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After the events of Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding, Luna desperately needs some help relaxing. Lucky for her, Cadance knows the perfect place to help her do just that.

Written for CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest

Editing thank yous to Pretty Penne and Sepia, and added thanks to Silent Whisper and Sprocket for pre-reading.

As always a very special thank you to Manifest Harmony for her endless support and encouragement, amazing cover art, and for creating The Clocktower Society where this take place.

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Wow! The snuggle den finally becomes written! About time.

8518229 Glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, as Kinky as CTS is, it's nice to know even there, some simple snuggling is still appreciated.

Glad to see this baby out in the wild, great work as always sera!

I love snuggles too much.

Great story. But if Code Sparkle referes to Twilight then the story breaks the timeline.

8518339 Yes Snuggles are so awesome!

8518394 YAY someone got that, and yes, if that was an official code. This is more a personal code between the two, they do live in Ponyville after all.

I loved the story. Reading it actually helped me to relax, and it's quite fun too. Especially the Code Spakle, I liked that as it got some giggles out of me.

8518692 :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and it was relaxing for you.

Hmm, emergency solution for another Lesson Zero?

8518836 :rainbowlaugh: Just tackle her and give belly rubs and raspberries till she calms down. What could go wrong?

This was so freaking adorable! Nice to see something a little more low key in this place.

Simple yet enjoyable story. Would like to see Cadence's collaring ceremony

8519081 Thank you, and yeah, agree, as insane and kinky as CTS can get, it's nice to have some more low key, simple, grounded stories to keep things from going to far over the top.

8519420 Definitely considering that at some point.

So this fared well in the contest. You should submit it to the Reviewers Cafe.

Huh. So that's what heart disease feels like.

What I'm saying is that this was an absolutely adorable fic.

D'awwww. thank you!:twilightsmile:


*Gives snuggles*

This was delightfully sweet and fluffy. I need a pony snuggle den in my life.

Well done Twi. You worry enough to have a designated protocol in a place devoted to relaxation. That neurosis is one that will go the distance.

She will provide pony psychiatrists whole new avenues of study for decades!

This was a nice read. Wish snuggle rooms were a reality thing.

Yes. that wold be very nice. Especially if staffed by soft, fluffy ponies.

Indeed, though I'd gladly settle for humans too.

Ngl. There are professional cuddle services available in certain areas. Supposedly anyway. I'm not sure how legit they are though...

And honestly? I feel relaxed just reading this ; ~ ;


And yes, a good story helps a lot.

Yup! It's damn near escort service, but it's based on snuggling rather than companionship. For the most part, and unsurprisingly, nearly only women are wanted for it. Take a look for "professional snugglers".

Cool. Though I think I'd rather stick with doing that with my friends.

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