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I almost went to be until I saw this. Had to start reading it now.
Strong start. Looking forward to reading more.
I can imagine Stellar Flare being a business like this. It just makes so much sense.
Interesting use of Cloudy Quartz. I'm surprised Igenous is dead in this but given where you (might) go with this I think that's probably for the best; meaning you couldn't pull the same stunt like you did with Citrius, Evershy, and Windy Whistles.

Another great chapter. Looking foward to seeing where things go.

Good chapter. You really capture Stellar Flare's personality in this one. I also like how it seems she has trouble attaching heself to other creatures or ponies. I assume there is a story there.

Yes. This story is going to arc with Stellar and Cloudy both coming to terms with how they are handling relationships or the lack thereof.

I do wonder if Cloudy Quartz and Stellar Flare will get it on together in the future?

Great work keep it up

I wonder if Cloudy and Stellar will talk about their husbands in the future? Also, I do hope that there will be some scenes of big MILF booty action in the story. Other than that, I’m loving the story so far, so keep up the great work on it and I hope the next chapters come out!

I'm happy for Stellar Flare; glad she didn't kick Arcus out this time.
I hope Cloudy gets some action at some point.

I won't leave Cloudy hanging. :raritywink:

I liked how Cloudy interacted with Earnhardt; I can feel a connection growing between them.
Really like how Stellar Flare is still conflicted with her feelings but at the same time won't be intimidated by this spirit.
Each chapter gets better as this story/series continues.

The argument between Cloudy and Stellar was perfect; one trying ot open her heart but feels it might be a let down while the other does not want to open her heart in fear of betrying the one she loved even after he's gone. I'll admit that I was a little worried about how you killed of Igneous for this story but I'm glad to see the payoff it's doing and how it effects Cloudy's chraracter.

I also like the nod you made to Twilight Velvet too; looking forward to seeing who she'll pair up with in the next sequel (assuming you'll still do more sequels of this series).

This was a really sweet chapter. Loved the interaction between Stellar and Arcus and I liked that Cloudy is taking steps into the dating-sex world after a long time.

Wonder if Stellar and Arcus’ night of fucking will coincide with Cloudy’s own time of lovemaking?

I'm really happy for Cloudy Quartz. She found a way to move on (but slowly) and try new things.
From what it looks like, the next chapter might be the last one; or at least second to last.

Looks like things are going well for the two MILFs. I hope that they’ll be able to figure out the local legend before leaving.

I kind of want to see Cloudy experiment even more in bed.

Zoinks, scooby-doo-ing has been taking on a whole new level of pettiness and greed.

Dang, this was an intense chapter.

Is Sleight the same guy who faced off against Mrs. Shy and Windy Whistles or someone different?

He's a different villain for this story.

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