?

Not exactly. :pinkiesmile: My overall goal is to make this a series and I plan to keep Solstice as an antagonist. I just can't say when I'll finally be able to get to work on the story.

So any chance of a sequel and why didn't they find out what really killed the Captain?

I do intend to do a sequel at some point, it's on my laundry list of projects that I'm trying to keep up with. 👍 As far as that death in particular, it wasn't so much the how as it was obviously a murder; the drive was more focused on the fact that it occurred and the length of time he had been dead. I know I mentioned an autopsy, but that is a natural part of the investigative process and is mentioned mostly to keep the aftermath as realistic as possible.


I see, well I wonder what Fluttershy and Rainbow do when they hear what happened on the cruise that their mothers were on, I bet they will be shocked and scared for them.

what about the gun tho.

shoot him

What are the roads in Cloudsdale made of in the story?

The natural chaos of the crowded scene would honestly remove it from conscious play. Plus, Ben's hand would be too big to use it and the Twins' talons would pose the same problem. I can't imagine Evershy every picking up a gun which would leave Daydream and Windy as the sole possibilities to use it; but again, with all that was happening at once I can't imagine it being in the forefront of their minds. A fair question though. :pinkiesmile:

Just plain old asphalt. I'm not utilizing any fantasy elements when it comes to the settings in this universe. The cities, locations and technology are all as we understand them in our own modern world.

That was quite the adventure. Pretty good world building and characterization. Everyone felt real if not a little odd in the twins case. Don't get me wrong; I loved them. They added an interesting element and helped show that Windy wasn't a shallow mare that was just interested in "big jocks". You can probably tell from my comments on other stories that I'm a fan of polyamory and to a lesser extent swinging. What I'm not a fan of is deception & cheating. I get a sense that Windy & Bow have an understanding because Windy has hinted if not out right expressed her feelings for Evershy. I'm glad Evershy recognizes the need to come clean with her husband and I'd like to think Windy will do the same with hers. I imagine the sequel will show how things will go for them so that is next on my reading list. Good job evoking emotions and telling a riveting story Marezinger Z. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Thank you. In spite of the mildly fantastic nature of the some events, I am looking to maintain a realistic feeling with the characters in this universe. Situations like this are complicated and things don't just fall into place neatly, which is what is the sequel goes into as Evershy and Windy head home. I'm taking some liberties to reorganize a few things in the character's lives as this universe continues to expand and I'm hoping it will catch on. I hope you find the sequel just as strong if not stronger.

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