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I'm down with that. I like how you dealt with each reaction of Bow and Cirrius to the aftermath of Evershy and Windy's cruise.
I know I'm going to follow this.

Great work keep it up

Thanks. I've been looking forward to continuing this series. Also, I certainly want what is happening to feel real and I knew the way I portrayed their reactions was going to be a big part of creating that sense of reality.

will there be pregnancies in the story?

Hadn't planned on it. Mostly this story will be about Windy and Evershy's evolving relationship. It will also set up some future events and after this I will move into the next story which will focus on a new pair of the mothers within this same established universe.

Another great chapter.

This was heartbreaking and heartfelt at the same time. Now I assume the hard stuff is going to come in when it comes to Fluttershy (and I assume Zephyr) attempting to cope with her parents seperation. Curse that cruise ship captain.

Not going to lie, I was making myself sad writing Cirrus' dialogue. :fluttershysad:

I know religion isn't a thing in the MLP world proper, but Fluttershy's dad strikes me as the type. In many ways her mom too, which is why I went with giving her a traditional and more conservative background that obviously impacted her life in ways she is just now realizing.

Given the narrative of this story, I'm ok with RD and Fluttershy so long as it doesn't take over the story and isn't distracting.
Although, I am curious as to what you'll do with Zephyr's reaction to this news; although, I expect Cirrius might tell him first for some reason and it might lead him to doing bachelor stuff with his son or something.

PS: Will Bow ever join in on Windy and Evershy for a threesome? I couldn't help but ask.

The daughters aren't a long stretch of the story so it doesn't impact the narrative. As for Bow, he and Evershy will definitely be getting closer than they imagined. :raritywink:

Looks like Windy is thinking what I was thinking last chapter in her own way I think.
Can't wait for the next update.

Thank you. LIke Windy, you made my dreams (about this story-chapter) come true. I also like how you handled Evershy resolving to do this as part of her moving on from her husband. Keep up the good work.

And thus the shit hit the fan.

Lemme guess, Cirrus gets taken hostage?

1. I like how Bow still has some guilt in him despite living every man's(or in his case stallions) dream.
2. Glad you made a nod to Zephyr in this chapter even if it was breif.
3. Looks like things are about to get intense now that Solstice escaped.


Things will get heated, but not exactly yet. You see this story wasn't supposed to be the second; my original intent was to write multiple stories in the same universe with each starring a pair of mothers that I wanted to use and with each story being a different blend of genre. Once that was done, I was going to write a final story that involved all the moms with Solstice as one of the main antagonists. I realized though I couldn't move on without writing this first, otherwise everyone would be wondering about all the drama that would naturally happen when Windy and Evershy got home. This story is almost over and its main purpose is to wrap up the first story and stabilize Windy and Evershy's lives; also to set up Solstice for the future. So, if this story leaves people hanging a bit more than they'd like I apologize in advance, but we'll get there.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Shy are now divorced permanently or will they get back together?

The divorce is a permanent development for them in this story series.

so if they can access the cruise records why cant insane guy?

I'm glad that Windy and the others aren't living in fear and all but they better really be ready for Solstice in case he comes to them. Although, I get the feeling he might be going after Cirrius too since I'm sure he knows where Evershy used to live.


You guys keep getting ahead of me. Lol :twilightsmile:

Begining Sex scene was amazing. Glad to see that Windy, Evershy, and Bow are getting ready to protect themselves. Looking forward to the next story you do relating to this world.

Excellent follow up and it certainly poked some feels for me. I admire Evershy's courage to pursue her happiness. The conversation she had with Bow well written and insightful. Said a lot about how important Windy is to them and hinted how important they'll be too each other. Windy really is a lucky mare. It was great seeing the boys again though the news they brought was disturbing. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the next story in the series.

Glad you liked it, the set up at the end will be on the back burner for now as the next stories will focus on other mother pairs in their own adventures that will develop their characters in this world. Eventually all paths will cross which is where Windy and Evershy's story will come back into play.

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