• Published 19th Apr 2019
  • 4,239 Views, 50 Comments

Starlight and Trixie's Changeling Sex Ed - Marezinger Z

Thorax asks for Starlight and Trixie's help when the hive starts asking questions he doesn't have the answers to.

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Hey, com e on now, ain't nothin' wrong with Thorax wearing the dress, Trixie'd be hot in a tux!

Awe inspiring Story. :yay: Thanks a lot :raritystarry:

OMG loved this story.

Glad to hear, thank you.

Very nice and lovely story ^^

This might seem twisted of me to say, but I would love to see a sequel where they decide they want to try something incredibly wild to spice up their sex life further and arrange an orgy, either with their friends or with the hive. I love that mix of awkwardness, romance, and lust that often results from stuff like that.

I've been considering a shorter sequel ever since I wrote this and it is basically going to be about the wedding. More comedy/romance than porn, which may or may not put off readers of this story.

Dang. Why not do both though, and then say one of them isn't canon to your story or something? xp


Ooo, this looks fun. I only read the first little bit, but I love the fact it has good grammar and I like the plot hook. I can see myself coming back to it. Does it have actual story and character development as well?

>implying I ever get back to my Read It Later list

Yes, it's a sweet love story and has been one of my most popular works. I hope you do get a chance to check it out. 👍


It's got 2,900 views so my expectations are high.

Thorax, Starlight and Trixie got their share of dirty looks but they were well beyond caring. They enjoyed the rest of the night and proudly displayed their affection for each other with their friends at their side.

This and the rest of the end of this chapter almost brought a tear to my eye, I'm so glad you focused on the relationship side of things throughout this story

please do more like this

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