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The newly ascended Alicorn of Love is learning to use her newfound powers, including the ability to see emotions. When Cadance looks at Princess Celestia, though, she's sure that she must be doing something wrong, because what she sees makes no sense at all...

A brief story about feeling depressed.

And a continuation of my habit of naming stories after songs which may or may not actually be relevant.

Editing by TheMaskedFerret, inspiration by real life.

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Great title :)

Thanks. It's one of my favorite songs. It doesn't really have much to do with the story, but it seemed to fit all the same.

And considering what happened with Chris and the topic of depression. Really fits.

Aww, this was beautiful. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

Ow. Just... Nice work.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I’m guessing Chris Cornell succumbing to depression had something to do with this? :fluttershysad:

No, that was just one of those weird things. I wrote this two or three months ago, when my current slump started up again.

Yeah. My original working title was "Dark Sun," actually. The idea for this one popped up just today as I was getting ready to upload it.

Oh, so it ended up being incidental.

Wow. That was... yeah, I suppose this hit me hard because I've been there... many times, and for far too long. But the sad truth is that most people want you to hide it.


Posting this, then reading while it's playing.

Even if you know the song, listen to this cover version. It's beautiful.

Yeah. And sometimes even if you get sympathy the first time you bring it up, eventually it turns into "Are you still going on about that? Why aren't you over it yet?" As if. I've had depression for well over ten years now, it isn't going anywhere. There are just good days. Though I like to think Celestia having Luna back will make things a little easier for her. But then again, maybe it actually won't...

There's probably a sequel kicking around in that thought. Maybe next time I really need to vent about it I'll write one.


Are you still going on about that?

Oh yeah...:facehoof:

This was really sweet. Nice to focus on Celestia's relationship with Cadance, since it gets so little attention. Also, I think Cadance is the only one who could have had this conversation with Celestia, due to her special talent and the timing of when Celestia took her under her wing.

I want to write more about Cadance, she's potentially very interesting. My big epic focused on her got nerfed by the show before I'd even finished writing a chapter, though!

Aww. A nice little story! It's certainly both shocking and yet somewhat humbling to see figures you look up to be just as human (er, as pony) as the rest.

What exactly implanted this idea that we have to hide our depression from others? That's a question I've always looked for an answer, but never did.

.....*starts a slow clap*

The yeas provide a perspective that others lack

Uhm, do you mean years?
Apart from that, this was a nice story. I suppose Alicorns would gain all kinds of powers like aura detection. Nice story. Since I get bad days every once in a while, I can tell where Celestia is coming from.

I think a lot of the time, even the most well-meaning people just don't know how to deal with it. They don't know how to react, and they often kinda flail around and react badly. And when you're already down, it only takes a few bad reactions to make you completely unwilling to risk any more. So hiding it comes pretty naturally, pretty quickly.

There's always a typo that sneaks by, no matter how much I edit/get it edited. :facehoof:


(The “Hugging face” emoji is far too twee, I think.)

Good story. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

Aww. Thank you.

Absolutely need this to be continued, maybe in other parts, such as Celestia first interacting with Twilight, or Celestia, Candance and Luna talking together once she's back, or even Twilight's ascension to join them as an Alicorn. Maybe even everything. Good headcannon that through all of Celestia's trials she's only a mask and with Cadance's own ascension she can help her.

This is very sweet. :twilightsmile: I very much hope you're feeling better.

I happened to be a bit more than half way through this when my niece called to talk with me (she's 23). This story helped to remind me to try my best to listen to her better, and I like to at least hope that I helped her in some way just by doing that. Her call wasn't all about rainbows & kittens... (No worries: she's good).

Anyway, thank you for sharing this.

Aww, that's kinda adorable.

I might do more! There's certainly more to say, though I'm not sure exactly where I want it to go. Add it to the pile of projects, I always have more to write than I have time to write.

Nice fic.
Not really sure what else to say, so here's the Unsung War:

That was a pretty dang good song!

I can sing along with the whole thing. It's a great song. I'm admittedly not familiar with most of their catalog, though.

If you think that's good you should check out
^ Is in my opinion one of the best tracks in video game history.
^ Although this one is a close second.
And just to tie this in with MLP:

Spark, I have something very important to say. Incredibly important. World shattering importance.
I hope you feel better soon. If it keeps getting worse, talk to someone about it.

He he he. Thank you. I'm coping. :twilightsmile: Just sometimes it helps to express things via story.

A sad fic done right! HUZZAH! Kudos to you for making such a beautiful one-shot! :pinkiehappy:

-hugs- I hope you find your light SPark

Aww, that was a sweet story. :twilightsmile:

This is a nice story. Have a fave! :heart:

While not as badly as Celestia, I can honestly say I've been there. 10/10, made me cry.

when I first saw this stories name and chapter title i had to give it a like before reading. Now that i read it, i wish i could give it a second like.

A nice little emotional tidbit.

I understand this
Been there for a while and even more, In school I had a roommate like this.
When I started school and moved to dorm, I have seen him lying on a bed doing nothing. He didn't even respond to hello. Juust frowned and turned away.
First I thought he was just an asshole, but for nearly whole first week he just slept and every few hours got up, went out and smoked whole package of cigarettes, and then went to bed.
At friday I came feom chool and he greeted me, was all smiles, offered beer cigarette and we went ouside to talk where he spilled the beans and apologized.
He was fighting it as I've learned later on, but he was prone to these sudden bouts of depression, from hours to week straight.
So yeah, for me upvote

I know it's a completely different headcannon than what I mentioned, but maybe this could be a different AU? ... What if this blackness held too strong?... Would we see Daybreaker? I know I already commented on story, but as soon as I read your reply, it popped into my head. ^^; ...

A small, beautiful, important story. Thank you for writing this!

Beautiful. As someone who's battling Depression everyday I really do appreciate you writing this.

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Thank you.

Yeah, depression can lay you out pretty flat sometimes.

Huh. That's actually a very interesting idea. Though she would probably behave differently than the Daybreaker in Starlight's nightmare. Snapping because of despair doesn't quite look the same as the sort of tyrannical "I've had enough being nice" snapping that the dream heavily implied. Though perhaps if she's manic-depressive, what we say from Daybreaker's not entirely inconsistent with mania.

Beautiful :twilightsmile:

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