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Very good story.

As far as canon goes, I actually think Starlight is probably still a virgin. I don't see her doing anything with any pony after Sunburst left because she never got close to anyone after that.

As for Our Town...I don't see her taking that risk considering how easy that make up could come off.

As for after,.. it just doesn't seem like anything is happening between her and Sunburst, if that shyness of her seeing him without his cloak means anything. And her and Trixie can't see to go long without them arguing, so I don't see anything happening there.

The most affection from anyone Starlight actually seems to get comes from Twilight .

This is quite good. Educational sex is one of my favorite things ever, and Thorax was adorable. I'd enjoy seeing more.

It's good can't wait till next chapter

I'm inclined to believe you on the canon but I admittedly had to sweep some of it under the rug on this one. Glad you enjoyed it.

Congrats on the brief feature; well deserved!

It's a great story. I feel like I know what's going to happen next chapter. Is it a gang bang?
Nah. probably not but it's a good story. Well, in the very least, it's better than mine anyway. Titanhades70 can confirm that.
So,uh, nice work. Um, yeah.

It took me a bit but I finally got the title. I was like oh... ooooooh. Gotcha.

Will this story have any sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

Well, I have parts 3, 4 and 5 already mapped out in my head. Something in part 4 should pertain to that a bit, but I Imagine part 2 is as close as that is going to be realized. At least as far as I've rough drafted to this point.

I was kinda wanting a Starlight Thorax and a Trixie Pharax pairing but this works too.

That one hell of a story! :raritywink: This is going to be awesome :rainbowkiss:

My heartstrings are beings pulled hard! :pinkiesad2: Well done :moustache:

Pretty sure Twilight enjoy the night with at least a bit of enviouse desires unfullfilled :rainbowlaugh:

I considered putting something about that in but it ultimately got cut from the draft. I decided to keep the spicy stuff limited to the main 3 characters.

This chapter... sooo good :rainbowkiss:

Very Lovely. Good chapter and something worth a friendshipletter for Celestia. Second part would maybe even worth Add something for herself

I'm going to have an aneurysm.

They get pregnant. Would not be surprised.

I dont see why Changelings couldnt do this before the invasion :applejackunsure:

Damn fine Work :raritystarry: This Story could go on FOREVER and never get less Interessting with so many combinations :eeyup:

Oh that was hot, and exactly why I am into 'lings.

Hey, com e on now, ain't nothin' wrong with Thorax wearing the dress, Trixie'd be hot in a tux!

Awe inspiring Story. :yay: Thanks a lot :raritystarry:

“Yes.” She nodded with a languid smile. “Take me however you want.” She was caught off guard as he pulled out and flipped her over, going along with things she raised her rear and nestled down on her forelegs. She heard the distinct sound of his shape shifting magic and turned back to see a large, grey dire wolf eyeing her hungrily. Before she could utter a sound he mounted her, his paws grasping her shoulders and forcing her down. His now long, smooth canine penis plunged into her and a guttural moan fell from her mouth at the new feeling. She glanced over to see a row of sharp teeth bobbing in her peripheral as he roughly thrusted into her. A low, impassioned growl drifted into her ear and though she knew it was still Thorax she felt a fleeting twinge of fear that excited her greatly. She started pushing back into him in rhythm with his movements, the added sensation of his knot driving her wild. Starlight felt herself building again but before she could reach the threshold he stopped. She heard him change again and felt herself rise from the bed as he took the form of a bear and picked her up; he pinned her against the wall and drove his reshaped member into her again. A deep growl filled the room and sent shivers through Starlight. It was in this moment that she realized just how powerful the sweet hearted Changeling actually was; even though he wasn’t hurting her in the slightest, the feeling of being completely overpowered and at his mercy was thrilling. Her legs dangled as he pounded her and all she could do was hold onto his broad shoulders and lose herself completely. Her eyes widened a bit as he parted his jaws. He wrapped them around her neck and lightly sank his teeth into her skin, fully exploiting her personal turn on. The aggressive sex, the hot breath on her neck and his rumbling growls reverberating through her body sent her over the edge. “Thorax… I’m… I’m cumming!” She squirmed and bucked in his arms, crying out in sheer ecstasy as she climaxed again. He released her neck and backed away from the wall, holding her close as her pleasure ran its course.

What troubles me is that Thorax doesn't communicate with Starlight the things he wanted to do with her even though he was told earlier that communication was vital to any relationship.

Well, just before that Starlight does say she wants him to take the lead and do whatever he wanted to her. I kind of reversed the consenting in that scene because I didn't want to interrupt the flow with him asking, 'can I turn into this, now' multiple times. I see how it can be misconstrued when it comes to the overall lesson about communication, but basically she communicated that he could go wild on her.

“That was amazing.” He said weakly. “What was that overwhelming feeling?”

“We call that an orgasm.” She explained.

“I like orgasms.” He noted in his stupor.

We all do buddy, we all do :raritywink:

This is sweet. I have no choice but to give you, at minimum, three ❤ ❤ ❤.

“Well, that’s great then.” Twilight sat back down. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She giggled.

“That’s… a pretty long list Twilight.” Starlight said with a smile as she headed back out.

After about five seconds, Twilight whipped her head back towards the door. “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!?”

This. This made me laugh.

Very nice and lovely story ^^

Some good instincts, but the pacing seems very rushed.

Slow down, give some details, and show your characters reacting to what’s going on.

This might seem twisted of me to say, but I would love to see a sequel where they decide they want to try something incredibly wild to spice up their sex life further and arrange an orgy, either with their friends or with the hive. I love that mix of awkwardness, romance, and lust that often results from stuff like that.

I've been considering a shorter sequel ever since I wrote this and it is basically going to be about the wedding. More comedy/romance than porn, which may or may not put off readers of this story.

Dang. Why not do both though, and then say one of them isn't canon to your story or something? xp


Ooo, this looks fun. I only read the first little bit, but I love the fact it has good grammar and I like the plot hook. I can see myself coming back to it. Does it have actual story and character development as well?

>implying I ever get back to my Read It Later list

Yes, it's a sweet love story and has been one of my most popular works. I hope you do get a chance to check it out. 👍


It's got 2,900 views so my expectations are high.

Gotta love the royal showers.


As for Our Town...I don't see her taking that risk considering how easy that make up could come off.

She also didn't have sex with anypony in "Our Town" because she's not a rapist, I mean she could mind control them but she could've done so with the Mane 6 as well and the towns ponies seem to have their free will because Starlight has to hide her cutie mark so she obviously gave them a choice when they joined.

As for after,.. it just doesn't seem like anything is happening between her and Sunburst, if that shyness of her seeing him without his cloak means anything. And her and Trixie can't see to go long without them arguing, so I don't see anything happening there.

No argument there, she's definitely a virgin. Yeah she probably is too shy to even do anything sexual.

The most affection from anyone Starlight actually seems to get comes from Twilight.

I agree on that, but Spike also has his moments of being a good friend to Starlight.

"Being with both of you, especially right now, I feel the same thing I felt back when I was still feeding under Chrysalis’ rule. At first that sounded odd to me, but then I realized that we fed off of love.” He smiled. “Which means that love is what I’m feeling right now.” He pulled them close. “I love you.” They roused fully at his confession. “I love you both so much, I always want to be with you.”

“Thorax.” Starlight looked up at him, taken by his words.

Trixie sniffled, having started to cry. Deep down she already knew that she had fallen in love but didn’t want to jinx it by daring to say it out loud. “I love you too, Thorax.” She looped her forelegs around his neck with a blissful smile. Thorax hugged her and brushed his cheek against hers.

The feels, so glad this isn't just clop

Thanks. I think that the 'why' behind characters' intimacy in a story like this is just as important as the intimacy itself.

This part is a little more 'feels' than sex; but hey, it's a love story too

It's alright, the I'm more here for the feels than the clop

Thorax, Starlight and Trixie got their share of dirty looks but they were well beyond caring. They enjoyed the rest of the night and proudly displayed their affection for each other with their friends at their side.

This and the rest of the end of this chapter almost brought a tear to my eye, I'm so glad you focused on the relationship side of things throughout this story

I like stories like this. reasonably long with a short chapters, not being focused on just the 'pleasure', and having a few giggles here and there

“I was only gone for like seven minutes.”

i see what you did there

Same here, I'm not really good at doing pure 'porn' stories and I think they're better when they are more well-rounded with other elements.

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