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I dabble in everything. Sometimes that means I write ponies. I have a Patreon and a Discord.


What's the worst thing you can do to a masochist? Tie them up and refuse to hurt them. What's the worst thing Celestia can do to a horny, kinky little sister who's harassing her when she's not in the mood? Well, it turns out Celestia has a stash of suspiciously appropriate kitty gear on hoof, and some time as a pet is just the punishment Luna needs.

Cute, silly, a little bit sexy, but not a clopfic. (Contains no sex.) This story will be some people's perfect catnip, but not everyone's cup of tea.

This story was commissioned by Cynewulf.

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Comments ( 16 )

I just want you to know that without the sex tag, I never would've guessed that sex was a thing that existed even though it isn't contained in the fic. Blew my mind.

Now that my snark is complete and that I've actually read this ... okay, so, Lunestia not being my thing aside, is this a thing that we're doing now? We're putting sex tags on a thing that implies that, yes kids, sex happens and lovers get in the mood, requires a sex tag?

Oy vey. I guess I'm off to tag pretty much all of my fics before someone whines...

I really really loved this <3

Well, given I wrote it for you, that's good! :pinkiehappy:

Honestly think the fetish tag was all that was required. But thats personal opinion, obviously.

A lovely little cute story that I definitely enjoyed.

I put the sex tag on because somebody was bitching at me about leaving it off. You can't win with these things.

Yeah. And I hope I didn't come off as complaining.

I agree with your choice to use the sex tag if people are complaining about it. Better to tag something unnecessarily then leave a tag out and offend someone.


Adorably hot and delightfully simple. Your writing is superb, my friend. It's wonderful!

Thank you!

I think I saw the coverart as a gif once...

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